May 21, 2019

New Event In Eagle Nest!

Southwest Snowkite Festival In Eagle Nest!

As many of you know, we are in the planning stages of our newest event, the Southwest Snowkite event. It will be held on February 4, 5, 6, 2011 at the EN Lake State Park (hopefully, with the lake frozen over). We are working with Game & Fish and the State Parks Folks to get permission to use the lake. If you are not familiar with snowkiting, it’s a relatively new “extreme sport” that is all the rage across the U.S. Our area is perfect for it as it requires open terrain and good wind. Basically they harness you into a huge kite that you can steer, put a snowboard or skis on your feet and you can sail around in the air or on the ground. Individually its fun, but it also can become an annual competition with races, etc. Please take a look at what they do in Utah! The gentlemen, from Santa Fe, that will co-host this event with the chamber are certified instructors. They will provide demonstrations, lessons, and they tell us that other snowkiters will come to the event from around the country. They love to travel to new locations. As this event grows annually, it could become a significant source of visitors to Eagle Nest.

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