June 24, 2018

Angel Fire Bike Park Opening Day

Come celebrate the official beginning of the downhill biking season in the Rocky Mountains at Angel Fire Bike Park!

When: May 18, 2018 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Our lifts start spinning at 9:00 am. For more information please visit www.angelfireresort.com.

Angel Fire Golf Course Opening Day

The Angel Fire Resort Golf Course opens for the 2018 season! Tee off at 8,500 feet on our par 72, 6,653 yard, 18-hole golf course surrounded by the southern Rocky Mountains in Angel Fire, New Mexico. To book a tee time, please call 575-377-4488 or visit www.angelfireresort.com.

When: May 16, 2018

The public rate for 18-holes on opening day is $73, which includes green fees, shared cart and range balls.

An eBlast From The Past

With the resurrection of the “I Know Jo” series, I have decided to add another level. Once a month, in the first Monday Newsletter eBlast edition, I will be featuring “AN EBLAST FROM THE PAST”.

I will randomly pull one of your favorite “I Know Jo” stories from past eBlasts, dating anytime from 2012 to 2017 and re-run them for your enjoyment!

This “Kids Camp” story is from six years ago, the summer of 2012. Please note this is the original story and photos. Employees, activities, classes and dates may have changed, but Kids Camp is still going strong. For updated 2018 classes and activities at the Angel Fire Community Center see the calendars at www.angelfirefun.com or http://www.angelfirechamber.org/community-center-calendar-3.htm.

Kids Camp at the Angel Fire Community Center Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon June 2012

It’s that time of the year again when Greg, my grandson from Texas, comes to visit me for a month. We lovingly refer to this time as Camp Memaw! This summer while he’s visiting he has also chosen to attend Kids Camp. The first day he was here, upon referral from my friend Nancy Burch, who owns and operates Roadrunner Tours, we went to the Community Center to talk with Shay Tibljas about the camp. Shay, who is the Community Center Coordinator, started Kids Camp in 2010. We looked at the schedule and Greg was immediately ready to sign up!

He has attended three days this week. Under the supervision of Karen Kelly and her assistant Jake Colenda, Greg and the kids at Kids Camp have gone horseback riding with Nancy, swimming at the country club, taken an art class with Carol Rupp at White Dog Studio, been mountain biking up the greenbelt trails and at the Resort Bike Park. They also played disk golf, euro-bungied, hit the climbing wall, and hiked down Heading Home. All of this in three days … kid heaven! And if you look at their calendar at www.angelfirenm.gov, you will see this is not all Kids Camp has to offer.

One of the great things about how Shay has Kids Camp set up is the parent/child option to choose the days they want to attend based around the activities planned for each day. Greg has picked out all of the days he wants to attend for his entire visit in Angel Fire. Kids Camp is open June 4 through August 9, 2012. They meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is room for up to 23 kids, ages 5 to 12. McKenna Hedgepeth and Brooke Perry are called in to help on days when the camp is full. Fees for attending are $23 per day for locals, with multiple-child discounts or a flat weekly rate. The fee includes lunch and snacks. Shay told me about the great partnerships the camp has with other venues in the village that make it possible to keep the per-camper costs down. She also said she refers those with kids ages 2 to 5 to Mountain Day Care Camp at the Resort.

Then I talked to Shay about other activities at the Community Center, which is open year round. Each month a calendar is posted on both their website and ours, with schedules for exercise classes, bridge groups, bible studies, pickle ball, open gym days and much more. She would like to get a basketball team together. If you’re interested call her at 575-377-1544. Although Shay must charge fees for usage of the Community Center, the facility is not a profit-making venue. The goal is to break even so that it can be adequately maintained and remain available for use. Call to book weddings, reunions, dances, etc.

Eventually I asked how Shay came to Angel Fire. While they were residents of Colorado, she and her high school sweetheart (now husband) Rob, decided they wanted to live and raise their children in a small mountain community. Rob’s grandmother was one of the original settlers in Eagle Nest, so he had spent many childhood summers in the area. They chose Angel Fire 10 years ago, never wanting to go anywhere else.

My advice: enroll your kids or grand kids in Kids Camp in Angel Fire this summer. They’ll make memories for a lifetime and have way too much fun!

FYI: My grandson Greg who this story refers to is now almost 17 years old. He still spends most of his summers in Angel Fire working as a Jr. Wrangler at Roadrunner Tours. Last summer he came home from work one day and told me he had saddled up the kids from Kids Camp today. He thought it was pretty cool because he had been one of the kids from Kids Camp excited to ride the horses and now he was one of the wranglers, taking the excited kids for a ride!

If you want your past “I Know Jo” story to re-run or you want to schedule your first story email manager@angelfirechamber.org.

May 2018 News & Updates

By Jo Mixon

What’s Happening at the Chamber of Commerce?

When I came to work at the Chamber in May 2011, there was a very simple generic way of tracking and documenting the calls and visits made to the Chamber. The result of that was x amount of phone calls and x amount of walk in visitors counted. Being a marketer, I felt that it was very important for us to capture a more detailed accurate summary of the business referrals we were giving out on a day to day basis to our members for several reasons. One being that our businesses could see proof of numbers, that it is a great benefit to them to be members of the Chamber. So I came up with a more in depth form of tracking and we have spent the better part of 2011 and every year since then, tracking, in great detail, all of the inquiries that come into the Chamber of Commerce office. It gives us much better documentation of the referrals sent to our members. These inquiries are either phone calls, inquiries sent to us through our web site, or actual foot traffic through the front door of the Chamber.

We have further broken each into categories as to who calls, emails, or walks in the door and what they are requesting. (We keep notebooks with the numbers for those members who will find it interesting.) We’re finding that even in our off season times of the year, the Chamber still has a good volume of calls and walk-in inquiries. Obviously the numbers spike higher in the summer and winter seasons, but add to this total our website inquiries and it looks promising to me that Angel Fire is attracting visitors on a steady stream, even in our “off seasons”. Granted not as many during a non-snow winter, but they are coming to visit.

In this manner, we keep up with the direct referrals we send to our member businesses, and we also have a misc. category. This is because some of the calls we get really keep us on our toes! I wanted to share a few examples:

In early August one year a lady called to tell us that a big black steer was walking down the street and backing up traffic on the road to Taos Pines and would we do something about it?

Another lady wanted to know if we had Lime’s disease in Angel Fire because she had acquired a tick while out hiking and wanted us to tell her how to remove it from her groin area.

A lady called early one September asking when the leaves were going to change. We told her the approximate time per past experience. She then said that she was coming several weeks earlier than that date and wanted to know if we could please make the leaves change at that time.

We got a caller looking for someone who he had been friends with for a lifetime but didn’t know where the friend lived… could we be so kind as to find him?

Another lady called on New Year’s eve one year wanting a pastor who would marry her and her fiancee at midnight, that night… which we found!

Remember when there was a topless cleaning service in town (for a very short time) and the Chronicle ran an article about it on their front page? A man then called us to ask if clothing was optional in Angel Fire… “you know like is Angel Fire a nudist colony or something?” Yikes!

When Johnny Depp was here filming the Lone Ranger, we received a letter from a lady asking if we would tell him that she had been trying to contact him for years and she knew they were soul mates. She also included unclothed photos of herself for us to pass along. We did pass them along… to the local authorities.

We got a call from an elderly gentleman who wanted to know if we could tell him where his ancestors were buried… he thought it was somewhere in Black Lake, but he couldn’t remember.

A young man came into the office and wanted to know how much he would have to pay on a traffic ticket he received. We told him there is usually a number on the back of the ticket where he could call… he said, yeah but I really don’t want to talk them.

A part time resident called wanting to know the exact date the hummingbirds would arrive because she didn’t want to put her feeders out until the day they arrived.

Caller: Would you please come pick up our trash, it is over flowing out on the driveway.

We get many calls from people wanting to know what the weather will be like during the Christmas holidays or spring break or the exact dates the leaves will change in fall. And we get a few telling us if we would move the elk crossing signs from the highway the elk would not be able to cross the road to cause accidents!

I’m not sure why we get some of the serious yet hilarious calls and questions we receive other than the Chamber is known to have the answers. Hmmm, sometimes we just google it! But no matter the content we are happy to take the call, happy to visit with our tourists and happy to answer the questions to the best of our ability!

If you are not yet a member of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, we would love to have you join. Come by, have a cup of coffee, and let us explain more of the benefits of our membership. We are proud to be a service oriented Chamber for the businesses in our membership and we are very proud to promote Angel Fire and the Moreno Valley. I personally believe there is no where better to live. People spend thousands of dollars to vacation with us, we have the privilege of waking up to this beauty every morning! And now that we’ve packed away our skis and snowboards and unpacked our golf clubs, bicycles, hiking/running shoes and fishing gear. We cannot tell you how excited we are to be in Angel Fire!

To keep up with dates and times of events happening this summer visit www.angelfirechamber.org, www.angelfireresort.com, and www.angelfirefun.com. We all keep running Calendars of Events. Between the three websites, hopefully we’ll cover everything that is happening. And please forgive me if I’ve missed anything. If you want your events added to our calendars, email manager@angelfirechamber.org. Send flyers in jpg format.

Whatever you choose to do, or if you choose to do everything, be safe, have fun, and breathe in the fresh mountain air! We hope to see you this summer in Angel Fire!

Free Monthly Veteran’s Luncheon

National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center of Angel Fire

Free Monthly Veteran’s Luncheon

When: May 5, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Where: 58 Ash Mountain Loop, Angel Fire, NM 87710

1st Saturday of each month @ 12:30pm

(at our office next to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial)

Open to any & all veterans. Please RSVP @ 575-377-5236

Angel Fire Family Dentistry Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

Does the thought of seeing a dentist invoke those crazy feelings of anxiety, sweaty palms and fear? If so, I have the perfect solution for you! Dr. Strider McCash at Angel Fire Family Dentistry. Your smile is his top priority and his entire staff is dedicated to providing you with personalized, gentle care.
Last week I had the privilege to sit down and speak with Dr. McCash and his charming wife Daniela. (He is helping me to overcome MY fear of the dentist!) I found him to be confident, highly qualified, soft spoken, and personable. I asked him why he chose to be a dentist. He quickly replied that he always wanted to help people smile!

From early on in his life he knew he wanted to be in the medical profession and he wanted to be in a small mountain town, maybe in Colorado. After having come to Angel Fire, he fell in love with this area, bought the property, built his office from scratch then started his practice here in 2001. He shared with me the joy he finds from the business part of his practice as well as the patient side of his practice. He loves the stories and life history he shares with them. He said he has patients who he started seeing when they were children who have grown-up, married, and now have children of their own who are his patients. He cares about his connection with them all.

“A New Mexico native, Dr. McCash grew up in the Albuquerque area. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from the University of New Mexico. Subsequently, he attended Creighton University, in Nebraska, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He graduated in the top third of his class, as well as scoring in the top third of all three, national dental board exams. While he was in Nebraska, Dr. McCash was a resident dentist at two practices, was an instructor of Crown & Bridge at the Creighton Dental School, and was an on-call dentist for Emergency Dental. Dr. McCash has over 13 years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. In his commitment to his patients, Dr. McCash remains in the forefront of dentistry through continuing education, skillful techniques, and advanced technology. When Dr. McCash is not practicing dentistry, one can find him spending time with the three lights of his life: his wife Daniela, and his two children, Durin and Bree. His love of the outdoors includes whitewater kayaking, downhill skiing, bicycle touring, mountain biking, mountaineering, backpacking and traveling to exotic places with his family.”

Whether your dental needs are a complete exam and cleaning, a full mouth restoration or anything in between, you can trust Dr. McCash and his team of professionals! They are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care as they enhance the natural beauty of your smile! If you go to their website www.angelfirefamilydentistry.com and click on the testimonial page, you will see that their patients agree and give them amazing reviews!

Some of the procedures provided by Angel Fire Family Dentistry are dental exams, x-rays, cleanings, crowns, fillings, extractions and education on proper tooth care: Cosmetic dentistry including, implants, laser, porcelain veneers, bridges and whitening: also dentures, root canal therapy and treatment for periodontal diseases. Plus Botox treatments. They will be happy to provide you with options for your dental care.

Call 575-377-1383 today to make your appointment!

Angel Fire Family Dentistry
27479 Highway 64
Angel Fire, NM 87710

Angel Fire Family Dentistry is now accepting new patients.

Insurances accepted include: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Care Credit, Delta Credit, Medicaid, United Concordia and many more!

Do you think if I am extremely quiet, the doctor will forget I am here?

Pictured from left to right (Staff): Cherokee Renfroe- Dental Assistant, Jennifer Maestas- Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, Kelina Powell- Dental Assistant, Dr. Strider McCash DDS- Dentist, Meredith Comtois- Dental Hygenist, Kara Castillo- Lead Dental Assistant, Daniela McCash- Chief Financial Officer, Kathy Guerrero- Dental Hygenist, Ashley Castillo- Office Manager, Loki- Office Therapist

7th Annual Salsa Making Contest

Come out and bring your best salsa recipe! Enter for free! Tasters pay $1 to taste all entries. Winner receives all of the money from the tasters.

When: May 5, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Where: 51 East Therma Drive, Eagle Nest, NM 87718

Please call 575-377-6522 to signup.

Going to your favorite restaurant or opening a jar does not count. 🙂

Angel Fire Road Runners 5th Season

It is time again for everyone to put away those sweaters and sweatpants and get out on the trails. We are going to kick-off our 5th season of Angel Fire Road Runners on April 30, 2018 at 7:30 am.

That is a new day of the week for all runners, we are going to start running club on Mondays for 2018 not on Thursdays. Meet at Mountain Sports of Angel Fire.

Remember as always this is a free group/fun run. We have walkers, beginning joggers and runners in the group, so there is always someone for you to have fun with.

Tell everyone you know that it is time to start getting healthy. We are all feeling excited at Mountain Sports of Angel Fire.

Earth Day Re-Cycle Event

By Kelly Orndorff

The Earth Day Re-Cycle Event was a great success!

The Angel Fire Earth Day event yesterday (Sat, April 21) turned out great! We had SO many volunteers helping, everything from trail clean-up, litter pick-up, voter registration and sorting/loading recycling. Thank you to everyone for showing up and helping – Barb Jones, Dave Anderson, Janet Alton, JoAnn Layden, Larry Layden, Kathleen Crissman, Gary Zientara, Jan Zientara, Bill Mason,and Ellen Miller-Goins. Brian and Carolyn Smith made an appearance, even though he just had his heart stent procedure. Linda Hughes, Jo Mixon, Logan Orndorff and Franchesca Zoppe worked on the event behind the scenes. I hope I didn’t forget anybody. Thank you, everyone!

And then, in addition to all the volunteers, there were probably at least 20 or more members from the community who came and brought us their bag loads of items to be recycled. Gary and Jan Zientara volunteered to take the first truck-load of recyclables down to Taos Recycle Center – their SUV was nearly full! And I took a pick-up truck-load down to Taos at the end of the day. All in all, we probably had at least 20 large trash bags full of items to be recycled and litter picked up from the trails and surrounding areas.

The consensus from most everyone who participated in the Earth Day event was that we all wish we still had plastic and glass recycling in Angel Fire. Many of us are willing to pay a little extra for this service. There was a lot of talk of how we as community members can push to get recycling back to Angel Fire.

Thank you Angel Fire community!

Festival Eclectica Vendor Call

Festival Eclectica, a benefit for Shuter Library, is seeking artisanal vendors for June 16, 2018 at the Angel Fire Airport.

Booth fees are only $50, but space is limited to 15 artisans.

The Festival is a 5 band event selling up to 600 tickets, and will be extensively advertised out of town.

For more information please visit www.festivaleclectica.com.

Interested? Contact Scott Jones at 575-377-6223 or treasurer@shuterlibrary.net.