October 23, 2019

Planning For A Joyous Season

Everyone wants their events to be smashing successes! We have some ideas to help. With the busy season quickly approaching, local groups, organizations and businesses are beginning to make plans for exciting events and festivities. This time of year is a favorite for many, as the opportunities for fundraisers, social gatherings, celebrations and various meetings significantly increase.

Being a small Village with limited resources, the Chamber of Commerce recommends that we all take a collaborative approach in our planning. It’s a fantastic idea to know what else is being planned by others when your group is making considerations for your event. When competing events occur at the same time, everyone feels the strain. Frustrations and tension can arise when groups feel slighted by others. Communication is essential to productive planning.

We have seen wonderful turnouts at our events that are partnerships with a variety of groups represented. For instance, Angel Fire Peak Challenge, Calling All Flakes, Business After Hours, Clean Up Days, Community Yard Sales, and AAFPO Weekend have all been well-received and well-attended and have been successes due to the shared efforts of all. We’ve found that working together towards the common goal of creating events for the community works better than going it alone and hoping to draw more people/funds than the other guys.

Did you know that there is an Angel Fire Master Calendar? It is available online at www.angelfirechamber.org and available for pickup at the Chamber Welcome Center. A comprehensive community calendar that is readily available to all can easily help prevent undesired conflict between groups. You are invited to update the Chamber with your confirmed dates and events as often as you’d like. We encourage everyone to keep the Chamber posted about what you are planning so that we can help get the word out. Please remember to notify us when you are making arrangements.

To do so, please send an email to askus@angelfirechamber.org or call 575-377-6661. You can also view our Coming Up list of events in our weekly eNews. Contact us to subscribe to this free, popular email that provides a current, detailed schedule of all community events that we have been notified of.

We all desire to make Angel Fire a fun, exciting, and enjoyable place to live and to visit. Our winter guests will be arriving soon and will be coming to both the Chamber Welcome Center and the Village Visitor Center to pick up a calendar of events. Please verify your dates on the Master Calendar, as some of them are still tentative.

Best wishes for the coming winter season! Remember that your Chamber is here to support you. No questions or issues are too small. You are encouraged to come to us with any needs your business may have so that we can work with you to “Help Make Business Better!”

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