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Go With Jo On An “I Know Jo!” Contest

By Jo Mixon

Announcing Chamber of Commerce Go With Jo On An “I Know Jo!” Contest

When I came to work at the Chamber in June of 2011, the Board of Directors challenged me to develop a new marketing campaign which would jump-start and revitalize Chamber membership. The catch? There were no funds to support the campaign. So I put my thinking cap on, and the “I Know Jo” was born! The idea was: members would invite me to visit and “market” their businesses to me; and I would publish a “review” of their business in the Chamber e-Blast and they would be featured on our web-site. I thought the idea would work for a few weeks, after which the Chamber would move on to another idea. Instead, the campaign took on a life of its own, finding both willing businesses and an eager audience. Who knew?!!?!?!

I love being part of such a successful project! I have met so many interesting people; and I have been able to channel my inner journalist, promoting Chamber businesses to you every week with words and pictures. People tell me all the time how much they enjoy the articles. They always say that they would like to have all the fun that I am having. And many ask me, “Why can’t I go on an I know Jo?” Well everyone, thank you all for your support – and – here’s your chance! Enter and win the new Chamber contest described below, and you can go with Jo on an “I Know Jo!”

Since the Chamber of Commerce is a member-based organization, the contest we are rolling out is all about new memberships! The rules are very simple. Beginning Monday, August 20, 2012 and running through September 21, 2012, the person bringing in the most new memberships to the Chamber of Commerce will win an absolutely fabulous, fun-filled tag-along, going with Jo on an “I Know Jo!” Oh, and did I tell you? The new members you sign up will get to go, too! And you, as well as your new members, will be featured in an “I Know Jo!” article of your own!

Do a mental inventory of your business friends and acquaintances, and ask them to join the Chamber! Let them know one of the first benefits could be a “secret” surprise welcome, guaranteed to be fun! Don’t wait or hesitate. Stop by the Chamber office today to pick up a few new member applications and start rounding up those new members. Maybe you will “Go with Jo on an I Know Jo!”

Angel Fire Concert Series Starts Tonight!

2012 Season – La Musique de la France

Music from Angel Fire celebrates its 29th Season of presenting exquisite, world class chamber music in the beauty and seclusion of Northern New Mexico’s spectacular mountain communities of Angel Fire, Taos, Raton and Las Vegas. Beginning August 17 and continuing through September 2, international artists including pianist Anne-Marie McDermott, violinist Ida Kavafian, and cellist Peter Wiley will perform 14 exciting concerts featuring the great works of the Classical, Romantic, Baroque and Contemporary masters.

For more information and to get tickets please visit

David Westphall Veterans Foundation Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

I learned several things this week about Chamber member, the David Westphall Veterans Foundation. Did you know that anyone, myself included, could be a member of this foundation for just $30.00 a year?

The David Westphall Veterans Foundation was started in 1988 with its primary purpose being to support the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located on the outskirts of Angel Fire. The Memorial’s purpose is, as stated on their website, “to honor all American veterans and members of the military forces by memorializing the sacrifices they have made and by recognizing the sense of duty and the courage they have displayed as they answered their country’s call to arms. Operation of the Park helps fulfill the Foundation’s purpose by providing a memorial to veterans and a Visitors Center that serves as a place for reunion, reflection, and healing”.

In 2005 the foundation donated the Memorial and the thirty acres surrounding it, to the state of New Mexico to become the thirty-third State Park. The state agreed to step in and repair and maintain the infrastructure of the memorial, spending approximately 2.6 million in that renovation. According to Chuck Howe, Foundation President since 2006, they have a donation agreement with the state parks where all of the money they raise goes back into the park. The Foundation’s responsibilities include operating the gift shop, run by Gayle McCutchen; collecting, cataloging, and presenting photos and bios of those killed in Vietnam, the administration of the brick walkway program, preparing a quarterly newsletter, and being available to welcome and greet visitors to the memorial.

Gayle told me that of the 58,282 brave men and women killed in the Vietnam War, 399 were from New Mexico. She has now collected photos of 396 of the 399, plus many more from all over the United States. She displays and rotates these photos on a monthly basis to be displayed in the chapel and visitor center.

Chuck explained the brick walkway program as an annual fundraising event. It takes place on the Labor Day weekend in conjunction with the Veterans Run for the Wall. Bricks may be purchased for $75.00, to honor anyone who has served in any branch of the military, living or deceased, and not just those who served in the Vietnam War. The bricks are engraved with the individuals name and their dates of service. Veteran volunteers place the bricks at the Memorial during the annual ceremony. On Saturday, September 1, they will be laying over 300 bricks. Eight of these are Medal of Honor recipients.

Chuck gave me a brief history of David Westphall and his father “Doc” as we toured the Memorial grounds. It is a fascinating story both tragic and heroic. After David was killed in an ambush in Vietnam in 1968 along with 16 others, his parent’s lives were forever changed. They spent the rest of their lives building and maintaining the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in dedication to their son and all those who so valiantly lost their lives serving their country. Chuck and I wondered if Doc had any comprehension of the thousands of lives he would touch, for so many years in the future, when he started this labor of love for his son.

Please visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial or their website They have documented stories that are both heartwarming and educational. Entrance to the Park is free, and the Chapel itself never closes. Go see Gayle at the gift shop and be sure to say hello to George Broussard, resident volunteer. And please consider joining the David Westphall Veterans Foundation for just $30.00 a year.

Camp Elliott Barker Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Says, “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

Girl Scouts of New Mexico: “Building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.”

This week I visited with Michael Dean, Ranger of the Elliott Barker Girl Scout Camp here in Angel Fire. He told me he is proud to be a part of their incredible organization, where for the past two years he has been jack-of-all-trades. Michael moved to Angel Fire from Muleshoe, Texas to take the job with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails. When we met, he said to me, “I bet you never met a six foot, 180-pound girl scout with whiskers before!” He got that one right!

We loaded up in his truck to take a four-wheel tour of the camp, starting at the gate, where lovely flowers welcome all who enter. His four-legged companion, Bark Ranger, Belle, joined us. The Elliott Barker Girl Scout Camp is nestled in 500 acres of stunning mountain property bordering the Carson National Forest. As we embarked upon our tour of the campground I couldn’t help but notice the spectacular views of the Moreno Valley, all the way to Eagle Nest Lake. We stopped at a teepee the girls help build every year. The nostalgia jumped out at me as I observed all their hand prints in paint, signifying their accomplishment. Beyond the teepee is the Wishing Tree, where traditionally girls visit with their wishes. I imagined that many of those wishes must have come true! We ventured on to an amphitheater complete with stage and totem pole, also constructed by campers from the past.

As we drove, Michael told me of the generations of girls who come to camp because their mothers had camped there in the 1960s, 70s, or 80s. What a great legacy to share between a mother and a daughter. We continued on around the camp to tour Hoffman Hall, a meeting/dinning area that is open to the public for events, youth group gatherings, etc.,the horse barn and stables, along with staff cabins and ten camper cabins. The horse barn is rumored to be one of the oldest in the Moreno Valley. I was even invited to tour the 120-year-old ranger’s home, which Ranger Michael Dean currently shares with his lovely new bride Bobbie Jean. This building may eventually house a Girl Scout museum.

Although the camp closed in 2008 when the Chaparral and Sangre de Cristo councils merged to form the New Mexico Girl Scout Trails, it reopened in 2010 and has steadily grown in camper population each year since. A $25 million renovation project, which could make Camp Elliott Barker one of the most sought-after Girl Scout Camp destinations in the country, is expected to take shape within five years. This project will benefit both the Girl Scouts of New Mexico and Angel Fire, especially since one of the project’s goals is to designate Camp Elliott Barker as a High Adventure setting for campers. What better location than Angel Fire?!? Michael said that this year some of the campers even got to go off site to white water raft on the Rio Grande and to do the three-hour Zip Line tour at Angel Fire Resort.

The official season for regular Girl Scout camps at Camp Elliott Barker is June and July, but they host troop camps and retreats all year round. The camp facilities are also available for public rental as well. Michael has spent a lot of time clearing, repairing and maintaining the camp, and the way it’s shaping up is proof that he isn’t intimidated by hard work. He gave praise to the Moreno Valley Trekkers, the Firewood Angels of the United Church of Angel Fire and many other community groups and individuals who jump in and help clean, clear and preserve the campgrounds. He said he has grown to love the people in Angel Fire, who demonstrate such a spirit of community, it makes him happy to be so blessed. Personally, I think the Village of Angel Fire and Camp Elliott Barker are blessed to have him, too.

For more information visit their website or give Michael a call at 505-603-9646.

Littles Up For Adoption

We received the following from one of our clients. Unfortunately they can’t take their dog with them when they move. If you can provide “Littles” with a loving home, please contact our office at 575-377-3165.

“Hi – I am moving and need to find a home for my dog Littles. She is an excellent dog and wish I could take her with us. She is 3 years old, spayed, up to date on her vaccinations and loves walks. Good with kids and other dogs! Not sure what breed she is but pretty sure she has blue heeler in her. Thank you for your help.”

Thank you.

Marcy, Angel Fire Small Animal Hospital