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Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region

Hello, my name is Karen Koyote and I am the Regional Director for Big Brother’s Big Sister’s Mountain Region/Taos and Colfax counties. Big Brother’s Big Sister’s is the oldest mentoring organization in the United States and we have been active in the Colfax area for approximately four years.

As you are probably aware of we have many youth in our community that are facing challenging circumstances. Research has shown that long term one-to-one mentoring has a positive effect on youth. Behavior issues go down, school attendance goes up and overall they have more positive outlooks toward adults and improve socially.

In Big Brother’s Big Sister’s we have 2 types of mentoring programs. We have a School Based Program and a Community Based Program. In the School Based Program the volunteers, whom we call “Bigs” Meet with the youth “Littles” at the school for about an hour a week. Usually they meet at lunch time or some other time of the day when they can interact. They can also spend time with them in the library reading together, playing on the playground or possibly going into the classroom if the teacher is agreeable with that.

In the Community Based Program the matches meet in the community 2-4 times a month. They can go on hikes, do arts and crafts, go to the movies, and shoot hoops or whatever else they enjoy doing together.

Right now we have 11 matches in Colfax County and we are hoping to increase this number by 12 this year.

We are a volunteer and donation supported organization. The funds that we raise go towards supporting the mentoring matches. It costs about $1,250.00 to support one match for one year. The costs include the fingerprinting and background check for the volunteers and the ongoing support that is provided by our Program Specialist. She checks in with the volunteers every month to make sure everything is going well and discusses any needs they might have.

Right now we have a fundraiser going on called Bowl for Kid’s Sake. We do this every year about this time and what it consists of is peer-to peer fundraising, combined with business sponsorships. As the name implies it has a bowling theme. If a person wishes to have a team they get 3 other friends r co-workers together and they sign up on the website to get started. They then collectively raise a minimum of $400.00 per team ($100.00 each) to go towards the program.

If someone is interested in doing a team I would recommend they sign up soon to have time to raise the funds and to secure a spot in one of the sessions.

The event is a celebration of the work that everyone has done to make the fundraising a success. It will be held at two locations this year. The Angel Fire resort will host the event in Angel Fire with sessions at 5:00 and possibly 6:00. On April 8, 2017 the event will be held at the KTAOS Solar Center Pavilion at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 pm. We set up TV screens and do a Wii Bowling version as we don’t have a bowling alley here (yet). We are hoping to get as many of the local matches involved as we can by providing them teams that are paid for so they can more easily participate.

If you would like to help with this cause you can donate any amount to the teams.

Other ways an individual or business can help is by providing prize or raffle items to the event.

We are also always in need of adult volunteers who may be interested in becoming mentors or in businesses that can provide discounts to the matches for activities.

If you are interested in donating you can contact one of our Angel Fire board members, Debbie Welker at 505-428-8023 or myself at 575-770-5751

I hope that this information is helpful. You can contact me with questions, ideas or just to chat. Thanks again and I hope you have a great day!

Karen Koyote

New Mexico Legislature Special Session?

The New Mexico Legislature adjourned at noon March 18, 2017 with no appointed date for resumption, but it probably isn’t over. Due to a deadlock on many issues, look for a special session to be called.

This legislative session had some great bills (and some not so great) emerge but not many of them made it past both the House and the Senate. The few bills that did pass and made it to the Governor’s desk now await signature or veto. The budget, comprehensive tax reform, crime fighting measures, preemption, capital outlay reform, P-3 legislation, right-sizing government, all hang in suspension.

We now look forward to a special session to see if there is another path to fiscal solvency. Will it be less dependent on tax increases and more dependent on right sizing government and reforming the tax code to produce long term revenue stability? With all the tax increase bills for the people of New Mexico, that were introduced in the House this session added up, they amount to 1 billion, and that’s just the House side.

Short On Cash? So Is The State Government

The Governor said Saturday prior to Sine Die, that soon the Department of Finance (DFA) won’t be able to cut checks as cash is nearing empty. The Governor added that she has directed DFA to begin exploring the process of a government shutdown. We’re told this could mean museums open for just a few days a week, hours at our parks could be cut back and state employee furloughs could begin. We know that DFA is watching- on a daily basis- the cash flow in the State General Fund Investment Pool . When do we hit the wall and have to put the breaks on? DFA is analyzing that question, and we imagine we’ll hear more on this next week. This is all happening in FY 17, which ends June 30, 2017.

Currently, we have projected a 1.7% reserve, which is about $102 million. But the margin of error is about the same. Oil is coming up a bit but natural gas…not so much. Finally, the Governor, as of Saturday, did not even have HB2 or any of the other budget bills on her desk yet. All the bills need to be enrolled and engrossed and that can often take up to 10 days. The 20 day period the Governor has to act on all bills started Saturday at noon. So, hang on to your hats, folks. This wild ride is gonna continue.

Governor’s Veto Upheld

In an article in Saturday’s Santa Fe New Mexican it’s reported that the Secretary of State’s office will uphold the Governor’s veto of five bills unless a court tells them otherwise. Democrats claim the vetoes are invalid because the Governor did not provide an explanation of why she vetoed the bill within the three day rule. They argue that the state constitution requires explanations and that a Colorado court case overturned a Governor’s vetoes for that reason. This one could go to court. Another issue from this legislative session to follow. But first let’s try to get a acceptable and balanced budget.

Public Safety

Very sadly, this is one category in which we can think of not a single significant piece of legislation that was sent to the Governor. To the House of Representatives’ credit, many positive bills were passed to the Senate, which utilized the Senate Judiciary Committee as the place to die. Here’s a tragic list of bills that were blocked by Senate Judiciary:

  • HB 16 (Rehm) – apprehending a child absconding from CYFD custody
  • HB 43 (Youngblood) – increased penalties for child rape
  • HB 44 (Youngblood) – criminal penalties for assaulting CYFD employees
  • HB 17 (Rehm) – sentencing enhancement for violent felons in possession of firearms
  • HB 45 (Maestas-Barnes) – Life imprisonment for child abuse leading to death
  • HB 71 (Fajardo) – increased penalty for showing illicit images to children
  • HB 133 (Maestas-Barnes) – allow police officers to use video conferencing for administrative hearings (saves law enforcement time and money)
  • SB 159 (Gould) – distinguishes penalties for Negligent versus Intentional child abuse

And, this is just the list that died in Senate Judiciary.

Also killed in various committees were making violence against police officers a hate crime, expanding the currently never used three strikes law and various measures to deal with drunken and drugged driving.

We need more legislators with a pro economic development mentality and a crime fighting/prevention mentality. The state’s poor reputation as a safe place to live and do business is dragging down business growth and expansion, pure and simple.

Also left sitting on House and Senate calendars as the sine die adjournment was announced were:

  • SB 139 (Morales) that would have helped break up auto theft rings;
  • SB 262 (Cervantes) that would have set up an interim committee to revamp the capital outlay process;
  • SB 258 (Cervantes) that would decrease penalties for marijuana possession,
  • SB 425 (Sanchez) that would have allowed local governments to establish enterprise zones *HB 129 (Maestas-Barnes) that would have facilitated police officers obtaining a warrant for blood test to combat drunk and drugged driving.

And we will continue to turn our clocks forward or backward, whatever the season demands.

Our greatest challenge as a state is to achieve a common mindset about what it takes to broaden our economic base, create jobs and ensure our young people have the skills to compete for those jobs. As New Mexicans, we can and must find a better way together.

(Teri Cole/President and CEO Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce)

For a complete list of bills that passed both the House & the Senate (and those that did not) click here:

Spring Job Fair

Meet Taos Employers Who Are Hiring – You’re Invited!

Bring Resumes, Be Prepared To Interview, Dress Appropriately, Come With A Positive Attitude

When: March 23, 2017 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Where: Pavilion @ KTaos Solar Center, 9 State Road 150, Taos, NM 87571

For more information please call 575-758-4219.

And Just Like That… The Season Ends

See ya next season!

Photos courtesy of Angel Fire Resort, Almeada Martinez, Jeremiah Sutton, Nate Kite, Lisa Sutton, Trini Bradley and Jennifer Fitch.

Cash Mob Returns To Angel Fire

Join The Chamber Mobsters!

What is a Cash Mob? And who are the Chamber Mobsters? Glad you asked! A Cash Mob is a Flash Mob only instead of singing and dancing we spend money! In November 2014 at the quarterly Chamber membership meeting we rolled out this program designed to give support and a financial boost, during the between seasons, to our local small businesses. It helps the businesses, it makes people happy, Mobsters get to buy great stuff for themselves or others at local retail businesses, simply taste or stuff themselves at local restaurants, or purchase gift certificates for services provided. You’ll have a great time if you sign up to be a Chamber Mobster. Then you may want to pat yourself on the back afterward for supporting your community! It is a positive win-win program!

There are two categories to the Chamber Mobster Program.

The First Category: Cash Mob-ee

This category is for Chamber business members only. Any member who would like to have a Cash Mob visit their business may sign up. (If you are not a member, come to the Chamber and fill out an application, we’d love to have you join!)

The Second Category: Cash Mobsters

This includes anyone, member or non-member, who wants to participate in the actual Cash Mob. These people all agree, when a Cash Mob is randomly called, they will show up at the business who has been selected and spend at least $25.00 in their establishment. More, if you are so inclined! The idea is to benefit the mob-ee financially. If 20 people sign up and keep their promise to participate, the business is guaranteed at least a $500.00 day! If you are going to be out of town during some of the mobs, you can still purchase gift certificates from them. (Please note that mob-ees all agree to be a mobster, too.)

How It Works

We put the name of every business who has signed up in the Mob-ee category into a hopper and randomly choose a name every 10 days to two weeks. We will then contact the winner and ask for the best day a cash mob may visit their place of business that week. Next we will contact, by text or phone call, all of the Mobsters. We will give you the Business name, the date, and time frame the cash mob will happen. All Mobsters agree to go to the business anytime during the official Cash Mob time frame, spend at least $25.00 and wish the business well!

The program has been a great success. We are asking that you sign up now by emailing

Leave your name, your business name if you wish to be mobbed, and your phone number. Also your preference as to how we will alert you… a phone call or a text message.

Cash Mob 2017 will officially begin the first week of April and will continue through May. We’ll break for the summer and start again in mid-September through November. Please join us in promoting our local member businesses and help provide an economic stimulus in Angel Fire! Bring your friends and their money too!

So the first cash mob in 2017 will be… DRUM ROLL

Angel Fire Food & Wine Roundup

Top Chefs & Wineries Come To Angel Fire

Join us in the spectacular Moreno Valley for the inaugural Angel Fire Food and Wine Roundup celebrating unique western foods, wines, spirits, craft beers, and more. Angel Fire Food and Wine Roundup highlights, celebrates, and elevates the best of western hospitality with celebrity chefs, winemakers, brewers, and distillers.

Bring your friends and family for drinks, food, dancing, golfing, classes and demos in one of New Mexico’s most iconic destinations.

When: August 24-27, 2017

Where: Angel Fire, NM

To learn more please visit

Balloons Over Angel Fire 2017

Make plans for this year’s Balloons Over Angel Fire!

When: Friday, June 16 to Sunday, June 18, 2017

Where: Angel Fire, NM

There will be mass ascension balloon launch Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning at 7:00 am. Be sure to check out the balloon glow Saturday evening at 9:00 pm. There will be 40+ hot air balloons participating this year!

For more information please visit

Tamale Cook Off And Festival

This is the second ever New Mexico tamale cook-off!

Tamale tastings are from 1:00 am to Noon. Tickets are 5 for $5.00 plus receive a People’s Choice ticket so that you can vote for your favorite tamale.

When: Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tamale Cook-off Competition, Tamale Eating Contest, Tamale History, Wally & Molly Tamale Contest, Kids Zone, Arts & Craft Vendors, Entertainment, Food, Beer, Wine & More!

To enter as a contestant, reserve a vendor booth or obtain further information please call 575-377-6353.

Help Wanted United Church of Angel Fire

The United Church of Angel Fire is looking for a Part-time Bookkeeper to start around the middle of March, 2017. The position is 30 to 40 hours per month with much of the time occurring during the third week of the month.

In addition to basic accounting/bookkeeping skills, experience in using Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and Payroll is essential. An understanding of internal financial controls, the finances of non-profit organizations and the use of Power Church contributions program are desirable; however, training in these areas will be provided as needed. The applicant must be self-motivated, resourceful, flexible and able to keep certain church matters confidential. A job description is available at the church and at the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce.

Please contact Jim Byrd at if you are interested in this position. Salary and benefits will be discussed during an interview.

Film Festival

Live Music and Student Made Films from Theatre Band, and Digital Arts

When: March, 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Where: Moreno Valley High School

56 Camino Grande
Angel Fire, NM 87710