July 30, 2014

Mountain Sports Of Angel Fire Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

mountain-sports-01By Jo Mixon

Owners Brent & Tammy Dunn

Living a healthy family oriented- lifestyle is the message I got from my visit with Brent and Tammy Dunn. And, it is also the message they wish to portray in their business. Brent said, “Tammy and I want everyone in Angel Fire to know that although we are the new guys on the block, we are truly invested in seeing this town grow and thrive. The reason we moved here was the unbelievable beauty, not only outdoors, but in the people that fill this valley. We look forward to growing and becoming a part of this wonderful community.” And they have definitely begun that journey!

The Dunn’s purchased Mountain Sports last year. It is a full retail store offering Camping Gear, Clothing, Footwear, Fishing Gear, Tennis Gear, Golf Gear, Sporting Goods, Skis, Snowboards, and Winter Outerwear. Plus it is a full rental shop with: Rental Skis, Rental Snowboards, and Rental Bikes. Their focus is on giving excellent customer service to all of our customers. They listen to their customers and try to carry what promotes the customers activities. For example, the pickleball group asked for pickleball equipment, so Mountain Sports now stock it.

This year they started the RoadRunner Couch to 5K Walk/Run program designed to help beginners and those who haven’t run in a while prepare to “Conquer the Mountain!” I asked if they had always been runners. Brent answered, “No, we started running about 3 years ago. It started as more of a macho guy challenge to work out at the gym for me and eventually became something that we do as a family nearly every day of the week.” Tammy added, “The idea of the RoadRunner group was born out of our desire to find a way to help Mountain Sports promote healthy living and be something that related to our business. Although we did most of our training in Texas as a family, we learned through others the power of having a group that helps support and encourage each other and wanted to bring that to the Angel Fire running community.” This group started May 15, 2014 and they continue to meet every Thursday morning at 7:30 am. The running club is open to all ages and abilities, free of cost. Their focus is on strengthening their bodies, while they strengthen their sense of community. They are having a charity fundraiser 5k race this Thursday morning, July 24. It will end with the first ever Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce Business Before Hours from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and continue on throughout the morning with lots of fun activities. Don’t miss out on breakfast and lots of door prizes. Registration fees for the race are $25.00 for adults and $15.00 for children 18 and under. All proceeds will go to benefit the ALMS Food Pantry. (The race goody bags are worth twice as much as the registration fee!) The race is open to the public. You can sign up now at Mountain Sports and we will see you there.

The Dunn’s have owned vacation properties in Angel Fire for many years prior to their permanent move in May 2013. Tammy is a native Texan. Brent grew up in mostly in New Mexico. They are however, high school sweethearts. Brent’s family made the best move of his life when they moved him to Texas in high school. It was there he met Tammy. They married after college. Brent went into the field of Computer Sciences. He worked seven years for Cessna. Then went on to own, co-own and start up various online companies from GroceryWorks.com to a Digital Witness Security business. Tammy majored in Music Education, become an educator then principal in the Kansas School system. She went back to earn her Masters in Education. Being from that genre, she was adamant that the school system they moved their children into must be top notch. She says the quality and relationship of the teachers to the kids they have found in the Moreno Valley is excellent! Tammy said to me, “I am a lucky girl. I am lucky to have Brent, our children Sarah and Colin, and I am lucky to wake up to this incredible, marvelous beauty every day!” Well I say, we are lucky to have them in Angel Fire!

Visit them at 3375 Mountain View Blvd. and www.mountainsportsofangelfire.com.







Business Before Hours – Mountain Sports & Cafe Expresso

bbhAngel Fire Chamber of Commerce presents its first ever Business Before Hours.

When: Thursday, July 24, 2014 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Where: Mountain Sports

Come out to Mountain Sports after the first annual charity 5k and have an amazing breakfast cooked by the talented staff at Cafe Expresso.

Mountain Sports will have a bounce house setup for the kids and will use the front parking lost for serving food and the festivities. What a great day to come out and support the community and see what’s going on at Mountain View Mall. The gang from Cafe Expresso is going to be making a truly hearty breakfast including pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast burritos, fruit salad and much more!

The 5k participants will start arriving around 8:00 am. Breakfast begins at 8:15 am. Awards ceremony at 8:30 am. Biggest and best door prizes.

Items have been donated from Oakley, Dragon, Patagonia, Neff, SkullCandy, Camelbak and many more.

We will keep the festivities going all morning, but we know many of you will have to get to work. The event is free as always but we are encouraging everyone to bring a food (or cash) donation for the ALM Ministry.

I Know Jo, Do You?

joThis article, written by Dan Hakes, about Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Jo Mixon, is the feature front page article in the July, 2014 issue of the National Chamber Executive Network Newsletter. We wanted to share it with you because it has put Angel Fire in the national chamber spotlight!

“I Know Jo, Do You?”

When Jo Mixon took over the Angel Fire (New Mexico) Chamber three years ago, she says the first message from her board of directors was, in plain language: “We need a kick in the butt and we don’t have any money.” With her artistic eye and background in retail and health care marketing, Mixon immediately launched a feature series on the Chamber’s eBlast and website she titled “I Know Jo.” She visits a Chamber member business, interviews the owner, takes lots of photos and comes up with an interesting profile piece which attracts attention.

The theme is “I know Jo, Do You?” An example might be “Angel Fire Home Care Knows Jo, Do You?”

“I’m not a writer – I just do it,” she says, but her features have a writer’s flare. For example, she recently started one with “I can now say I’m a full-fledged Enchanted Circle Pottery Dirt Diva!” That was after she spent six hours in protective gear (photo below) working the kiln at a local pottery business, which she documented by publishing no less than 21 interesting photos on the website.

She began another feature with “Wow-oh-wow-oh- wow has Angel Fire Resort come flying into the field of technology!” She then cited the resort’s new GPS tracking system for ski and snowboard students which offers an “unprecedented level of safety.”

You can examine the continuing series for yourself at ww.angelfirechamber.org by clicking on the “I Know Jo” button. “I considered that it might be a risk for me to promote my own name so much in this series as the Chamber’s executive director,” she says. “In fact, I really don’t even like to have my photo taken. But I see it as a way to get to know my members as well as promote them. I want this Chamber to personalize the membership. And as the exec, if you physically walk in the door and don’t ask for money but give them free publicity instead, it builds a better relationship.”

She thinks the feature series alone has helped boost the Chamber – which was on the verge of closing – to becoming a vibrant player in the community, with a membership now at about 200. “I’ve actually had people join the Chamber because of these features,” she says. “If I don’t publish one for awhile, I hear about it on the street.” Her board will even get involved in an upcoming “I Know Jo” outing when the group tests river rafting.

Mixon agrees that Chamber execs who lack hands-on writing/photography skills might search for a retired local newspaper or marketing person or who could be pressed into service in return for free coffee or a membership. Since the features are on line, there is practically unlimited space available to tell a Chamber member’s story in words and pictures. “I tell my members to invite me to their business, market to me like a customer and tell me something nobody knows about their place,” she says. “I also tell them to put me to work. I am learning all kinds of trades through this series. It’s been great all the way around.”

The Red Cloud Ranch Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

red-cloud-ranch-01By Jo Mixon

Many of the attendees at last Thursday’s Business after Hours, at the Red Cloud Ranch, told me what a great experience they had and although the Red Cloud Ranch has been a member of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce since 2001 (13 years) they had no idea it was such a wonderful secluded Bed and Breakfast.

Because of the many comments, I wanted to rerun the “I Know Jo” article I wrote about them a few years back. I have mixed photos from the original story and the business after hours. So please enjoy!

Red Cloud Ranch
Stevie Bass & Ken Gallard

You know, whenever I visit one of our Chamber member businesses, I think it is the greatest place I’ve ever been. But the next week comes around and I find yet another member whose business is absolutely magical! This week my grandson Greg and I had the privilege of spending time with Stevie Bass and her husband Ken Gallard at their little piece of heaven on earth. Nestled in the forest high on the mountain between Angel Fire and Taos, is their Red Cloud Ranch Retreat. It is a rustic working cattle ranch that they open to the public in June, July and August as a Bed & Breakfast. Serene, secluded and sacred are the words that came to mind as they toured us around the grounds.

Twenty-four years ago, Ken and Stevie purchased the 220 acres and began restoration on the old hunting lodge, the only building on the property at the time. It dates back to the 1930′s. With their two young children in tow, they spent the first few summers living in tents as they renovated the cabin, turning it into what is now the Welcome Cabin where guests are served a gourmet breakfast, as they look out over a brook fed trout pond to the majestic Wheeler Peak and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

They spent the first six years at the ranch without water or electricity! It is obvious that this ranch is a labor of love! They now have two other guesthouses, which are available for rent in the summer months. A perfect place to relax and unwind from the fast paced stress of city life. They want your stay to be a “rejuvenating and healthful experience”. With an emphasize on serving healthy natural foods, Stevie uses fresh organic items from her garden whenever possible. She serves only hormone free meats and no trans fats. The real secret treat I discovered is that Inn Keeper Stevie is a well-known nationally published food stylist and recipe creator. Better Homes and Gardens featured the food of Red Cloud Ranch in an 18-page spread in June ’96. I’d say you might not want to miss her breakfast!

They also put emphasis on keeping their land as a traditional wildlife habitat. Land stewardship is what Ken calls it. No motorized vehicles are allowed past the cabins. All of the work on the ranch is done on horseback. We took a hike on the Nature Trail Stevie and Ken have cleared. It into an interpretive nature-hiking trail, complete with 55 stations along the way, that explains the flora and fauna and give environmental facts about the forest. Greg’s favorite was the Ponderosa Pine Tree, or as Ken called it the Ice-Cream Tree. A few years ago, he and Stevie were horseback riding in the forest and an aroma filled the air. They could not explain the phenomenon. He said it smelled like jamocha almond fudge ice cream. Ken said he finally got off the horse and stuck his nose into the bark of the Ponderosa Pine and sure enough this was the source of the smell! With a little caution Greg stuck his nose to the tree and let out a joyful giggle and said it does! So I had to try it, too. They are absolutely right, jamocha almond fudge. I swear I could even smell the waffle cone! Also dotting their trail are many whimsical creatures that Stevie has artistically created out of wood she has found in the forest.

As an added personal pampering touch for her guests at the Ranch, Stevie provides monogrammed robes both for adults and children. And they photograph their guests, sending them the photos after their stay. This brings me to another fascinating fact I learned about our hosts. Ken has his own internationally known “side-line”. His extreme ski and lifestyle photography is published in many magazines in the US and Canada. I googled him later and found his photography to be beautifully breathtaking.

I highly recommend a stay at the Red Cloud Ranch. Included in their rates is a four-day special, the fourth day is half-priced and a week special, the seventh day is free. Spend your days in the relaxing untouched beauty of the ranch as you hike, bike, bird watch, fish or canoe in the pond, or simply enjoy the solitude while you soak in the hot tub.

Visit their website, www.redcloudranch.com for a virtual tour. Or call Stevie at 575-751-0015. Tell her Jo sent you!






The 4th Annual Community Wide Flea Market Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

flea-market-01By Jo Mixon

When: Saturday June 28, 2014 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

There are still lots of spaces available for this weekends 4th Annual Community Wide Flea Market! It is time to clean out your closets, your garages, and make room for more! Do you need to sell furniture? You can pull your vehicle into the space and sell right out of your car, truck or van! Got a car for sale? Baked goods? Crafts? Animals? You can sell just about anything at this Flea Market. Come by the Chamber office no later than Weds. June 25 to reserve your spot!

Enjoy photos from past sales.










June 2014 News & Updates

newsBy Jo Mixon

What’s Happening This Summer?

Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime…..time to pack away your skis and snowboards and get ready for a fun-filled season. There is so much to do this summer! At the Angel Fire Country Club there are fitness classes, swimming lessons, the golf course is open daily with a variety of golf tournaments and clinics on their schedule. (Father’s Day Tournament-June 15, Holy Angel’s Catholic Mission Tournament- June 21, National Veteran’s Wellness & Healing Tournament- July 21) Hit the tennis courts and check out their webpage to find a list of tennis clinics for all age levels. Maybe you’re more of a cyclists, be it motorcycle or bicycle, Angel Fire is the place to be this summer. The Bike Park at the Angel Fire Resort is open daily. Either bring your own bike and equipment or rent from the Bike Park Bike Shop, The Trailhead, Cottam’s of Angel Fire, or Mountain Sports of Angel Fire. Maybe you just need to put on your hiking shoes and trek up the mountain. Do you want a group to walk/run with? Meet at Mountain Sports every Thursday morning at 7:30 am and join the Couch to 5k Road Runners group. (Getting into shape can be fun whether you’re a beginner or an expert.) And any of the before mentioned sports stores have the gear you need, including High Country and Winter Sports.

Book a four-wheeler adventure at Angel Fire Excursions or Bobcat Pass, go horseback riding with Roadrunner Tours, or get your adrenaline pumping on the Rio Grande River whitewater rafting with Big Billy’s Raft Tours or Far Flung Adventures. Not enough yet? Everyone should try sailing across the mountain on the Zipline Tour. Get your body moving every Monday night this summer with Ball Room Dance classes taught by Diane Peterson in Elements at the Angel Fire Country Club. Summer is a time to laugh, enjoy, and have fun as you soak up the sunshine or bask in the views!

Do you want a milder adventure? Stick a worm on your hook and cast it into Monte Verde Lake, Eagle Nest Lake, or Cimarron Creek. Streit Fly Fishing will provide guides & equipment or enjoy a guided fishing trip on Eagle Nest Lake with Turquoise Trout. Drive down Hwy 434 to feed the Alpacas at Victory Ranch in Mora. Book a painting class at Katherine’s Fine Art or Binford-Bell Studios. Beginning July 5, every Friday night in July, enjoy Movies Under the Stars at the base of the mountain at Angel Fire Resort.

Take a day to relax and be pampered. Have a massage at Kathy Dunbar’s Body Mechanics, get your hair and nails done at Studio 434, then wander over to Enchanted Circle Pottery or read the book you checked out at Shuter Library. And to make your summer memories last a lifetime, call Wende Woolley Photography to capture the moments!

Whatever you choose to do, or if you choose to do everything, be safe, have fun, and breathe in the fresh mountain air! This week end is the Annual AAFPO Welcome Home Weekend. Friday night, June 6, is the Welcome Home Reception on the lawn at the Country Club, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Saturday, June 7, there will be a Kids Bike Safety Clinic at the Trailhead, 48 N. Angel Fire Rd, from 10:00 am to Noon. Then head over to the Angel Fire Community Center, 15 CS Ranch Rd, for a Taste of Angel Fire from Noon to 1:30 pm, the Annual AAFPO meeting 2:00pm- 3:30pm and later from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm the Angel Fire Rotary Club is sponsoring a Lasagna Dinner to benefit the Early Childhood Learning Center. Also on Saturday is the New Mexico Enduro Cup Mountain Bike Race at the Angel Fire Resort. On Sunday, June 8, Noon to 2:00 pm, enjoy a members Picnic at Olympic Park and free wagon rides from Roadrunner Tours.

To keep up with dates and times of other events the entire summer visit www.angelfirechamber.org, www.angelfireresort.com, and www.angelfirefun.com. We all keep running Calendars of Events. Between the three websites, hopefully we’ll cover everything that is happening. If you want your events added to our calendar, email manager@angelfirechamber.org.

4th Annual Chamber of Commerce Flea Market

sale4th Annual Chamber of Commerce Huge, Gigantic Flea Market SALE

When: June 28, 2014 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where: Centro Plaza Parking Lot, Angel Fire, New Mexico

Sign up NOW!

Calling all vendors: Arts, Crafts, Treasures, Antiques, Food or Clean out your garages and SELL-SELL-SELL.

Chamber member 10′ x 20′ space $15.00, non Chamber member 10′ x 20′ space $30.00.

For more information call 575-377-6353.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park & Friends Group Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

vietnam-01By Jo Mixon

Kate Germain, Park Manager

Kate Germain, Park Manager of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park, wants to welcome everyone to the events planned for Memorial Day weekend, May 24- May 26, 2014. She said it is the biggest event of the year. The entire weekend is full.

The first Memorial Day event at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park was held in 1971, on the anniversary of Marine First Lieutenant David Westphall’s death, when the chapel was dedicated. Each year hundreds and hundreds of veterans and their families continued to fill the chapel to overflowing. Weather permitting, the events now take place in the Amphitheater, built in 2007. It has seating for approximately 500 people. And the state has now added a cement walkway to the top seating row, for wheelchairs. Kate says, “It’s like a huge family reunion.” People come and spend the weekend in Angel Fire, Eagle Nest or the tent city that goes up between the two.

On Saturday May 24, beginning at 1:00 pm there will be a POW/MIA update in the conference room followed by the Flag Retirement Ceremony, east of the amphitheater, at 3:00 pm. In years past, the Flag Retirement was held closer to July 4th, but they have moved it up to get ahead of fire restrictions and the possibility of cancellation. If you have flags that need to be retired, you may drop them off at the main Angel Fire Fire Department or bring them to the Memorial. A new fire pit has been erected on sight specifically for this ceremony. The American Legion Riders, Chapter 19- Post 90, from Los Alamos has adopted this year’s ceremony. Kate said they encourage different associations to sponsor and adopt many of the activities held at the Memorial, it helps veterans to feel a sense of ownership and she says it belongs to them.

On Sunday May 25 there will be Native American Storytelling at 11:00 am, Hope & Healing for Homefront Families at 1:00 pm, POW/MIA updates at 2:00 pm, Education Center at the Wall: Explaining the Vietnam War to the next Generations at 3:00 pm followed by the Candlelight Vigil in the amphitheater at 6:00 pm.

On Monday 9:00 am, May 26 you are invited to join Native American Veterans from the Okhay Owingeh for the flag raising and morning prayers. Then a 60′x40′ flag will be marched from the blinking light at NM 434 /US64, along the highway, up to the Memorial. If you have never witnessed this event please plan to this year. It is incredible to watch. Or, if you want, you are invited to participate in the march. At 9:30 am the 44th Army Band will play and the Memorial Day Ceremony starts at 11:00 am. Joseph Lee “Joe” Galloway, an American newspaper correspondent and columnist and author of “We Were Soldiers” will be on hand to sign books at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. He is the former Military Affairs consultant for the Knight-Ridder chain of newspapers and was a columnist with McClatchy Newspapers.

Kate also wanted me to mention the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Sate Park Friends Group. They are a grassroots organization formed in 2012, when the state’s budget forced the reduction of budget and staff. The group consists of private citizens from all over New Mexico and its sole purpose is the support of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park, to improve the visitor experience. Every dollar they raise goes into the Memorial. Kate told me for the first time ever, they now have matching comfortable chairs in the Visitor Center movie room donated by the Friends Group! The State employs two full time seasonal staff in the summer and one in the winter. All other helpers are volunteers. She said it takes about 25 volunteers to help with the Memorial Day weekend activities.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park was the first major Vietnam memorial in the United States. It is currently the only state park dedicated exclusively to veterans of the Vietnam War. It was begun by Victor and Jeanne Westphall, grief-stricken parents of Marine First Lieutenant David Westphall, who was among sixteen young men in his unit killed in an ambush on May 22, 1968 in Vietnam. The Westphalls used their son’s insurance policies to begin construction of the Peace and Brotherhood Chapel. The chapel resembles a sail and perches on the hillside overlooking the Moreno Valley. It is open twenty-four hours a day. At the time of its construction, the site received national media attention and helped inspire the establishment of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., completed in 1982. In 1987, the United States Congress recognized Angel Fire as a memorial of national significance.

It also makes a significant contribution to the economy of Angel Fire and the Moreno Valley. An average of over 45,000 people a year visit the memorial. Three quarters of them come between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The David Westphall Visitor Center, located on site, provides local brochures and recommends lodging, restaurants and activities to encourage visitors to stay whenever possible.Volunteers are always appreciated.










Angel Fire Spring Clean-Up Crew Says “I know Jo, Do You?”

clean-up-01By Jo Mixon

An awesome group of Angel Fire residents came out on Saturday dedicated to keep Angel Fire clean and beautiful. Over 100 bags of trash were picked up, 27 bags of recycle items, and a combined 228 hours went into the Angel Fire 2014 Spring Clean-up! Thanks and recognition are in order for all those who donated to this event:

  • The Angel Fire Proud Committee
  • The Village of Angel Fire
  • The Angel Fire Resort
  • The Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce
  • Angel Fire Mini Mart
  • Hatch’s Grill of Angel Fire
  • The Early Bird Cafe
  • Jay & Lisa Mitchell for cooking the meat
  • Pete & Diane Peterson
  • Lowe’s Valley Market
  • Chuck Howe & Pete Peterson for picking up all the trash bags on the highway

Thank you for all those who participated in the trash pick-up:

  • Leigh Aldrich
  • David Anderson
  • William and Larene Arko
  • Beck & Robin Atkinson
  • Greg Battershell
  • Don & Barbara Bird
  • Tom & Lydia Berrong
  • Janice & Cody Brooks
  • Bill & Karen Chapman
  • Gordon Cox
  • Kathleen Crissman
  • Cynthia Cross
  • Kathy Davis
  • Richard Dickerson
  • Dean & Joan Douglass
  • Charles Eryhart
  • Henry Garland
  • Dick Gemoets
  • J.J. Huddleston
  • Kellie & Hannah Johnson
  • Barbara Jones
  • Gary Kruger
  • Larry & Jo Ann Layden
  • Steve & Shelley Larson
  • Mike Liddle
  • Al Lott
  • Judy MacDonald
  • Michael, Derek, Cecilia, & Luca Martinez
  • Bill & Cheryl Mason
  • Jay & Lisa Mitchell
  • Jo Mixon
  • Cody Montoya
  • Christy Muntz
  • Aislin & Amy Newkirk
  • Tracy Orr
  • Ama Arko Pabst
  • Dennis Pabst
  • Diane Peterson
  • Lib Peterson
  • Curtis & Rosie Priddy
  • Rhonda & Nadia
  • Mark Rivera
  • Carol Rupp
  • Richard & Vernett Safford
  • Jonah & Stephanie Schyberg
  • Brian Smith
  • Rick Sprott
  • Ann Supple
  • Ted & Dorothy Thrasher
  • Barbara Thorne
  • Carol Verry
  • Ella Warren
  • Debbie Welker
  • Roy Weyker
  • Bonnie Williams
  • Frank & Kris Young
  • Jan Zientara

Forgive us if we have missed your name by some oversight, but please accept our deepest gratitude!

We also want to say thank you to all the Angel Fire Resort employees who participated up on the mountain. We do not have a list of their names, but thank you to all of you, too!


















Turquoise Trout Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

trout-01By Jo Mixon

Jeremy Jines
Owner Operator/ Turquoise Trout
Guided Fishing Services

Last week I had the privilege of being treated to a guided fishing trip on Eagle Nest Lake with Jeremy Jines of Turquoise Trout. Our Chamber President, Michael Turri, came along with the camera (and to catch a fish!) We could tell from the get go, Jeremy was a Pro. The dock is not yet in the water at the lake, so he helped us into the boat before he backed it into the water. He did this with ease, tied it off and took his trailer up to the parking area.

Once Jeremy was in the boat, we got comfortable and headed out to open water. His boat is a deep V 2013 model, designed specifically for fishing big open water. He ordered it last year when he decided to become a full time fishing guide. Jeremy is originally from Perryton, Texas. He spent every summer, while he was growing up, in Ute Park with his Grandpa. He learned to fish on Eagle Nest Lake. He told me he has held various jobs but has been a fishing guide in some capacity or other the majority of his adult life. It just seemed natural to move here permanently and start this business.

Jeremy sat at the back of the boat guiding the motor. I was amazed how much bigger the lake seems when you are out in the middle. It was a brisk April morning with the wind causing whitecaps to curl up around us, but in this deep-sided boat I felt very safe and stable. As we made our way across the lake, towards the dam, the views were intensely incredible! Jeremy said that wildlife regularly roams the hills and banks on the far side of the lake and many of his guests last season were thrilled to get to see them.

I started asking him a lot of questions about his fishing tours. He can accommodate up to four guests per trip. They must provide their own fishing license, but Jeremy provides everything else. He told me there are Cockney Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch and Northern Pike in Eagle Nest Lake. Fishing season is from early May thru October. The best time frame to catch your limit on the lake is usually Mid-May thru June. He said, “Fish can be caught anytime thru the summer, but some times are slower than others. Over the years I have become aware of the changes and have the knowledge to make a guests fishing trip a success.” And if it happens that it’s not a successful trip, Jeremy will go the extra mile and make arrangements to take you back out. He is all about customer service. He prepares his trips to meet the specific needs of his guests. His friendly easy going nature will put you at ease and no matter what, you’re going to have fun!

Turquoise Trout guided fishing trips typically start at 7:00 am, and run until around noon. If you’re not really into fishing, book a photography trip. He can get you to the areas in his boat that are not easily accessible by land.

Over the last few years, the water level of the lake has dropped significantly, but the fishing is still great!

For information on trips, available dates, and rates please call Jeremy @ 575-224-0511 or send him an email at jeremy@turquoisetrout.com.

Trips for 2014 are booking fast, call to get the dates you need soon!


Click here to get your fishing license online.