September 20, 2019

2017 Year End Real Estate Market Report

The ski season is in full swing and the new year is upon us, so the team at Chisum Realty Group is taking some time to reflect on 2017 and the ever changing Angel Fire Real Estate market. Here’s what we found.

Angel Fire Homes

Graph of Homes Sold for the Angel Fire, NM 2017 Real Estate market report by Chisum Really Group

The chart below breaks down the number of homes sold from 2013 through 2017.

Chart of the Homes Sold for the Angel Fire, NM 2017 Real Estate market report by Chisum Really Group

The chart below breaks down the number of homes on market as of December 31st of each year.

Chart of the number of Homes for sale for the Angel Fire, NM 2017 Real Estate market report by Chisum Really Group

Angel Fire, New Mexico, which also includes Black Lake, wrapped up the year with an overall 15% increase in the number of homes sold over 2016. While 15% may seem unimpressive to the massive 48% spike we saw in 2016, any increase following 2016 is something to celebrate. This continual increase in buying activity over the last 2 years is moving Angel Fire from a Buyers’ market to a balanced market, just as we had predicted a year ago! To help break down this data, lets separate home sales in Angel Fire into two simple price points, under $500,000 and over $500,000.

The under $500,000 price point makes up 87% of the home sales in 2017 and is the meat and potatoes of the market. In this price range we saw a 30% increase in home sales combined with a 23% decrease in inventory.vThis leaves Angel Fire, as of January 1, 2018, with a 9 month supply of homes on the market, establishing the under $500,000 price range in a balanced market! If we continue to see inventory shrink and demand increase, we’ll likely see prices increase. Vacation markets, like Angel Fire, are considered balanced with a 10-12 month supply. Prices are stable during a balanced market, increase with low inventory and decrease with high inventory. Winter months are low inventory times due to the seasonal nature of Angel Fire. We’ll be watching closely to see how many homes enter the market during the spring listing season. We expect to see a balanced market for the remainder for 2018.

The $500,000 to $1,000,000 home sales were down 35% over 2016, while over $1,000,000 home sales were up 50%. We also saw a slight increase in the number of homes over $500,000 entering the market. With inventory up and sales down, homes above $500,000 are currently sitting around a 3.7 year supply.

Angel Fire Condos

Graph of the number of condos Sold for the Angel Fire, NM 2017 Real Estate market report by Chisum Really Group

The chart below breaks down the number of condos sold from 2013 through 2017.

Chart of the number of Condos Sold for the Angel Fire, NM 2017 Real Estate market report by Chisum Really Group

The chart below breaks down the number of condos on market as of December 31st of each year.

Chart of the number of Condos for sale for the Angel Fire, NM 2017 Real Estate market report by Chisum Really Group

The condo market saw an overall increase in units sold of 20% over 2016, with a 26% decline in sales under $90,000 and a 58% increase over $90,000. With the increase in inventory, condos are at a 14.6 month supply in inventory which is a Buyers’ market. History shows that this over supply will put downward pressure on condo prices this year.

Looking outside of Angel Fire, we’re still seeing our feeder markets booming in the bullish US economy. Additionally, with the recent federal tax reform, wealthier Americans will see less of a tax burden in the years to come, providing more available capital. This will hopefully lead to more families looking for a mountain getaway in beautiful Angel Fire, New Mexico.

For details about how this data affects your purchasing or selling goals, please call Chisum Realty Group, at 575-613-1810. If you would like to receive our bi-annual real estate market report by email, please visit


Keller Williams Red Day 2016

keller-williamsWhat is RED Day? RED (Renew, Energize, Donate) Day is an initiative dedicated to celebrating Keller Williams Realty’s year-round commitment to improving our local communities. Each year, tens of thousands of Keller Williams associates from across the globe participate in a wide range of projects, devoting their time to renewing and energizing aspects of the neighborhoods in which they serve. RED Day is an entrenched part of our culture and displays the extraordinary effect a company can have when individuals come together to work as a team for the greater good of everyone.

When: June 7, 2016 at 9:00 am

What is Keller Williams Angel Fire doing for RED Day? We will beautify our median on North Angel Fire Road. The median is maintained by the Angel Fire Garden Club and Angel Fire Proud. Please join us on June 7, 2016 as we work on the median, planting and weeding. If you would like to participate, please call us at 575-377-2321 to signup. On the day of the event we will meet at 9:00 am at the Keller Williams Realty parking lot located at 3365 Mountain View Blvd, next door to the Visitors Center. Remember to wear your red KW shirt from last year if you have one.


Business After Hours – Music From Angel Fire & Keller Williams

kw-logoMusic From Angel Fire and Keller Williams Realty Angel Fire, The Power of Teamwork invite you to attend Business After Hours.

Kick off the 2015 Music from Angel Fire Summer Festival!

Join us for appetizers. Pick up a concert schedule and enter to win festival concert tickets! Also, all past festival posters are on sale for $5 and this will be your first opportunity to buy.

When: August 13, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Where: 3365 Mountain View Blvd.

You do not have to be a member to attend this Chamber sponsored event!


RETREAT Angel Fire 2014

retreat-af-2014Keller Williams Realty is hosting the 3rd Annual RETREAT Angel Fire.

When: October 2-5, 2014

We are honored to have Keller Williams Realtors from NM and Texas, please help welcome them to our community.

Keller Williams Realty Expands

kellerThe Keller Williams Realty Power of Teamwork Group Expands Seller Team

Bunny Jankowski, licensed Realtor, joins Keller Williams as a Seller Team Specialist, responsible for client property marketing and communication. Bunny has been a licensed Realtor for 18 years and brings a background of exceptional service for her clients, professionalism and excellent knowledge of the Angel Fire real estate market. Brenda Koester also joins Keller Williams as the Listing Manager and is responsible for administration of the seller processes from listing through closing. Brenda brings a background of administration in Texas, California and Kansas. “Bunny and Brenda will be instrumental in bringing a higher standard of service for our clients. They will be working with our Power of Teamwork Group to list, market, and negotiate the closing of our Seller’s properties. We are very excited to have Bunny and Brenda join our team”, Stuart Hamilton, listing specialist, expressed. Bunny and Brenda join Tara Chisum, Stephanie Hamilton, Stuart Hamilton, Lisa Mitchell and Johnese Turri as the Power of Teamwork Group.

RETREAT Angel Fire 2013

angel-fire-retreat-201352 luxury realtors and guests from Texas and New Mexico will be experiencing Angel Fire, October 3-5, 2013 at the second annual RETREAT Angel Fire hosted by Keller Williams Realty Angel Fire.

The theme for 2013 is Create A Life Worth Living.

The Lodge at Angel Fire will be the host site and participants will be attending events at various locations in Angel Fire. Please make them feel welcome if you happen upon the group.

This group of people will be ambassadors for Angel Fire when they return to their hometowns and clients.

Keller Williams Realty Cook Out

kw-cookoutJoin us for our community and customer appreciate cook out!

When: Thursday, July 4, 2013 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Where: Our Front Porch – 10 North Angel Fire Road

Keller Williams Realty Angel Fire Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

keller-williams-realtyBy Jo Mixon

Front: Debbie Larkin, Stephanie Hamilton, Tara Chisholm Back: me, Stuart Hamilton, Lisa Mitchell, Peggy Scharff

This week I visited with the highly motivated team at Keller Williams Realty Angel Fire. Their offices surround the newly remodeled Angel Fire Resort Discovery Center, located on the corner of Mountain View Boulevard and North Angel Fire Road. The building itself has been transformed into a pleasant atmosphere conducive to efficient real estate endeavors.

Keller Williams believes in a total team aspect or culture, nurturing and promoting the individual strengths in each of their agents. Before becoming affiliated with Keller Williams, Stuart Hamilton, Stephanie Hamilton, and Tara Chisolm had already been utilizing the team approach as “Power of TeamWork,” so for them, as well as agent Peggy Scharff, the Keller Williams program was the perfect fit. Once on board with Keller Williams, they hired a coaching staff to look at their strengths and weaknesses. They have found it helps to create systems in the working environment that bring out the best in all employees. The win-win is that each of them is now a trained specialist in the areas in which they naturally excel. Even the administrative team, Debbie Larkin and Lisa Mitchell, are trained in their areas of expertise. Stuart is the Selling/Listing Specialist, for the Power of TeamWork trio. He handles the graphic design, advertising, and staging of their listings. Debbie is the Selling/Listing administrative specialist and works closely with him. Stephanie and Tara are Buying Specialists for the Power of TeamWork trio. Lisa is the Buying administration specialist who works very closely with them. Peggy works as an independent agent, but still shares in the business model and systems, having access to both administrative specialists and the other team members. Everyone in the office works where they are most productive. They all talked highly about the Keller Williams system of trainers/coaches being other agents who have been successful in their fields. And they contribute to this system, also; Stephanie is on the leadership council at KW Santa Fe. Together the agents of Keller Williams collectively teach, mentor, create systems, and donate back to the communities in which they live. There is a sense of excitement in their Angel Fire office!

One of the things I really liked in their office was the wall of listings. They put together a full booklet on each of their listings. Their clients can see all of the information about the listing in these booklets. Their conference room is equipped with a large flat-screened wi-fi system capable of providing clients with virtual tours. Without having to leave the office, potential home buyers can tour homes, choose the ones they want to visit, or even fill out a contract right there on the screen! It is truly high-tech efficiency.

Stuart and Stephanie met in Kansas. She was the Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce. She was putting together a Golf Tournament. Stuart volunteered to be on the committee. She says it was a “good swing,” and the so story continues! Collectively they have three children, three grandchildren, and three granddogs. They moved permanently to Angel Fire in 2007. Stuart, an artist and degreed architect, became licensed to sell real estate that year. Stephanie has been a licensed realtor since 1984. She brings 29 years of experience to the team. Stephanie’s daughter Tara was raised in Angel Fire before they moved to Kansas. Tara also decided to join the family business, and also received her license in 2007. They formed Power of Teamwork in 2010. (As a happy side note, I want to add that Tara is to be married in September!)

Peggy moved to Angel Fire four years ago from Texas where she managed commercial real estate. She’s happily married with three sons, six grandsons, and a granddaughter. She and Stephanie met when Peggy jumped into Stephanie’s car to go on an MLS tour. (Ask her about the headstone incident if you want to get a good belly laugh!) Rounding out the team, Debbie has been in the Moreno Valley for more than forty years, and Lisa the new kid on the team who moved here last year when she and husband Jay retired from 27 years in the military. Both of these ladies made it a point to tell me that they loved the work ethic in this office; they feel the agents set a high bar of excellence. And everyone at the Keller Williams office invites you to participate in RED DAY on May 9, 2013. It’s a day that the national office of Keller Williams sets to close their offices and perform community service. The Angel Fire team will be helping clean the Angel Fire Garden Club’s signature gardens.

If you are in the market to sell or buy in the Moreno Valley or if you are looking for information about the area, stop by the and get to know Stuart, Stephanie, Tara, Peggy, Debbie, and Lisa at Keller Williams Angel Fire, call them at 575-377-2321 or visit their website Also be sure to attend their Chamber Business after Hours on June 6, 2013 and stop by for the picnic on July 4, 2013.