September 2, 2014

New Mexico Chamber Executive’s Association Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

membersBy Jo Mixon

Chamber Executives From All Over the State of New Mexico

I believe being a member of the New Mexico Chamber Executives Association (NMCEA) is one of the most important affiliations I have made, not only for our chamber, but for myself as well. NMCEA is an organization of chamber executives from across the state, working together to improve the business climate in New Mexico, while developing ways to enhance the quality of life in the communities that we represent. NMCEA provides leadership for chamber employees through its networks and resources. We learn about ways to strengthen our professional development. Our member chambers represent more than 10,000 businesses throughout the state. We meet twice a year for Conferences. The winter conference is always in Albuquerque, hosted by the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. The summer conference is moveable. We are invited to visit various places all around the state. In January, during Legislation, we meet again in Santa Fe. Plus, on a daily basis, 365 days per year, the members of this group are just emails and phone calls away, joining expertise together with helpful advice and camaraderie.

Last week I traded our mountain for another, to attend the 2014 NMCEA Summer Conference, hosted by the Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce, in Ruidoso. Opening night at conference is fun greeting friends and associates I see only a few times per year and meeting new ones. But it quickly turns serious, as we get to business. Our time is short, so it is always tightly filled with speakers and round tables and workshops. The topics vary and are designed around important information to help equip us with tools to better serve our members. We also keep abreast of what is happening at state level that will have an impact on our businesses. Since the chamber is a voice for your business and we are such a small community, this contact is extremely important for us in Angel Fire.

Last year the NMCEA awarded me a full scholarship to attend the Institute for Organizational Management (IOM). Since 1921, IOM has been the premier nonprofit professional development program for association and chamber professionals, fostering individual growth through interactive learning and networking opportunities. Institute has educated hundreds of thousands of past, current, and future nonprofit leaders from across the country, making it one of the oldest and most highly regarded adult education programs in nonprofit management. I am eternally grateful to NMECA for granting me this scholarship and for my Board of Directors for making the four year commitment for me to continue this education.

State Farm Insurance Wanda Lucero Agency Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

state-farm-01By Jo Mixon

Wanda Lucero

After my visit with long time Chamber member Wanda Lucero, State Farm Insurance Agency in Taos, I walked away believing her true passion is in the personalized service she provides for her clientele. She says that her clients are more like family. People she really cares about. She loves her job because it doesn’t feel like work. Instead it’s an opportunity to spend her day helping people be prepared for and recover through life events. Since 1982, she has insured parents and their children who are also now the parents! She and her employees are in the business of service.

I learned there are three industries within State Farm and it is much more than just auto insurance. They offer Life Insurance and Annuities, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Homeowner, Condo, and Renters Insurance, Business Insurance, Auto Insurance including Sports and Leisure, and a full line of Mutual Funds, Retirement Plans, IRAs, Educational Savings Plans and Banking. I really had no idea State Farm has all of these products.

Wanda is well known and trusted in her field of expertise. I went with her on an assessment for a damage claim and saw first hand the connection she has with her clients. She personally inspects every home she insures, including those in Angel Fire and the Moreno Valley.

Locally born and raised, she is also very passionate about the community. She serves on the Boards of the Taos Community Foundation and Taos Entrepreneurial Network. She is an active member of the Association of Commerce and Industry, the Taos Chamber of Commerce and the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce.

Her third passion, but probably the first, is her family. She is the very proud mother of two daughters, a son and two granddaughters. Her face lights up when she speaks about them!

Visit Wanda Lucero Agency, State Farm Insurance.

211 Kit Carson Rd
Taos, NM









2014 Angel Fire Parade of Homes

2014-parade-of-homesWhen: August 30-31, 2014 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Magazine/Map is now available the foyer of the Chamber of Commerce and at the Angel Fire Visitor Center.

Don’t miss your chance to tour the fabulous homes, as members of the Sangre de Cristo Homebuilders Association showcase their newest completed projects. Awards are given for Best Interior and Best Exterior (under and over $500,000), Best Remodel Addition, to special discretionary categories determined by the judges and of course, the top dog Grand Hacienda Award.

Holy Angels Catholic Church Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

holy-angels-01By Jo Mixon

Tom Germshed- Chairman of the Building Committee

Many people in Angel Fire are extremely happy to see the fruit of their labors becoming tangibly evident as building takes place on the Holy Angels Catholic Church. On June 7, 2014, sixteen years after the Archdiocese of Santa Fe purchased the land, they celebrated the dedication and ground breaking. Excitement fills the air!

When the parishioners of the Moreno Valley Catholic Church found themselves without a priest for approximately six months, it was decided to look into building a permanent structure on their land. In 2007 under the leadership of Father John Cannon, who was assigned to St. Mel’s in Eagle Nest, the parishioner’s began to look at and set goals. Plans were put into place with five year, ten year and twenty year goals. They presented their plans to the Arch Bishop. He liked it and gave them permission to proceed. Almost immediately Father Cannon contacted Tom Germscheid and asked him to establish a committee. He wanted them to “get crackin”. Tom accepted the challenge. The Building Committee was formed and has, since 2007, been meeting on a monthly basis. The first business was to establish a name. In January 2008 they were given permission to name their church Holy Angels and the Feast of the Angels, September 29 was granted as their Feast Day. All fitting nicely with Angel Fire.

Within their committee have been two sub committees; design and fund raising. The design committee, after many times back at the drawing board, decided on a 6000 square foot building. The fund raising committee were charged with just that, raising money. The Archdiocese agreed to lend them one half of the funds needed for construction, but first they must raise the other half. Both committees hit the ground running!

In September 2013, half of the funds had been raised. They sought permission to begin building. The College of Consulters and the Arch Bishop sent a letter for them to “press on”. After seven years of prayer and hard work, the contractors have been hired and the project is in full swing. Their goal for completion is January 2015. But Tom says to make your plans early because Christmas Mass 2014 will be standing room only in their newly completed sanctuary!

Tom and the parishioners of Holy Angels Catholic Church truly want to express their gratitude to the community of Angel Fire and all of the people in the Moreno Valley who have faithfully flooded their fund raisers with love and donations. Boot scoots, auctions, dinners, golf tournaments, and even a concert by Michael Martin Murphy have been attended by multitudes of people. These people have helped make their fund raising efforts successful. To each and every one they say thank-you!

Building Committee Members: Msgr. SJ Culotta- Advisor, Deacon Michael Sedillo, Tom Germscheid-Chairman, Cindy Germscheid-Secretary, Kathleen Crissman, Gary and Kathy Davis, Jim and Peg Frieden, Chuck Howe, Larry and JoAnn Layden, Tom and Karen Quinn, Bill and Betty Russell, Jack and Lynne Scott, Joe and Carol Stehling, Rick and Beth Tafoya, and Gary and Helen Tucker.










Business After Hours – Kokopelli Property Management

kokopelliBusiness After Hours

Enjoy refreshments, music and door prizes. Bring your business card to be eligible for a chance to win a 4 day stay in Santa Fe! Must be present to win.

When: Thursday, August 7, 2014 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Where: Kokopelli Property Management

Chamber Newsletter August 2014 Updates, Invites & News

around-town-01By Jo Mixon, Executive Director

We were blessed with moisture the entire month of July and the valley is glistening green and beautiful! And to add to the beauty this year businesses and individuals have the opportunity to enter the first “Angel Fire Blooms” flower container contest sponsored by the village committee; Angel Fire Proud. If you haven’t gotten your entry in, you still have time. But today, August 4, 2014 is the deadline so act quickly! Here’s a quick explanation:

Businesses and community groups are to put your entry outside by 9:00 am on Friday, August 8. Residents need to put their entries out by 9:00 am on Saturday, August 9 and at 9:00 am on Sunday, August 10. The committee judges will visit and make their choices.

You may pick up your entry forms at the Angel Fire Village Hall or google Angel Fire Proud. Click on the top link “Angel Fire Proud Committee –Village of Angel Fire.” Entry materials are at the right, under Documents. Email your entry form to or drop it off at the Angel Fire Village Hall. There will be a “Dessert Reception & Award Ceremony” Tuesday, August 12 at 5:30 pm at the First National Bank of New Mexico. All contestants are invited to come and celebrate.

On Thursday, August 7, join us for Business After Hours sponsored by Kokopelli Property Management. It will take place from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at 3375 Mountain View Blvd. Enjoy their famous signature drink, beer and snacks. Music will be provided and bring your business cards to be eligible to win a four night stay in Santa Fe!

Now is the time to make your “Music from Angel Fire” reservations. August 15 through August 31, magical music fills the air in Angel Fire. Click here to order your tickets.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our 3rd 2014 Quarterly Member Breakfast Meeting on Tuesday, August 12. We’ll meet at the Chamber of Commerce, in the Centro Plaza foyer, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. Guest speakers will be from the Firewise Committee. All chamber members are welcome to attend.

August ends with great events planned for the Labor Day weekend. Stop by Centro Plaza, Saturday Aug. 30, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for Arts About Town. Various artists and artisans will gather under the portal and into the foyer. The Moreno Valley Arts Council hosts this annual event. You’ll be sure to find many lovely and exceptional handcrafted authentic items. Afterward take a self-guided tour of stunning houses of various styles and designs, built by Sangre de Cristo Homebuilders, at the 7th Annual Parade of Homes. Pick up your tour map/magazine, now available in the foyer of the Chamber of Commerce or at the Angel Fire Visitor Center located in Frontier Square on Mountain View Blvd.

Here are some miscellaneous photos at various happenings around town.







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Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce
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Materials Design Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

materials-design-01By Jo Mixon

Dr. Paul Saxe

I didn’t realize the intellectually complex work that takes place in the modest setting of a quaint building on South Angel Fire Road until I had the privilege to sit down and speak with Dr. Paul Saxe, CEO of Materials Design. I know Paul as a friend, so from the very onset I asked him to speak to me in laymen’s terms, or quite frankly “Please dumb it down for my brain to be able to comprehend!” He was such a gentleman as he tried to comply with my request.

Materials Design designs software to enable researchers to investigate materials with the goal of making better materials with computers. Their work is at the level of atoms, therefore they can work with and look at any type of material, from metals to polymers (plastics) to semiconductors to liquids like oil and natural gas. Their customers tend to be very high tech. For example the automotive, airplane and semiconductor industries. These clients are always looking for ways to build a better, lighter, safer, more gas or energy efficient product that meets the needs of and even pampers their customer base. They also work with the nuclear and conventional power industry, helping them with safety issues. They supply the tools for their clients to find the safest, best ways to build and maintain their products and/or facilities. All of this is done by brilliant minds inside a hub of powerful computers.

We, as the consumer, tend to take for granted, the intricate details that have gone into the design of our finished products, to make them faster, safer, and better. And to place it all at our fingertips. Within the virtual world of computer software, the Materials Design team designs software for their clients, giving them the tools to conduct experiments within their computers and get the same results they would have gotten conducting the experiments physically in a lab. Using this software, their computers become mini-labs and the scientists can then predict how a material will behave.

Paul worked at the labs in Los Alamos dealing with theoretical chemistry and rational drug design when he began moving more toward the designing of materials. In 1999 he seized an opportunity to go into business for himself. One year later, he brought in a French partner, Erich Wimmer. Together they took Materials Design worldwide. They have customers in more than thirty countries from South Africa and Australia to Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Argentina and of course the USA. They employ some of the smartest people in the industry…in the world! There are twenty-four employees; ten are in the United State and fourteen in other countries. Seventeen of these employees are PhD’s. Paul’s son Stephen came on board as Director of Finance, three years ago. He organizes all the finances, banking, and taxes for both the US and European company.

Employees of Materials Design have the freedom to live anywhere they choose in the world. Having begun the company in California, I asked why Angel Fire. While working in Los Alamos, he and wife Susan fell in love with Northern New Mexico. The beauty and the deep-rooted cultural of this area beaconed him. And due to the weather, living in Angel Fire proves to be cost effective. Within his building is a room that houses a very large computer. This room needs to stay at 60 degrees for the computer to function comfortably. To accomplish this, they only have to use a swamp cooler for a few months in the summer, the other nine months nature does it for them. So when their children went off to Universities, Paul and Susan made their home in Angel Fire.

I found my time with Dr. Saxe to be extremely enjoyable and educational. I also believe the profoundly penetrating intellect in this unassuming building radiated so much brilliance, that on my next visit, I shall wear my sunglasses!










Mountain Sports Of Angel Fire Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

mountain-sports-01By Jo Mixon

Owners Brent & Tammy Dunn

Living a healthy family oriented- lifestyle is the message I got from my visit with Brent and Tammy Dunn. And, it is also the message they wish to portray in their business. Brent said, “Tammy and I want everyone in Angel Fire to know that although we are the new guys on the block, we are truly invested in seeing this town grow and thrive. The reason we moved here was the unbelievable beauty, not only outdoors, but in the people that fill this valley. We look forward to growing and becoming a part of this wonderful community.” And they have definitely begun that journey!

The Dunn’s purchased Mountain Sports last year. It is a full retail store offering Camping Gear, Clothing, Footwear, Fishing Gear, Tennis Gear, Golf Gear, Sporting Goods, Skis, Snowboards, and Winter Outerwear. Plus it is a full rental shop with: Rental Skis, Rental Snowboards, and Rental Bikes. Their focus is on giving excellent customer service to all of our customers. They listen to their customers and try to carry what promotes the customers activities. For example, the pickleball group asked for pickleball equipment, so Mountain Sports now stock it.

This year they started the RoadRunner Couch to 5K Walk/Run program designed to help beginners and those who haven’t run in a while prepare to “Conquer the Mountain!” I asked if they had always been runners. Brent answered, “No, we started running about 3 years ago. It started as more of a macho guy challenge to work out at the gym for me and eventually became something that we do as a family nearly every day of the week.” Tammy added, “The idea of the RoadRunner group was born out of our desire to find a way to help Mountain Sports promote healthy living and be something that related to our business. Although we did most of our training in Texas as a family, we learned through others the power of having a group that helps support and encourage each other and wanted to bring that to the Angel Fire running community.” This group started May 15, 2014 and they continue to meet every Thursday morning at 7:30 am. The running club is open to all ages and abilities, free of cost. Their focus is on strengthening their bodies, while they strengthen their sense of community. They are having a charity fundraiser 5k race this Thursday morning, July 24. It will end with the first ever Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce Business Before Hours from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and continue on throughout the morning with lots of fun activities. Don’t miss out on breakfast and lots of door prizes. Registration fees for the race are $25.00 for adults and $15.00 for children 18 and under. All proceeds will go to benefit the ALMS Food Pantry. (The race goody bags are worth twice as much as the registration fee!) The race is open to the public. You can sign up now at Mountain Sports and we will see you there.

The Dunn’s have owned vacation properties in Angel Fire for many years prior to their permanent move in May 2013. Tammy is a native Texan. Brent grew up in mostly in New Mexico. They are however, high school sweethearts. Brent’s family made the best move of his life when they moved him to Texas in high school. It was there he met Tammy. They married after college. Brent went into the field of Computer Sciences. He worked seven years for Cessna. Then went on to own, co-own and start up various online companies from to a Digital Witness Security business. Tammy majored in Music Education, become an educator then principal in the Kansas School system. She went back to earn her Masters in Education. Being from that genre, she was adamant that the school system they moved their children into must be top notch. She says the quality and relationship of the teachers to the kids they have found in the Moreno Valley is excellent! Tammy said to me, “I am a lucky girl. I am lucky to have Brent, our children Sarah and Colin, and I am lucky to wake up to this incredible, marvelous beauty every day!” Well I say, we are lucky to have them in Angel Fire!

Visit them at 3375 Mountain View Blvd. and