October 17, 2019

Green Drinks At Sunset Grille

Green Drinks is an informal and lively opportunity to tap into local sustainability practices. It is a time to wind down after work, hear an enriching but brief presentation and take away practical tools that can easily be implemented in your business or home throughout the following month.

When: Monday, December 13, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Where: Sunset Grille

Who: Anyone with questions or interests in all things sustainable make great Green Drinkers and Green Thinkers. So join us got a casual green chat and a brew. Bring some friends too!

Focus: We will be having a media trade. Bring in sustainability related magazines, books, DVDs, etc. to loan and/or trade with others. We will also have “craft time” to make unique tree ornaments from recycled materials. All ages welcome!

Questions? Call Tara Chisum at 505-603-6305 or email tara@bellatierra.net.

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