January 18, 2018

Film Festival

Live Music and Student Made Films from Theatre Band, and Digital Arts

When: March, 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Where: Moreno Valley High School

56 Camino Grande
Angel Fire, NM 87710

Senior Night

You are invited to come and meet the 2017 graduating class of Moreno Valley High School and enjoy their Senior Project Presentations

When: Thursday, January 26, 2017

Where: Moreno Valley High School

4:30 pm – Pie a senior

4:30 to 5:30 pm – Desert Auction and Tamales for Sale

5:30 pm – Senior Project and Presentations begin

AFCF Grant Aids MVHS Completion

When Moreno Valley Education Foundation President Carl Nelson approached the Angel Fire Community Foundation board last June requesting funding to meet a $30,000 shortfall for badly needed landscaping at the beautiful high school expansion, there was initial hesitation.

The community foundation’s mission has been “…to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors in the Moreno Valley” with emphasis on yalley health. “How does ‘landscaping’ fit that mission,” the board wondered. A discussion continued, the thought began to surface, isn’t mental health and well being part of the valley health emphasis? And, won’t a pleasant, attractive, inviting front yard to the new high school buildings contribute to the positive educational experience of our yalley students, as well as new-found pride in the community at large?

With those thoughts, the board approached the Jeffrey Loying Memorial Fund, advised by Andy and Penny Loying, to consider a $30,000 matching grant to the Moreno Valley Education Foundation, thereby making a $60,000 bid from Gecko Landscaping, Inc. of Taos come true. The Lovings liked the grant proposal and the AFCF board voted unanimously to award the grant, which enabled Moreno Valley Education Foundation to accomplish its mission to help support secondary schools, staff and students from the Moreno Valley.

Today students, faculty, staff and the Angel Fire community at large can be very proud of the welcoming, warm ‘front door’ to our high school. As Nelson’s grant application described, “the xeriscape project will provide irrigation, prevent weeds, thistles, mullein, etc. from overwhelming the campus, minimize erosion and help create a better environment for the students.” Now completed, “everybody loves it — students, teachers and staff,” Nelson said.

The courtyard, with its own wind-sheltered microclimate, is even used for class instruction on warm days. Do the students notice, or care? Senior Amelia Hoffmann smiled, “It’s great, a fun place to gather. Now we often eat lunch in the courtyard whereas before we drifted off or drove to town.”

The Angel Fire Community Foundation is pleased and honored to have helped fund the high school landscaping budget shortfall. For more information about the Foundation, please see the accompanying color box or go to: www.angelfirecommunityfoundation.org.

Together #2 MVHS

MVHS Open House

mvhs-logoMoreno Valley High School Music & Drama Department Presents:

MVHS Open House

When: Friday, November 11, 2016 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Where: MVHS Gathering Hall

Free Admission, Donations Appreciated

The admission is free of charge, however we will accept donations for the music department. The money raised will be used to repair and/or replace equipment needed for learning and performing. Your support for this event will be greatly appreciated!

Earth Day Art Exhibition

artistsMoreno Valley High School Art Students – Earth Day Art Exhibition

When: April 14-28, 2016 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Where: Copper Moon Gallery Taos, 105 Kit Carson Road, Taos, NM 87571


  • Lillian DeYoung
  • Isabel Tafoya
  • Alexandra Gersten
  • Sacha Wilde
  • Matisse Fields
  • Phaera Fields
  • Madeline Freeman
  • Amelia Hoffman


  • Nathan Chismar

For more information check out www.coppermoongallerytaos.com or call 575-758-8833.

All proceeds will benefit the Moreno Valley High School.

Blooms To Grow Beyond The Valley Fundraiser

flowersMoreno Valley High School – “Blooms to Grow Beyond the Valley” Fundraiser

Our organization needs your help. For every purchase made at Flower Power Fundraising will give 50% back to Moreno Valley High School. Please order your flower seeds now!

A Personal Message from the Campaign Manager

Funds raised will be put towards the beginning of the year “Beyond the Valley” all school camping trip. Here at Moreno Valley High School both the faculty and students value these community building trips and we hope you will contribute to this tradition by purchasing your spring flowers from the Flower Power site.

To further help with our fundraising, PLEASE send this link to your family and friends. This fundraiser runs through May 1, 2016. Thank you!

MVHS Senior Night & Pasta Fundraiser

mvhs-senior-nightCome and see the graduating class of 2016 and their senior projects. Afterwards enjoy pasta, salad and garlic bread for only $15.00. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the senior class of 2016.

When: January 21, 2016 at 5:45 pm

Where: Angel Fire Community Center

Dinner will begin following senior night and will run until all have eaten or we run out!

Moreno Valley High School Fundraiser

soup-a-bowlCome eat dinner with the MVHS Community and help support the “Beyond The Valley” all school trips.

Purchase a bowl beautifully decorated by a MVHS student and get your choice of delicious homemade soup to go in it!

When: Friday, December 11, 2015 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Where: Angel Fire Community Center

Performances by MVHS Rock Band, MVHS Drama Club and 12th Annual MVHS Dance Projects. There will also be a National Honor Society induction ceremony.

A silent auction for the bowls begins at 5:00 pm. There are a limited number of bowls so come early and bid on your favorite!

For more information please call 575-377-3100.

Moreno Valley High School & The Moreno Valley Education Foundation Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

groundbreaking-01Groundbreaking Ceremony

Left to Right: Superintendent Cimarron School District: Adan Estrada; Village of Angel Fire: Councilman Brinn Colenda; Moreno Valley High School Governing Council President: Tammy Devine; Moreno Valley High School Director: Greg Vincent; Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce Executive Director: Jo Mixon; Moreno Valley Education Foundation President: Carl Nelson; Vice-President: Johnese Turri, Secretary: Samantha Weeks; and Moreno Valley Educator, Alexandra Sternhagen Back Row; Project Superintendent, Kirk Woodruff.

Once a Vision – Now a Reality

For thirteen years the students of the Moreno Valley High School have attended classes in temporary housing. Last year we passed a school bond that will finance permanent buildings.

Carl Nelson has been the number one champion in bringing this vision into reality. He literally got the ball rolling. He worked endlessly to get it put on the ballot. He organized committees, he went door-to-door. He pushed unwavering, never letting up, to educate the community on the importance of this project. NO, was not in his vocabulary!

We want to say thank-you to Carl for his tireless efforts! We also want to share the thank-you speech he read at the Groundbreaking Ceremony:

Moreno Valley Education Foundation

I have several people I want to recognize:

To everyone and every organization who has donated money or time or pro-bono services to this venture and our other ventures, thank you. We sure do appreciate your gifts. To the Allen family and the Angel Fire Resort for donating us this wonderful piece of land in the first place. Dan Rakes and Christy Germscheid played a huge role in helping me get thru some of our title and covenant problems and the proper releases from AFR required by the Cimarron School board, thank you.

To Mayor Cottam and the Village Council who have helped me with my presentation skills and done us countless favors over the last several years, thank you.

Thank you to the founding members of Moreno Valley High School and Moreno Valley Education Foundation and everyone involved in those two organizations from the beginning. Without your vision for a very unique approach to education, (our Paideia curriculum) we wouldn’t be standing here today. We have one of the most wonderful, awesome, funky, high ranking, high scoring, nontraditional high schools in America. Moreno Valley High School has become one the cornerstones in our community. I hope we can hold on to our style as we progress into the future.

Adan Estrada…the greatest superintendant ever to Govern Cimarron School District. We have unprecedented communication and cooperation with the district because of Adan and the Cimarron School Board.. Thank you Adan, Annie, Brett, Ron and Valerie.

The Public…we passed this GO bond with over 90% of yes votes in Angel Fire of the total votes cast, without your votes we would not be standing here. I can’t remember exactly who helped those last few weeks before the bond election while we were putting the hammer down on all fronts. There were several of you, Thank you.

Moreno Valley Education Foundation- our goal has always been two fold, #1 to support professional development for our staff. Our teachers at Moreno Valley High School are very special people and I have enjoyed working on this project to support your efforts for our youth in the Moreno Valley and surrounding communities. We are going to have a kick ass campus for you! Our second front-Capital Improvements….I think we rocked this one beyond any of our expectations! Thank you Mary, Jacque, Joyce, Larry, Samantha, Johnese and all that came before us.

My wife Debra Ledford deserves the biggest thank you of all. She has put up with my highs and lows on this project for over two years and has kept me on target the best she could when I wanted to quit…. which was more than once.

It’s all worth it, Moreno Valley High School is unique.

Carl A. Nelson – President















MVHS Ground Breaking

ground-breakingPlease join the excitement as we capture the moment! Construction is underway for the new
permanent student classrooms. Please be cautious as you drive in and follow directions where to park. This is a construction site and safety is very important.

When: September, 24 2015 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Where: Moreno Valley High School

Sponsored by the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce and the Moreno Valley High School.