November 14, 2019

Blue Bus Is Coming To Angel Fire!

By Jo Mixon

North Central Regional Transit

For all of the hundreds of calls we have received at the Chamber over the course of the past nine years, from people who needed transportation to Angel Fire from the airports in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Taos, as of July 2019, we will be able to answer, “Yes there is a form of transportation into Angel Fire… and its free!” To get into Angel Fire from the airports might take a little Amazing Race maneuvering and pre-planning, but it will now be possible.

From the Albuquerque Airport, one will need to get from the airport to the Depot and ride the Railrunner Train to Sante Fe. Once in Santa Fe, ride the Blue Bus all the way to Angel Fire (maybe changing buses at some point).

Not only will this transportation benefit our tourists, anyone in Angel Fire will be able to hop on the bus to go to or from Taos and/or Sante Fe. For many of the people who work in Angel Fire, living in Taos, the Blue Bus service will be a great way to get to and from work. And for all of our residents who post on Face Book, almost daily, that they need a ride to Taos, in less than 6 weeks, they can ride the bus!

We do not yet know what the Bus scheduled arrivals and departures will be or where the Bus stop will be located in Angel Fire, but as soon as we do, we will share with you. For more information and to look at the current bus routes visit:

RTD Website/ Current Routes