October 21, 2019

Holiday Ice Music Festival In Taos Ski Valley, NM

Holiday Ice Music Festival SeriesHoliday Ice Music Festival

Long-time Taos resident and world renowned ice sculptor Tim Linhart, together with his wife and fellow sculptor Birgitta, returns to Taos Ski Valley for the 2010-2011 ski season bringing Ice Music.

The world’s leading proponent of Ice Music, Tim Linhart began creating ice sculptures in Taos Ski Valley in 1984 and his work has continually pushed the limits of the ice medium ever since. Over the past twelve years Tim has traveled the world developing Ice Music and has put on ten Ice Music Festivals.

The instruments range from violins and cellos to drums and xylophone and are all hand-sculpted from ice. “The Living Ice Orchestra” will be played by bands for a Holiday Ice Music Festival, a celebration of the untouched potential created by blending ice, music, and the winter environment. The festival will be held in the Winter Forest Workshop, a sacred forest space where the natural beauty of the trees, snow, and streams is merged and transformed by sculpture and the musical voice of ice. The Winter Forest Workshop will be open from December 24 – January 1 with nightly concerts highlighting the finest local Taos and New Mexico musicians.

Later in the season concerts will be played in the Celestial Sphere Concert Hall, a series of vaulted igloo style white-ice domes interlocking to form the world’s most unique musical venue, “A Nightclub in Heaven.” Construction of the Celestial Sphere will occur in January under the direction of ice sculptor Birgitta Linhart and will be open through the end of March presenting a wide range of musical concerts featuring some of New Mexico’s finest musicians. There will be daily walkthrough tours, biweekly educational lecture / slide shows, and the venue will also be available to rent for private parties, meetings and weddings.

Check out the Holiday Ice Music Festival schedule.

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