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Happy Birthday!

happy-birthday-villageHappy 27th birthday to the Village of Angel Fire, New Mexico!

Shuter Library Benefit

shuter-library-benefitBook Signing and Meet the Author Rosalie Turner

When: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Where: Shuter Library of Angel Fire

11 South Angel Fire Road
Angel Fire, NM 87710

March With Me is the newest novel by Rosalie Turner. It is a coming-of-age novel set during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s in Birmingham, Alabama, told through two main characters, one white and one black.

Signed copies of March With Me will be available for purchase at Shuter Library for $18.00. All of Ms. Turner’s proceeds are being donated to Shuter Library.

Also, please plan on joining us at Shuter Library for our August Book Club when we will be discussing March With Me. The meeting to discuss the book will be on August 21, 2013 at 6:00 pm.

Award winning author, Rosalie Turner, has been writing for over 28 years. She currently resides between Angel Fire, New Mexico and Birmingham, Alabama.

Other books by Rosalie Tuner include Freedom Bound, Sister of Valor, Beyond the Dream and Going to the Mountain. For more information on Rosalie please visit

10th Annual Movies Under The Stars – Wreck-It Ralph

muts-wreck-it-ralphWhen: July 19, 2013

Where: Outside at the Country Club

Movie: Wreck-It Ralph (PG-13)

Cost: FREE

For last minute weather cancellations, please call 575-377-6401.

Jo Says “Please Be Nice”

fedex-boxesBy Jo Mixon

Most everyone in Angel Fire is aware you may drop UPS and FedEx items at the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber offers this “drop off” service as a courtesy to the community. Let me emphasize the words “drop off”. We are not employed by either one of these companies. If we didn’t offer this service, everyone would be forced to drive to Taos or further to take their letters and packages. We like being a drop spot for Angel Fire. We like seeing the drivers and we like visiting with people. However, I am daily amazed at the unkindness endured by the employees and volunteers of the Chamber, by people utilizing this service. It’s hard to understand. When someone offers a service or does you a favor, why would you think raising your voice and demanding to get your way would change the situation? First and foremost let me explain a few things. The Chamber is not equipped to do any of the work of a FedEx or UPS employee. We cannot accept an item unless it is pre-paid. We cannot weigh or package your items. We cannot track your items. We try to have envelopes and labels on hand, but FedEx does not supply us with them. (I try to pick up packaging when I am in Santa Fe on my own time…again as a courtesy.) You cannot have an item sent to our address and expect someone at the Chamber to sign for it. I am sorry but we cannot accept the liability. Your packages must be sent to your home or business addresses.

It seems this summer we have had more than our share of rudeness over the service we offer. I am thinking about canceling this service to eliminate the office staff from being the target of such meanness. I’ll be the first one to say I don’t appreciate a teacher who punishes the entire class over a wrong committed by one or two classmates, but this has gotten way out of hand. I have received nasty letters from people in the community complaining that the staff in our office are not educated in their job (referring to the FedEx process) and how upset these people have been when they didn’t get the appropriate answers or packaging they wanted. One person was upset that we didn’t have a kiosk set up like they have in other FedEx stores, and they added in this email, we should be ashamed. Really? In my response I explained, as the girls in the office had tried, the Chamber is not an official FedEx store. FedEx will not allow a kiosk in our office. They actually would just as soon we stop being a drop spot. Over the years, I have had numerous conversations with the FedEx supervisors in the Santa Fe office. They tell me, Angel Fire is too rural to expect the same FedEx service they provide for non-rural communities. In the summer of 2011 the Chamber, once again as a courtesy to the community, wrote and sent a petition to FedEx. It was signed by more than a hundred and forty residents asking FedEx to reconsider and guarantee us overnight service. (After all we pay the same prices) FedEx never even acknowledged the petition. The employees in the Santa Fe office tell me that FedEx is a delivery service, not a pick up service and that if our residents want guaranteed overnight service they must drive to a “real” FedEx store in Taos or Santa Fe.

In summary, if you truly need your item to be arriving over night, please do us the courtesy of taking it to the appropriate location. If your instructions on a return are to take the item to a FedEx store to be weighed and scanned, please follow the directions. We do not have one of their scanners. Nor can your item be left at the Chamber for the driver to do this for you. (He can not, it will be left at the Chamber.) And please don’t yell at our staff and volunteers when they try to explain to you we are only a courtesy drop spot, like a mailbox. Please take care of your items prior to bringing them into our office. We don’t mind offering this service. Fact is, we are happy to do it for you. But instead of trying to make us feel inadequate for not meeting your FedEx or UPS needs, try smiling and saying thank-you for offering this service that saves you more than an hour of your time, because if we didn’t you’d be on your way through the canyon to get it done. Thanks!

10th Annual Movies Under The Stars – Thor

muts-thorWhen: July 12, 2013

Where: Outside at the Country Club

Movie: Thor (PG-13)

Cost: FREE

For last minute weather cancellations, please call 575-377-6401.

Angel Fire Beautification Committee

afnmVillage Lamp Post Funds

The Village of Angel Fire and the Beautification Committee are excited to announce a new project to make Angel Fire shine all season long. The project will begin with banners on the double lamp posts up North Angel Fire Road. The double post banners will have photos on them, depicting summer and winter “things to do”. During the Christmas holidays, the single lamp posts up North Angel Fire Road will be wrapped with garland and a bow. It will lend a festive air to Angel Fire during the holiday season when the majority of our tourists are here. This project is expensive and the Village cannot do it alone. We are offering a wonderful opportunity for businesses and individuals to help make our community more appealing to our guests. Businesses and individuals can purchase a garland/bow set, a banner or both for a nominal hee. A plaque displayed ar the Village Hall will recognize all those who help make this project happen. Working together, we can make a difference in the way our community is perceived by our customers. Below are the decorations and their prices:

  • 12′ garland with 24″ red bow – $125/pole
  • 30″ x 60″ outdoor vinyl banner with bracket – $160/pole
  • 1 garland with bow and 1 banner with bracket – $280

The Village and the Beautification Committee also want to see decorations on Mountain View Boulevard in the near future. We have picked an 8′ lighted skier and a 6′ lighted snowflake as the decorations for the large poles on Mountain View Boulevard. These are available for sponsorship. The costs are:

  • 8′ lighted skier – $1,065/pole
  • 6′ snowflake – $390/pole

Attend the Business After Hours at Centro Plaza July 11, 2013 for more information or to sign up for your “pole”.

Angel Fire Says “I Know Tonto & The Lone Ranger, Do You?”

lone-ranger-01By Jo Mixon

Hi Ho Silver Away… Angel Fire is in the House!

Late last summer Angel Fire opened its arms and hearts to the cast and crew on the Walt Disney filming of the “The Lone Ranger” starring Johnny Depp. Excitement filled our village when we were chosen as one of the areas for filming. (And a wise decision if you ask me!) Many of our locals, including my son, were hired to play extras in the movie and hundreds more were hired to do various other jobs. In short, for three fabulously fun filled weeks, we became Hollywood in the mountains! We were also privileged to host the final “Wrap Party” at the Angel Fire Country Club, even though the film left New Mexico for California for a few final scenes. With much anticipation, we waited calmly for the better part of a year until the movie to hit the box office. When it did, the Chamber sent out an email and invited the first 124 Angel Fireites who purchased tickets to fill the Storyteller Theater in Taos. Sold! In less than 24 hours we sold out the entire theater. A feat the manager Terry claimed is a first.

With every seat sold, many people arrived over an hour early. The excitement mounted. I can honestly say I have never been in a sold out theater where I knew every person there. It was a blast. Angel Fire rocked the theater!

After having viewed the movie, I think the critics are being extremely harsh! They have even contributed in causing people to choose other films this weekend. But if you look closely at the polls of moviegoers…86% have given it great reviews. Add the Angel Fire crowd last night and it’ll raise that percentage to 96%! Personally I thought Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the “Noble Savage” Tonto was extremely enjoyable! Armie Hammer was the perfect choice as the innocent baby-faced city slicker, turned Lone Ranger. Together they kept the entire theater laughing out loud! It’s not a documentary film. It’s based loosely on a comic book and truly has Johnny Depp stamped all over it. Personally I like his “spoofs.” This film has intense action, nonsensical humor, and as a pet lover, I even enjoyed the story of Tonto’s ridiculous crow headdress. (But don’t worry I won’t be wearing my beloved doggie on my head anytime soon!)

I loved seeing all of the New Mexico scenery in the film. The Palisades in Cimarron Canyon was the setting for one of the most action packed sequences in the entire movie. The cinematography was amazing. I recognized Shiprock, New Mexico, Canyon de Chelle with the White House ruins, a train crash here in Angel Fire on the road headed up to Valley of the Ute’s and much more. Plus we all applauded when we saw my nephew’s name in the credits!

The real test was listening to the chatter afterward, while standing in line in the women’s restroom. (No one wanted to leave his or her seats during the movie for even a moment) The collective positive reviews give this movie a THUMBS-UP from Angel Fire, New Mexico! I believe it was a hit. If you want a serious historically correct movie, the Lone Ranger may not be for you. But it was exactly the type of movie I expected to be enchanted by in the summertime! Thanks to Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski, Walt Disney and the cast and crew of the Lone Ranger for spending time in New Mexico, especially Angel Fire and allowing us a part of the Lone Ranger adventure. Angel Fire loves the film industry. We invite you back anytime to our fabulously beautiful mountains!

Meanwhile…budda bump budda bump budda bump bump bump! Hi Ho Silver Away!

Check out the trailer!

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“No Business” After Hours

bah-07-11-2013A “No Business” After Hours – 27th Birthday Celebration for the Village of Angel Fire

Join us for updates and birthday cake!

You are invited!

When: Thursday July 11, 2013 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Where: Centro Plaza Foyer, 3407 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire, NM

Sponsored by Angel Fire Homes & Construction, Lindsey Custom Builders, D.L. Frey Design Group, Pioneer Title/Law Office of Richard Norris and The Village of Angel Fire.

Charity Fundraiser – Pancakes In The Park

pancakes-in-the-parkPresented by the Angel Fire Rotary Club, Service Above Self. Dedicated to making a difference in the Moreno Valley.

When: July 6, 2013 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Where: Olympic Park Pavilion

$7 suggested donation per person.

10th Annual Movies Under The Stars

movie-under-starsWhen: July 5, 2013

Where: Outside at the Country Club

Movie: The Amazing Spider-Man (PG-13)

For last minute weather cancellations, please call 575-377-6401.