September 20, 2019

Shop Local Stand Alone #10 December 2017

Shop Local 2017

Canyon City Landscaping

We do all types of yard work including landscape, earth moving and tree products (removal or replacement). We also specialize in rock walls for erosion control plus snow removal and firewood!

We have a new location in Angel Fire at 3375 Mountain View Boulevard in the same office that used to be Kokopelli Property Management.

Call us at 505-400-3858 to discuss you needs.

Shop this awesome local business and bring any of your receipts that total at least $50.00 to the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce to be eligible for a $100.00 prize in the New Year’s Eve Drawing.

Canyon City Landscaping New Location

Canyon City Landscaping wants to invite you to their new location!

3375 Mountain View Boulevard
Angel Fire, NM 87710

This location was formerly Kokopelli Property management.

All types of firewood, including oak, pinon and pine fir delivered and stacked plus snow removal services and all of your landscaping needs.

Thank you for your business!

Canyon City Landscaping Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

canyon-city-landscaping-01By Jo Mixon

Phillip Bustos owner/operator of Canyon City Landscaping

Summertime brings with it the desire to be outside in the pristine beauty of our mountain home setting. This is the time of year that Canyon City Landscaping goes full speed. Phillip Bustos, born and raised in Mora, has been helping to meet the landscaping needs of the Moreno Valley for twelve years. Eight of the twelve years have been in Angel Fire. He opened his store front on Hwy 434 three years ago based on the clientele he has built here and the need to have a place to store his equipment and some product instead of daily hauling it up and down the canyon pass.

I spoke with Bob and Ginger Lagasse about a recently completed flagstone telescope patio, excavated road and several pathways Canyon City Landscaping provided on their land. Bob told me, “Phillip is extremely reliable. When he says he’ll be there at 1:30, he is always there by 1:30.” Bob looked at our Chamber membership directory when he and Ginger decided to embark upon their landscape venture and found Canyon City Landscaping. He added “I can’t tell you how many times this young man would ask us if we were happy with the work. Phillip would tell us he wanted us to be 100% happy. And I can tell you that we are!” Phillip does what he promises in a timely manner at a fair price.

Canyon City Landscaping is run sustainably and Phillip wants to be recognized as the right guy for the job. He cares about his professional reputation. He says the best compliment comes when a customer is so satisfied that they recommend him to their friends. I asked where he got this work ethic. He told me about his dad and his grandfather. They taught him to take pride in his work. After retirement, his dad now works as Phillip’s foreman! I asked where he got the name, Canyon City Landscaping. His ranch is “Ranchos de Canyon City.”

Phillip and his brother inherited his grandfather’s ranch in Mora. Their grandfather wanted them to be able to make a living off of the land. For Phillip, his love of the wilderness and his deep passion and appreciation for mother nature, lead him to the conclusion that landscaping, as a business, was the most natural way to be able to fulfill his grandfathers wishes. And after having apprenticed with a family member who was a landscaper, he found out that he is really good at it. The ranch is full of woody and rock products so Phillip harvests 98% of all the product he uses on his jobs from his ranch. When he transplants live trees, native plants or large rock and boulders for a customer, he uses great care because he is sharing a part of his family. Phillip is determined to, “Help beautify Angel Fire, one yard at a time with Mother Nature’s finest products.”

When you are ready to beautify your yard call the experts at Canyon City Landscaping, 505-400-3858. They specialize in transplanting live trees and native plants, removal of deceased trees and plants, all types of rock work including retaining walls and water features, management of yards, drainage, and fire prevention plans. They also do all types of zeroscape and yard work. Give them a call, I hear they are extremely dependable and guarantee their work, and tell them the Chamber sent you!