August 21, 2019

Blue Dawg Furniture New Items

blue-dawg-furnitureA Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

New inventory items! Hurry, don’t miss out!

  • Salt lamps
  • Small area hides
  • Great gift choices
  • Come see!

American Made Hardwood Furnishings
Designed & Crafted in Angel Fire, New Mexico
Beautiful Quality Gift Accessories!

3382 Mountain View Boulevard
Suite E
Angel Fire, NM 87710

575-377-6770 (Store)
505-504-1871 (Mobile)

Chamber Cash Mob – Blue Dawg Furniture

ccm-blue-dawg-furnitureJoin the Chamber Mobsters!


Visit Blue Dawg Furniture on Thursday, September 18, 2014 any time between the hours of Noon and 5:30 pm and spent at least $20!

When: Thursday, September 18, 2014 from Noon to 5:30 pm

Where: 3382 Mountain View Boulevard, Suite E

Blue Dawg Furniture Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

blue-dawg-01By Jo Mixon

Ray Renfroe, Artist

So you can call him Ray, or you can even call him late for dinner, but you can NEVER call him untalented! Whether Ray Renfroe is building a home or a piece of furniture, he does it with a touch of faith. It’s personal to him and his product is testimony of an extremely talented artisan.

Ray had dabbled in furniture design before pursuing a career in custom homebuilding. When that market slowed down a few years ago, he decided to compliment his primary profession, by resurrecting a longtime desire to build furniture. By doing so, he found a new canvas for his artistic ability. Ray has been fascinated by wood all of his life, with its unique colors, textures and shapes. The wood seems to speak to him. And he loves to work with his hands. His artistry emerges in a warehouse studio where, with a pencil in his mouth, he focuses on each tiny detail. The results are incredible. He builds cabinets, tables, beds, bookcases, and lamps each with a character of their own. They are amazing works of art.

In an article written last summer for the Village Visitor Janet Sailor referred to him as a Renaissance man. She wrote, “Combining vintage wood with turquoise, copper, leather, cedar sticks and other organic materials, Renfroe’s unique designs are eclectic, unique, and very very creative.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

To showcase his talent and sell his product, Ray and wife Jeanette opened Blue Dawg Furniture on Mountain View Blvd. In the two years the storefront has been open, people have commissioned work from Ray, more frequently than he had expected. He says the fun part of a commissioned piece is having people enjoy what he’s made for them. This makes him happy.

Originally, Blue Dawg Furniture only sold his larger pieces, but they are introducing more home accessories. And to embrace our local community, they offer wholesale prices to Angel Fire residents. Their idea is to offer an upscale fine shopping experience, so you don’t have to travel elsewhere. Added inventory includes candleholders, hand made pistol cases, jewelry and more. Also for the entire month of November and possibly December, Blue Dawg Furniture will honor a 20% discount on top of the wholesale price for locals.

Ray says the windows to the homes he builds are the soul to the house. The motto for his furniture, written on the showroom window, is a verse by Keats; “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Visit Blue Dawg Furniture featuring fine art wood sculptured furniture, located directly behind Washington Federal Bank on Mountain View Blvd. (Hwy 434) in Angel Fire. Visit their webpage at, or call 505-504-1871 or 505-504-1873.