July 25, 2017


We are starting a fun new project for the summer at the Angel Fire Chamber. It is called #AngelFireChamberRocks.

We would like ALL of our members to participate in this fun nonsensical program.

The concept is simple. Email or call me back to let us know you will be participating, find a rock(s), paint it/them, (or we will paint for you) put your business name on the back, apply clear coat to protect it, take a photo and post it on the Angel Fire Chamber Rocks Facebook Page with #AngelFireChamberRocks and #YourBusinessNameRocks, then place your rock(s) where someone else will find it/them safely and fairly easily somewhere in and around the Village.

When someone finds your rock they are to return it to your place of business (or to the Chamber) to redeem it for a free service, money off of a service or an item. It could be something as simple as a free cup of coffee, a bottle of water or a soft drink. It could be a promotional item with your logo on it, i.e: golf tee, ink pen, lip gloss, candy bar, etc. etc. etc. You could plan to photograph the person/people who find and bring your rocks to you and put it on the Angel Fire Chamber Rocks Facebook Page and/or your business Facebook Page. The idea is to gain maximum exposure for our businesses and Angel Fire, with very little investment but a whole lot of fun!

We will be holding a series of come and go Rock Painting parties at the Chamber. The first dates are: Tuesday July 25, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and Wednesday, July 26 from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. We will have painting supplies available and a book of “Painted Rock” ideas. Bring your rocks to paint or we will paint them for you. Will also have a print out for you to put up in your office and on your Facebook page to let people know you are participating in #AngelFireChamberRocks. We will kick off the program on August 1st. This is a fun activity for any age and any group – much like coloring books. Acrylic paints, oil based sharpies or even regular sharpies work well (just cover them with Mod Podge or clear spray sealant before sealing).

This is your chance to make someone smile or brighten a day and to get them into your place of business. GO FOR IT! You rock too!


Jo Mixon, CEO & President
Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce

High Country Ski Rentals Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon, Photo By Hannah Johnson

Giraffe, Jo & Bi-Bi (Co-Owner)

High Country Ski has changed locations, expanded their hours and added a toy store. On June 1, 2017 they opened their doors in the new location at 48 N. Angel Fire Rd. (upstairs) to become a year round business with toys, candy and musical instruments. They will continue to be a full service ski and snowboard rental/service shop, as they have been for the past 26 years. But instead of being open only during ski season, they wanted to add something that Angel Fire did not have, not only for their tourist and guests, but also for the Angel Fire locals. With proof that you are a local, High Country Ski will give you a 10% discount.

Inside of the store, I was pleased to see the large selection of merchandise they are carrying. There are Ty stuffed animals of all varieties. Even Disney Movie characters are there. They stock Melissa & Doug, Angel Fire t-shirts, board games, puzzles, even sunglasses, and much much more. For your sweet tooth there is salt water taffy, fudge and other candies lining the counters. They even stock musical instruments- horns, ukuleles, guitars and more. Plus they carry guitar strings and accessories. It’s true, you don’t have to drive to Santa Fe when you break a guitar string anymore!

Bi-Bi and her husband Chris have operated High Country Ski for four years. Bi-Bi grew up in the store. It was first opened by her parents after they moved to Angel Fire in 1979. She loved working and helping out while she was growing up, so when it was time for her parents to retire, it was only natural that Bi-Bi would want to continue the family business. She loves working in retail because she loves working with people.

High Country Ski will be open 7 days a week through the summer season, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Then she plans to close one day per week in the off season. Please stop by and say hello, spend a little money and take home real goodies. And don’t forget to sign up for the end of summer giraffe give away! (The one pictured with us above)

Visit www.highcountryskirental.com or call 575-377-6424 to make your ski and snowboard rental reservations.

A Great Weekend In Angel Fire!

A great weekend to be in Angel Fire, NM!

All things Tamale, Hot Air Balloons, Pancakes, Music in the Park, Art & Farmers Market, and Father’s Day!

Photos courtesy of; Jo Mixon, Sarah Campanella, Linda Gau, Michael Turri, Wende Woolley, Erin Arko, Northern New Mexico Gas, Janet Sailor, Maria Sibley, Lisa Sutton, Patricia Rivera, Lynn Heafy, Wendy Hail, Kari Jaramillo, & Melody Costa

2017 Habla Tamale Cook-Off Volunteers

The Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce wants to say thank you to all of these individuals and groups who volunteered to help make Habla Tamale Cook Off & Festival 2017 a tremendous success!

Our Board of Directors

John Hail
Jennifer Fitch
Johnese Turri
Daniel Serna
Wende Woolley
Cathe Moon
Nita Jones
Brenda Johnson
Chuck Howe

Our Rock Star Community Volunteers

Michael Turri
Pat Serna
Emily Aspillaga
Jazmine McKee
Robyn Dahl
Kenize Meisenburg
Joeseph Romero
Kri-C Lund
Adena Joy
Brady Ratliff
Dominc Serna
Ariah McCoy
Indira Cantu
Samantha Weeks
Margarette Howard & Josey
Chico Howard
Jonathan Gonzales
Andreas Flores
Linda Gau
Jan Leonard
Brenda Waters
Jo Brennan & Daughter
Kathleen Dello Stratto
Jackson Fitch
Markus Podell
Janice Podell
Pete Peterson
Diane Peterson
JJ Huddleston
Pam Hasford
Carol Lindenblatt
Elsie Grassmick
Madison Mutz
Kirsten Grisham
Billy Archeletto
Bob Randall
Sandy Jones
Almeada Martinez
Lauren Dean
Jessica Credeur
Whitney Brewer
Moreno Valley Community Church
Michael Martinez
Art Up Northern New Mexico
Angel Fire Resort
Mike Hess

Our Tamale Cook Off Chefs & Their Crews

Wendy Hail: Hail’s Holy Smoked BarBQ and More (Angel Fire)
Cecilia and Guillermo Solano: Yaquis Hotdogs (Belen)
Kathy Serna: Hatchas Cafe/H2 Uptown (Angel Fire)
Cade Hollier: Yukka Outdoors (Ranchos de Taos)

Our Vendors & Their Crews

Steve & Shelley Larson: Enchanted Circle Brewery- Angel Fire, NM
Whitney Brewer: Freshies Juices- Angel Fire, NM
Georgeanne Fore: The Shuter Library-Angel Fire, NM
Sylvana Apache: Bluebird Navejo- Canoncito, NM
Linda Casper: Maxwell FCCLA-Maxwell, NM
Ginger Lagasse: Ruby Heaven Jewelry-Angel Fire,NM
Sandra Harrington: Art Questa-Questa, NM
Marlene Pittman/Phalysa Pittman: Xyngular LaRue-Cimarron, NM
Shirley Sheriff: Angel Fire Garden Club- Angel Fire,NM
Brooke Baggio: Melt/Pampered Chef-Albuquerque, NM
Joe & Fannie Aragon: Native American Jewelry-Acoma, NM
Ray & Cheyenne Renfroe: Whatville- Angel Fire, NM
Cleve Lewis- Barewood Art- Angel Fire, NM
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church- Angel Fire, NM
Anna Phillips: AP Design- Springer, NM
Will Scian: Guatemala & More: Santa Fe, NM
Denise Janelle: Creating My Choices Massage- Angel Fire, NM
April Miracle & kids: Bradley Addison Bodyworks- Angel Fire, NM
Aurelia Staley: Aurelia Staley Jewelry- Ranchos De Taos, NM
Lillian Platero: Platero Jewelry- Albuqueruqe, NM
Jacqueline Gonzales: Plata Sasha Gallery- Santa Fe, NM
Lorena Santisteven: Dream Limosine- El Prado, NM

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors, we could not put on such a successful event without you!

LMNOC Broadcasting

2017 Habla Tamale Cook-Off Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Habla Tamale Cook-Off Winners!

Cecilia Luzilly Solano: Yaguis Hotdogs (Right)
Belen, New Mexico
1st Place – Tradition Tamales,
1st Place – Gourmet Tamales,
Winner of the People’s Choice

Kathy Serna: Hatchas Cafe/H2 Uptown
Angel Fire, New Mexico
1st Place – Non-Traditional Tamales

Wendy Hail: Hail’s Holy Smoked Bar B Que & More
Angel Fire, New Mexico
1st Place – Dessert Tamales

Chase Stagner: Eagle Nest, NM
Winner – Tamale Eating Contest
14 tamales in 3 minutes!

Pete & Diane Peterson of Angel Fire, New Mexico
Crowned Royalty
Wally & Molly Tamale 2017

Ray Renfroe: Whatville, Angel Fire, New Mexico
Winner – Most Creative Vendor Booth

Leadership Isn’t About Being Great, It’s About Enabling Others To Be Great

The Chamber strives to give busy business owners member benefits that help create a competitive advantage. This week’s report:

Leadership Isn’t About Being Great, It’s About Enabling Others To Be Great

Photo credit: LinkedIn, David McQueen and The Leadership Project

As I sipped on my tea at a mentoring session last week, a long term colleague and friend posed a question: “How Can I Be A Great Leader?!”

I gave the question some more thought – with seven words he had really got my mind racing! I finally responded: “Leadership isn’t about being great. It’s about enabling others to be great.”

I’ve since had the opportunity to reflect on this. What did I mean? How do you enable people to be great, and create ‘great teams’?

I’ve sought to break this down to what I believe are 6 key points, however one of my biggest learning’s is that every day is a school day, and this will evolve over time. I continue to learn every single day!

People Make the Difference

As Jose Mourinho replied when asked about building a successful team, ” you can’t make an omelette without eggs”

Great people are the true differentiator in any successful business or team. As a leader, it is key you keep your eyes wide open and enable everybody to be the best possible version of ‘them’.

Get to know all of the people around you, understand what they want to achieve and help them self-realise what they need to do to ‘win’. Then you will see that people become motivated, they have clarity and they have belief, both in you and themselves. Success will follow if you believe in the ‘possibility’ of people.

Success will follow if you believe in the ‘possibility’ of people.


Would you go and socialise somewhere that made you unhappy?

In fact, lets stretch this..

Would you socialise somewhere that didn’t excite you, you don’t find enjoyable, that you ‘don’t’ want to go to?

Obviously the answer is no – yet many spend upwards of 8 hours a day in a workplace that they are at best ambivalent towards. As a leader, it is key we create an organic environment that it is enjoyable to be in, that fuels others passion to make a difference and gets people excited to come in to work and succeed.

Small acts regularly are always better than the occasional grand gesture. Breakfasts, lunches, walk and talks, sporting events, recognition. Even remembering to greet everyone every day and ask how they are, simple gestures that are often forgotten. Diverse teams will have diverse ideas around what’s is enjoyable, so ensure everybody can be involved to foster ideas.

Furthermore, leaders set the tone. Each morning, we need to ensure we walk in and create magic for our teams.


As Aristotle’s quote tells us, ‘excellence is not an act, but a habit, we are what we repeatedly do’.

I’m a great believer that consistency is a key trait in great leaders. Those that change their position consistently confuses others and this damages morale.

We have to know what we stand for and be prepared to remember this in the face of challenges. Those that stand for everything, stand for nothing.

‘excellence is not an act, but a habit, we are what we repeatedly do’.

Humility and Vulnerability

When things go wrong, weak leaders blame others – their predecessors, their team, their leaders. Everybody bar themselves. However if you’re explaining, you’re already behind.

Rather, we should be willing to show and share our vulnerability.

We all make mistakes and sharing these simply displays that we are human! Subsequently we need to highlight our desire to learn from these. It is a sign of strength, not weakness in asking for guidance and support. This tells your team that asking for help is more than just OK. It’s often the right step.

The ability to display humility and our genuine vulnerability authenticates that we are after all ‘human.’

Finally, when the teams wins, victory should be about your people. I still live by the motto to #makeyourpeoplefamous.

“Finally, when the teams wins, victory should be about your people. I still live by the motto to #makeyourpeoplefamous.”

Never Give Up

Some days will be be tough. Things will not go the way we expected. However we need to be relentless in moving forward. Resilience really is one of the greatest traits a leader can possess.

When things go wrong, understand why, yet don’t dwell on it. Instead focus on how you will ensure you wont make the same mistakes, or how you can learn from this. Own it. Never accept failure, never give up, and do this with a positive mindset

Integrity is Everything

Finally, be guided by your morals. When making tough decisions, ensure they align with your moral compass.

When you have tough conversations, have them with integrity and honesty. Never ignore these as this is fastest route to failure. This is particularly relevant with behaviours. You can give second chances on numbers, but not on values.

If you can look yourself in the mirror each evening, knowing that you’ve given it your all and you’ve done the right thing, there really is nothing more you can do. The time is always right to do what is right.

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

David McQueen is the author of several articles that have been featured on both LinkedIn, in the International Press and by several digital channels. You can follow David and see more of his work at:

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidandrewmcqueen/

Twitter: @rundmcqueen and @leadershiprojec

Facebook: facebook.com/leadershipprojec/

Instagram: @leadershiprojec

From LinkedIn

Moore Excavation Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

Jo on work site with Kyle Moore of Moore Excavation

When a new home, business or any other facility is built, Moore Excavation is the man you want first and last on your job! I was on site while Kyle Moore and his crew were completing a back fill on a new home site. He explained to me, when contracted, the first thing they do is site prep. They clear the land of trees, rocks or any other obstacle and prepare the site for the build. Next, for this particular job, they cut a flat for the building and will dig footers. They can also dig for all the underground utilities and the septic system. After they are finished, the concrete guys come in to fill the footers and lay the foundation. Once more, Moore Excavators arrives to do the back fill on the entire area so that the building contractor can come in for the actual build.

When the build is complete, again Moore Excavators will come back for the final clean-up and to put in the driveway. Most of this, I did not know. I learned that excavation services are much more detailed than just digging holes! Moore Excavation will do residential or commercial work, no job is too small or too large. It includes general excavation, septic systems, driveways, gravel, retaining walls, check for underground leaks, and snow removal. Kyle has 20 years of experience, for all of your excavation needs. He loves serving the Moreno Valley and all of its owners.

In conversation with Kyle, he shared with me that he is a fourth generation Moreno Valley local, meaning he is raising a fifth generation family. His great Grandparents settled in Black Lake, well before Angel Fire was ever on the map. His families homestead, where his mother was born, is still partially standing today.

Deciding not to leave the Moreno Valley after graduating, Kyle worked for other excavation companies and in the winter season, he worked nights at the Angel Fire Resort, grooming the ski runs and blowing snow. After becoming a family man, working nights was hard. He wanted to be able to spend more time with his wife and daughters, ages 4 and 14. So when the opportunity arose in 2013, he and wife Cindy decided to take that leap of faith and go into business for themselves. Cindy is the office manager and Kyle does the hard labor. Cindy said, “He has always loved big equipment and playing in the dirt! So we made it work.” She told me he won first place in a Heavy Equipment Rodeo in Albuquerque. He is in his element. Going into business for yourself can be very scary. But with the support of the community and lot of hard work, it has been a good thing for the Moore’s. Plus Kyle is living every little boys dream, making a living while playing in the dirt!

Give them a call at 575-224-1161 for all of your excavation needs!

And you can follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Moore-Excavation-129968874008858/.

Moore Excavation
We Dig New Mexico!

Quarterly Chamber Membership Breakfast Meeting

Loosen your tie, let your hair down and join the Chamber and other business professionals at Business After Hours.

When: May 9, 2017 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Where: 3407 Mountain View Boulevard in the foyer of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce in Centro Plaza

Also, mark your calendar for these quarterly membership meeting dates.

  • August 22, 2017
  • November 14, 2017

This casual but sophisticated event allows local business people to connect and network while enjoying refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. One of the Chamber’s primary missions is to create mutually-beneficial connections between local business people. The Business After Hours events are one of the ways in which this mission is fulfilled.

It gives local businesses visibility, and allows them to network in an informal setting, while enjoying fabulous refreshments. It is also an excellent way for new businesses to introduce themselves to the local business community. And there are always door prizes! No registration needed.

We are excited to get the Business After Hours Summer Series events underway.

If you would like to signup for a Business After Hours please call 575-377-6353.

Chamber Cash Mob

Call For Mobsters!

We need at least 20 shoppers to sign up for us to have a successful Cash Mob season. To date, 5 mobsters have signed up and we need at least 15 more!

Cash Mob for Spring 2017 has been canceled. We did not have enough Mobsters signup. Thank you.

Why We Cash Mob

Many of our local businesses stay open to serve locals and guests during the off season. This can be hard on these businesses just to pay overhead. We like to show as much appreciation to these businesses as possible. Cash Mob months are April, May, October and November.

The Chamber signs up as “Mob-ees”, all of the members who are open during the Cash Mob months, ie restaurants, stores, artist studios, etc.

How We Cash Mob

A Cash Mob is called once every 10 days to 2 weeks during the Cash Mob months. The Chamber asks at least 20 people sign up to be “Mobsters”. Mobsters agree they will go to the business assigned for that Cash Mob and spend at least $25.00 to show appreciation. Therefore if at least 20 mobsters arrive on the day of the Mob, that local business will receive a bump in revenue! (Mobsters are alerted to the Cash Mob date and location in advance by text message, email or phone call)

Not signed up because you are traveling? Not to worry. you can still be a Mobster. It is simple. If you are not in town during one or more of the Cash Mobs, simply call the business we are Mobing, give them your credit card number and ask for a gift certificate.


Call 575-377-6353 for more information.

Cash Mob Returns To Angel Fire

Join The Chamber Mobsters!

What is a Cash Mob? And who are the Chamber Mobsters? Glad you asked! A Cash Mob is a Flash Mob only instead of singing and dancing we spend money! In November 2014 at the quarterly Chamber membership meeting we rolled out this program designed to give support and a financial boost, during the between seasons, to our local small businesses. It helps the businesses, it makes people happy, Mobsters get to buy great stuff for themselves or others at local retail businesses, simply taste or stuff themselves at local restaurants, or purchase gift certificates for services provided. You’ll have a great time if you sign up to be a Chamber Mobster. Then you may want to pat yourself on the back afterward for supporting your community! It is a positive win-win program!

There are two categories to the Chamber Mobster Program.

The First Category: Cash Mob-ee

This category is for Chamber business members only. Any member who would like to have a Cash Mob visit their business may sign up. (If you are not a member, come to the Chamber and fill out an application, we’d love to have you join!)

The Second Category: Cash Mobsters

This includes anyone, member or non-member, who wants to participate in the actual Cash Mob. These people all agree, when a Cash Mob is randomly called, they will show up at the business who has been selected and spend at least $25.00 in their establishment. More, if you are so inclined! The idea is to benefit the mob-ee financially. If 20 people sign up and keep their promise to participate, the business is guaranteed at least a $500.00 day! If you are going to be out of town during some of the mobs, you can still purchase gift certificates from them. (Please note that mob-ees all agree to be a mobster, too.)

How It Works

We put the name of every business who has signed up in the Mob-ee category into a hopper and randomly choose a name every 10 days to two weeks. We will then contact the winner and ask for the best day a cash mob may visit their place of business that week. Next we will contact, by text or phone call, all of the Mobsters. We will give you the Business name, the date, and time frame the cash mob will happen. All Mobsters agree to go to the business anytime during the official Cash Mob time frame, spend at least $25.00 and wish the business well!

The program has been a great success. We are asking that you sign up now by emailing manager@angelfirechamber.org.

Leave your name, your business name if you wish to be mobbed, and your phone number. Also your preference as to how we will alert you… a phone call or a text message.

Cash Mob 2017 will officially begin the first week of April and will continue through May. We’ll break for the summer and start again in mid-September through November. Please join us in promoting our local member businesses and help provide an economic stimulus in Angel Fire! Bring your friends and their money too!

So the first cash mob in 2017 will be… DRUM ROLL