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Light Up The Holidays

The Village of Angel Fire, Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, Angel Fire Resort and the Angel Fire Garden Club are pleased to launch “Light Up The Holidays” lighting initiative for the Christmas holiday season.

The goal is for businesses and individuals to join forces and create an Angel Fire fairy-tale holiday village. Decorate your trees and buildings with white lights and be set to turn them on Friday, December 8, 2017.

Whether you have a house on the mountain, around the gold course or a business in the village core area, we hope you help us light up the town for the holidays!

Angel Fire Welcomes Off Highway Vehicles On Village Streets

By Ellen Miller-Goins

“These are as good and lawful vehicles as anything on the road today.” – M Jay Mitchell

October 16, 2017

Angel Fire’s village council passed an ordinance allowing use of recreational off-high vehicles (ROHVs) within village limits during its Oct. 10 regular meeting.

During a prior public hearing, June Rau, who lives in Valley of the Utes, told council she was opposed to the law, citing abuse by ATV and ROHV riders in her neighborhood.

Councilor Steve Larson said, “I’ve gotten a number of phone calls from people both for and against. It seems a number of calls against have been from people who have had bad experiences. How do we police that?”

Lt. J.D. Harvey with the Angel Fire Police Department replied, “There is already a law against driving across private property without permission. Anytime we receive a call about that, we will investigate if the reporting party gives a really good description of the vehicle and the person driving it.

Councilor Chuck Howe cited “issues with people loading children on them, no helmets…. We have an option to deny use of these vehicles but to me, denying it penalizes the people who are following the law.” “OHV registration already exists. Helmet law already exists. Spark arrestors already exist. You can’t operate them at night. You have to go back and read the complete stature,” noted M. Jay Mitchell, former village manager and current Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM). “What has changed about the statute is it allows any municipality to allow [ROHVs] within municipalities. You have to be a licensed driver to drive on roads. You have to have insurance. You have to have safety equipment. Councilor Howe is correct, restricting them penalizes the people who are following the law. I drove my ROHV here tonight. These are as good and lawful vehicles as anything on the road today.”

The passage of SB 270 two years ago allows municipalities to regulate off-highway vehicles (OHVs) under limited conditions inside their boundaries. While the law originally included all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), under pressure from manufacturers who noted those vehicles were not save at higher speeds, the state further specified such laws should apply to Recreational off-high vehicles (ROHVs), which side by sides like mules, Razrs, etc. (The ATV Safety Institute advises riders, “Never ride on paved roads…. ATVs are designed to be operated off-highway.”)

Former Village Planner Mark Rivera said, “I am against the ordinance, only because of the unintended consequences.” Citing abuses by snowmobilers, Rivera added, “I could see the same thing happen with ATVs.”

Rivera asked for clarification on wording that allows “use of ROHVs on paved roads owned by the village. That is not defined.”

Mitchell responded, “New Mexico’s definition for paved road is any improved road.”

As with first reading of the ordinance, resident Bubba Davis again said he supported the law. “We’ve been working on this for some time. We’re always going to have speeders up and down the road. By not passing this, you’re not preventing speeders. By passing this, you’re improving enforcement. We’ve got tourists right now that go to Red River because they can do it there. This will benefit the community. I think this will solve a lot of these issues.”

Mike Woolley, president of the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO) added, “If we approve this, I will go to the board and ask them to budget for more [no motorized vehicle] signs on the greenbelts.”

John Hail and Bruce Jassmann also spoke in favor of the law. Said Jassmann, “I was up [in Red River] last weekend and it looked like the 4th of July!”

During first reading for the ordinance, Councilor Brinn Colenda also cited abuses he already sees from snowmobilers who do not respect private property, including his own, concluding, “I am absolutely against this.”

On Oct. 10, however, he said, “Jay persuaded me yesterday when we had a really long meeting. I am persuaded by the comments tonight.”
The ordinance was unanimously approved with Colenda giving a “reluctant” yes vote.

Angel Fire’s ROHV ordinance is similar to existing golf-cart and snowmobile ordinances.

The ordinance defines a “Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle” as follows:

  • “…. a motor vehicle designed for travel on four or more non-highway tires, for recreational use by one or more persons, and having:
  • “a steering wheel for steering control;
  • “non-straddle seating;
  • “maximum speed capability greater than thirty-five miles per hour;
  • “gross vehicle weight rating no greater than one thousand seven hundred fifty pounds;
  • “less than eighty inches in overall width, exclusive of accessories;
  • “engine displacement of less than one thousand cubic centimeters; and
  • “identification by means of a seventeen-character vehicle identification number; or
  • “By rule of the Department of Game and Fish, any other vehicles that may enter the market that fit the general profile of vehicles operated off the highway for recreational purposes.”

Their use would be limited to village streets provided the driver follows local and state traffic laws and:

  • “the vehicle has one or more headlights and one or more tail-lights that comply with the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act, Chapter 66, Article 3, NMSA 1978;
  • “the vehicle has brakes, mirror, and mufflers;
  • “the operator has a valid driver’s license, or permits as required under the Motor Vehicle Code and off-highway safety permits as required under the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act;
  • “the operator is insured under the provisions of the Mandatory Financial Responsibility Act (NM 66-5-2-5) and the operator must be able to show proof of the insurance or have proof of financial responsibility. The proof of insurance or proof of financial responsibility must have the vehicle identification number of the vehicle being operated clearly shown on said proof. A home owner’s policy will not suffice under this ordinance; and
  • “all ROVs and ATVs must be registered under NM 66-3-1003. Registration can be obtained at the MVD office at Village Hall if you are a resident of NM;
  • “the operator of the vehicle is using eye protection that comply with the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act; and
  • “a person under the age of eighteen shall not operate an Off-Highway motor vehicle or ride upon an Off Highway motor vehicle without wearing eye protection and a safety helmet that is securely fastened in a normal manner as headgear and that meets the standards established by the department and comply with the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act; Chapter 66, Article 3, NMSA 1978.”


Ordinance may be viewed at:

Eagle Nest Fall Festival

Please join us for food, fun and games!

When: October 28, 2017 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Eagle Nest Elementary/Middle School, 225 Lake St, Eagle Nest, NM 87718

Hosted by the Eagle Nest PTA.

12 Days Of Christmas Chamber Raffle

In keeping with the holidays this year, we are again sponsoring the Twelve Days of Christmas Chamber Raffle and will be accepting donations from businesses and business people. We need a total of 78 prizes.

To begin the first day, which will be called Day Twelve of the Twelve Days of Christmas Raffle, 12 prizes will be given away to twelve winners. On Day eleven… 11 prizes will be given away. Day ten… 10 prizes given away, and so forth, until the last day (called day one) when there will be one grand prize, which will be $500.00 cash!

We will sell tickets for $10 each, or 3 for $20. We will advertise all business donations plus on each day of the Twelve Days of Christmas Raffle drawings, we will post the names of the winners as well as advertising the names of the donors on Facebook, the email blast, on our website and in any other form of advertising we use.

We ask that you donate a gift in the form of a gift basket, a gas card, retail card, or restaurant gift card, a certificate for a service performed, merchandise or cash. (Please SHOP LOCAL, when possible!) We ask that each donation have a minimum $50.00 value. Be creative with the prizes you donate. For some of the cash donations, we will purchase gifts for the drawings.

We will start selling tickets November 1, 2017 and will continue to sell through December 1, 2017. We would like to have five local businesses to help us sell the tickets as well as the Chamber Board of Directors, the Ambassadors and the Chamber office. The actual drawing will start on December 4, 2017 which will be the 12th Day and go until December 15, 2017 the 1st Day when the Grand Prize will be awarded.

*All prizes are valued at $50.00 or more*
*GRAND PRIZE $500.00*
Sponsored by Mike Woolley – ReMax Mountain Realty

1 for $10.00 ** 3 for $20.00

Drawings will be held daily to award great prizes beginning Monday December 4, 2017. 78 winners will be awarded prizes worth at least $50.00 each!

Here is how it will work:

On December 4, 2017, at 10:30 am, 12 tickets will be drawn.
Each of the 12 ticket holders will receive a prize that is worth at least $50.00.

On December 5, 2017, at 10:30 am, 11 tickets will be drawn.
Each of the 11 ticket holders will receive a prize that is worth at least $50.00.

On December 6, 2017, at 10:30 am, 10 tickets will be drawn.
Each of the 10 ticket holders will receive a prize that is worth at least $50.00.

And so on and so on each day as we count down to One Grand Prize of $500.00 cash that will be drawn on December 15, 2017. All drawings will be held live on the 12 Days of Christmas Facebook Event page.

Purchase your tickets at the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, 3407 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire, NM or online at

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask. Please call 575-377-6353 or email

Thank you!

12 Days of Christmas Gifts & Sponsors:

ReMax Mountain Realty
Mike Woolley
Cash Prize

24/7 Automotive Performance/ Chris Chase
*(2) Oil Change, Labor & Inspection
Value= $50.00 each

Affordable Auto/ Phil Brooks
*Oil Change & Tire Rotation
Value =$75.00

Alpine Gifts/Judy Fefer
$50.00 Gift Certificate
Value= $50.00

Alpine Lumber/ A.J. Farmer
*Impact Wrench Kit with batteries
Value = $210.00

Angel Fire Appraisers/ Jeff & Samantha Weeks
*(2) $50.00 Gift Certificates to Zebs Restaurant & Bar
Value= $50.00 each

Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce
*1 Year Free Standard Membership
to the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce
Value = $275.00

Angel Fire Chiropractic/ Dr. Jennifer Fitch
*3 packages: 1 exam & 3 adjustments
Value = $150.00 each

Angel Fire Computer Guy/ Kevin Robnett
*Computer Virus Cleaning Certificate
& 16 gb Flash Drive
Value = $80.00

Angel Fire Garden Club
*Basket of Gardening
Value = $60.00

Angel Fire Hot Tub/ Matt & Corrina Hodge
*$50.00 Gift Certificate to Ojo Caliente & 2 Luxury
Angel Fire Hot Tub Towels
Value = $80.00

Angel Fire Mini Mart
*Gift Certificate(s) to Mini Mart
Value =$50.00

Angel Fired Pizza/ Cat Adams
*Gift Certificate(s) to Angel Fired Pizza
Value = $50.00

Angel Fire Resort
*(2) Winter Ski Lift Tickets
and (2) Summer Lift Tickets
Total Value = $194.00
*(2) $50.00 Gift Certificates
to Elements Fine Dining
at the Angel Fire Resort Country Club
Value= $50.00 each

Binford-Bell Studio & Gallery
*Original Artwork by jacqui Binford-Bell
Value = $90.00

Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures
*2 hour Snowmobile Ride for 2
Value =$ 180.00

The Bump Coffee/Lisa Sutton
*Gift Basket from The Bump Coffee
Value= $50.00

Canyon City Landscaping/ Phil Bustos
*(2) Snowplows
Value = $65.00 each

Carla Callahan (Artist)
*Two Handmade Knit Christmas
Stockings Value =$60.00

Catherine Moon Real Estate
*$100.00 Amazon Gift Card

Chisum Realty Group: Keller Williams of Angel Fire/
Tara Chisum
*”One Hope” Gift Box of Wine & Coffee
Value = $75.00

Creating My Choices/ Denise Janelle
*Two Gift Certificates for 30 minutes each
of Recreational Oxygen bar
Value = $60.00

Eagle Feather Trading Post/ Troy & Penny Schroeder
*Gift Certificate(s) at Eagle Feather Trading Post
Value =$50.00

El Monte Segrado
1 night stay in Luxary Suite
Value= $400.00

Enchanted Circle Brewery/ Steve & Shelley Larson
*Gift Certificate(s) to Pork Belly Deli
Value = $50.00

Everything Pinecone/
Lone Krarup & Johnese Turri (Artists)
*Handmade Christmas Wreath
Value = $50.00

Far Flung Adventures
*Middle Box Rafting Trip on the Rio Grande for 2
Value= $300.00

FNB New Mexico Bank
*(2) $50.00 Visa gift card & coin set
Value = $80.00 each

Michael Gilcrease
*Handmade Wood Cutting Board
Value =$55.00

Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails
*3 Night Stay in Family Cabin & Lots of Girl Scout Cookies
Value = $250.00

Golden Eagle RV Park and Store/
Bruce & Bridget Manakas
*Native American Jewelry
Value = $50.00 +

Hail’s Holy Smoked BarBQue & More/
John & Wendy Hail
*1 Smoked Turkey
Value =$50.00

Hail’s Holy Smoked BarBQue & More/
John & Wendy Hail
*1 Smoked Ham Value =$50.00

Jeanette Sanchez
* $25.00 Gift Certificate
to Jeanette’s Food Cart
$25.00 Gift Certificate
to Blue Dawg Furniture
Value =$50.00

Kathy Dunbar’s Body Mechanics
*1 hour Swedish Massage
Value =$80.00

Bob & Brenda Koester
*Free labor on a Service Call up to a $150.00
Value= $150.00

Land & Home Services/ Daniel Serna
*(2) Snowplows
Value =$65.00 each

The Leaf & Bean/ Donna Goss
*Tea & Scones Gift Basket
Value =$85.00

Lost Eagle RV Park/ Tommy & Mary Sangster
*$50.00 Visa Gift Card
Value= $50.00

Chris Love (Artist)
*3 Watercolor Print Set “The Millenial Series”
Value = $75.00

Lowe’s Valley Market
*(2) $50.00 Gift Cards to Lowe’s Valley Market
Total Value= $50.00 each

Monte Verde RV Park/Joe & Melody Costa
*Handmade Origami Jewelry and Beaded Vase
by Melody Costa
Value =$50.00+

Moore Excavation/ Kyle & Cindy Moore
*(2) Snowplows
Value =$65.00 each

Mountains Sports of Angel Fire/
Brent & Tammy Dunn
*Oakley Ski/Snowboard Goggles
Value =$200.00

Pine Cone Candle Company/ Susan Schwindt
*Collection of Candles
Value =$55.00

Pizza Stop/ Larry & Trini Bradley
*Gift Certificate(s) to Pizza Stop
Value = $50.00

Cheyenne & Ray Renfroe (Artist)
*Wooden Stead Mount with Mosaic inlay
Value =$120.00

SS Rocks Y Mas/ Robert Serna
*(2) Snowplows
Value = $65.00 each

Shall We Dance/ Diane Peterson
*Dance Class for 2, Bottle of Champaign
& 2 wine glasses
Value = $60.00

Shuter Library
*Basket of Books
Value = $80.00

Ski Tech/Mary Harms
*2 Full Ski or Snowboard tune
Value = $90.00

Stan Samuels
*2 Person Ski or Snowboard Rental at
The Trailhead
2 lunches at the Bakery & Cafe @ Angel Fire
Value =$80.00+

Studio 434/ Annie Lindsey
*(2) Hair Cut with Deep Conditioning
Value =$50.00 each

Tripoints Acupunture/ Susan Tripodi
*1st Vist Consult & Treatment
Value = $80.00

Washington Federal Bank/Russ Coyle
(2) $50.00 Visa gift cards
Value= $50.00 each

Wende Woolley Photography
*8 x 10 Portrait Sitting
Value =$120.00

Wende Woolley
*5-$10.00 Gift Certificates to High Country
Ski Rental & Gift Shop
Value $50.00

Wheeler Peak Ski Shop/Kyle & Barbara Eby
*3 days of Demo Ski Rentals
Value =$150.00

Buy your raffle tickets now! Be a Winner! 78 Winners!

* You must be at least 21 years old to purchase raffle tickets
* You do not have to be present to win
* You do not have to live in Angel Fire to purchase raffle tickets
* You do not have to be an Angel Fire Chamber member to participate
* Angel Fire Chamber Board of Directors and staff will be allowed to purchase raffle tickets
* If you win and do not live in Angel Fire, you will be responsible for all mailing costs of the prizes you win

Chamber President & CEO: Jo Mixon

Chairman of the Board of Directors

John Hail Jr – Hail’s Holy Smoked BarBQue & More
Vice-Chairman: Dr. Jennifer Fitch – Angel Fire Chiropractic
Treasurer: Nita Jones – FNB New Mexico
Secretary: Brenda Johnson – Brenda Johnson Property Management
Past Chair: Wende Woolley – Wende Woolley Photography
Director: Cathe Moon – CR Moon Real Estate
Director: Daniel Serna – Land and Home Services
Director: Johnese Turri – Shuter Library
Director Ex-Officio: Chuck Howe – National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center Angel Fire, Mayor Pro-Tem Village of Angel Fire

Holiday Market 2017

Vendor Call

Applications may be picked up at the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce. To have an application emailed to you, contact The deadline for entry is November 8, 2017 or as soon as all spaces are filled.

10′ x 10′ Booth = $60.00
6′ x 6′ Booth = $40.00

Need: Arts & Crafts, Food Vendors, Christmas Gift Items, Antiques, Local Businesses, Entertainment, Church & School Groups.

When: December 9-10, 2017

Where: Angel Fire Community Center, 15 CS Ranch Road, Angel Fire, NM 87710

Call 575-377-6353 if you have questions.

Jo Mixon Named As Finalist For State Ethics In Business Award

Angel Fire, N.M. – October 12, 2017 – Jo Mixon, President and CEO of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce has been named a finalist in Samaritan Counseling Center’s 19th Annual Ethics in Business Awards. She was nominated for the PNM Award for Individual Excellence in Ethical Business Practice. The awards were created to honor noteworthy organizations and individuals who practice and promote ethical business conduct in day-to-day operations and management, as well as in their response to crises and challenges.

“I cannot think of any other award I would rather be named as a finalists, than one that recognizes honesty, integrity and ethical actions.” said Jo Mixon, “I am extremely honored!”

Businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals were nominated by a customer, client, employee, vendor or others who felt the company or individual exhibited superb ethical practices. The nominees were evaluated according to how they demonstrate the five principles in their interaction with staff, customers, vendors, donors and the community. The five principles include integrity, fairness and justice, stewardship, life-enhancing, and transparency.

The PNM Award for Individual Excellence in Ethical Business Practice is named as a tribute to John Ackerman.

The winners of the awards will be announced at Samaritan Counseling Center’s New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards event on April 25, 2018 at Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Village Of Angel Fire Job Opportunity

Grant Writer

Village of Angel Fire, New Mexico is seeking an experienced and qualified individual to serve as Grant Writer. Candidate must have experience in seeking out grants that will benefit the village, be able to prepare and coordinate grants. This is a full time position with benefits. Interested individuals may submit an application at Village Hall, HR Department or on the village website. Job description is available at the HR office.

Qualified applicants apply:

Village of Angel Fire
Terry Cordova
3388 Mountain View Blvd. (Human Resources)
575-377-3232 x122

The Village of Angel Fire is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Village Council Considers Recreational Vehicle Ordinance

The Village of Angel Fire, New Mexico hereby gives notice of a regular Village Council meeting for Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 5:30 pm at Village Hall, 3388 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire, NM 87710.

At such meeting, the Village Council will hold a public hearing concerning and will consider for adoption the ordinance described below. Complete copies of the proposed ordinance are available for public inspection during the normal and regular
business hours of the Village Clerk, Angel Fire, NM.



A summary of the subject matter of the Ordinance is contained in its title.

This notice constitutes compliance with Section 3-17-3 NMSA 1978.

Barbara Cottam, Mayor
Terry Cordova, Village Clerk

Angel Fire Holiday Magic Lighting Initiative

The Village of Angel Fire, Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, Angel Fire Garden Club and the Angel Fire Resort have joined forces to launch the Angel Fire “Holiday Magic” Lighting Initiative.

Our goal is to invite businesses and individuals within our community and surrounding area to join forces to create an Angel Fire fairy tale holiday village.

The Look

Decorate your trees and/or building with white lights. Be sure to turn them on December 8, 2017.

For more information please email

Flo Wellness Center

Labyrinth Path to Light and Peace Poetry Reading, Art Exhibit, and Labyrinth Walk With Sandra Wasko-Flood

When: Saturday, October 21 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Where: Flo Wellness Center, 3453 Mountain View Rd., Angel Fire, NM 87710

Would you like to experience healing and transformation on the Labyrinth Path to Light and Peace? Then enjoy walking the “Rainbow Labyrinth of Peace” to express a feeling, make a decision, resolve a conflict, or relate to your higher force. Enjoy a reading from the newly published book: The Labyrinth Path to Light and Peace: Art and Poetry by Sandra Wasko-Flood.