November 13, 2019

Area Groups

Area Group Categories

Adult Organizations

Alcoholics Anonymous

575-758-3318 (Phone)

Angel Fire Ambulance

Orlando Sandoval
911 (Emergency)
575-377-3347 (Non-Emergency)

Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce

800-446-8117 (Toll-free)
575-377-6661 (Phone)

Angel Fire Fire Department

Orlando Sandoval
911 (Emergency)
575-377-3347 (Non-Emergency)

Angel Fire Garden Club

Marlene Rempe, President
575-377-6772 (Phone)

Angel Fire Mountain Theatre

Katherine McDermott, President
575-377-1147 (Phone)

Angel Fire Rotary Club

Don Welker, President
Russ Coyle, President Elect
Tammy DeVine, Secretary
Donna Holman, Treasurer
575-377-6358 (Phone)

We meet every Thursday from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm @ Zeb’s, 3431 Mountatin View Blvd, Angel Fire, NM 87710.

Angel Fire Search & Rescue

H. Beck Atkinson, President
575-377-6642 (Phone)

Angel Fire Services Corporation

Darrell Benjamin, Manager
575-377-1677 x103 (Phone)

Architectural Control Committee

575-377-1135 (Phone)

Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO)

Curtis Jones, President
575-377-6680 (Phone)

Beta Sigma Phi

Mona Johnson
575-377-6415 (Phone)

Birds of Colfax County

Dave Cleary
575-375-2971 (Phone)

Community Telephone Reassurance Committee

Pam Hillhouse
575-377-6055 (Phone)

Eagle Nest School Dad’s Club

James Butts
575-377-2423 (Phone)

Eagle Nest TV Association

Stan Samuels
575-377-6651 (Phone)

Golf Association, Ladies

Cheryl Lewis
575-377-1538 (Phone)

Golf Association, Men

Jim LeBus
575-377-4561 (Phone)

Home and Land Owners (HALO)

Bill Conley, President
575-377-3451 (Phone)

High Country Crime Stoppers

Angel Fire Police Department
575-377-3214 (Phone)

High Valley Artisans

Jan Lassetter
575-377-6969 (Phone)

Moreno Valley Arts Council

Katherine McDermott, President
575-377-1147 (Phone)

Moreno Valley Sportsmen & Conservation Club

Craig Lyman, President
575-377-6879 (Phone)

Moreno Valley Trekkers

Larry Peckham, President

Moreno Valley Writer’s Guild

Connie Shelton, President
575-377-6777 (Phone)

Music From Angel Fire

Becky Jones, President
575-377-7780 (Phone)

Northern New Mexico Artist’s Guild (NNMAG)

Anita Moss, President
575-387-2308 (Phone)

Parents Helping All Teens (PHAT)

Rodney Ernhart, President
575-377-2968 (Phone)

Sangre de Cristo Communities Interacting

Gabriele Heinz, President
575-377-2752 (Phone)

Shuter Libriary of Angel Fire

Debby Clanton, President
575-377-3273 (Phone)

Free Internet access from 5 public computers including wireless so patrons can bring their laptops.

Snowmobile Association

Gene Stisser
575-377-3369 (Phone)

Southern Moreno Valley Community Corporation

Stan Harrell: 575-377-2344
Martha Lassetter: 575-377-2425

Spirit Fire Muzzle Loaders

Leigh Aldrich
575-377-6716 (Phone)

Souther Moreno Valley Community Coporation

Stan Harrell
575-377-2344 (Phone)

Tennis Committee

Dick Frith: 575-377-2988
Joe Gary: 575-377-1226

U.S. Army Recruiting Office

Michael Stines
575-471-7821 (Phone)
575-473-7596 (Fax)

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1139

Phil Didio, Post Commander
575-445-8282 (Phone)

Village of Angel Fire

Chuck Hasford, Mayor Pro Tem
575-377-3232 (Phone)

Village of Eagle Nest

Neva Hascall, Mayor
575-377-2486 (Phone)

Youth Organizations

4-H Club

Trina Davis: 575-377-6521
Barbara Arko: 575-377-3665

Angel Fire Youth Soccer

575-377-6836 (Phone)

Boy Scouts

Jeo Oissen, Troop Committee Chairman
575-758-3626 (Phone)

Cub Scouts & Tiger Cubs

Mike Liddle
575-377-3711 (Phone)

Girl Scouts

877-983-6339 (Toll-free)
575-983-6339 (Phone)

Cindy Coss, Brownies Troop Leader
575-377-1046 (Phone)

Junior Golf Association

Dan Jaramillo
575-377-3055 (Phone)

Team Angel Fire Ski & Snowboard

Brandon Peterson
575-377-4333 (Phone)