March 23, 2019

Closure Of Springer Correctional Facility

Possible Closure of Springer Correctional Facility

It has come to our attention from reliable sources that there are current discussions at the New Mexico Department of Corrections (NMDOC) regarding Legislative/Executive mandated budget cuts. Reportedly, Springer is the priority facility identified for closure! NMDOC is considering the closure based on which facility is the most expensive to operate. Information that the Springer Correctional Facility is the most expensive to operate is believed to be inaccurate, since old data and figures are reportedly being used.

It is imperative that as a community, county, and region we join forces to stop any proposed closure as this would be an economic disaster to an already economically depressed area. When the New Mexico Boys School was closed we lost over 100 jobs. Many of those people are still without jobs today, and many had to move away to find work. In that closure we weren’t notified until it was too late! We need to inform ourselves and ACT NOW!

Plan of Action

1. Call, email, and write to the Governor, and as many elected and state officials as we can stating our collective opposition to this. Here are the phone numbers:

  • Governor Susana Martinez: 505-476-2200
  • Lt. Governor John Sanchez: 505-476-2250
  • State Representative Thomas Garcia: Santa Fe 505-986-4242 or at home 575-668-2041
  • State Senator Clinton Harden: Santa Fe 505-986-4369 or at home 575-389-1248
  • Corrections Secretary Lupe Martinez: 505-827-8709
  • U.S. Senator Tom Udall: Santa Fe 505-988-6511 Washington D.C. 202-224-6621
  • U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman: Santa Fe 800-443-8658 Washington D.C. 202-224-5521
  • U.S. Congressman Ben Ray Lujan: Las Vegas 505-454-3038 Santa Fe 505-984-8950 Washington D.C. 202-225-6190

2. We are asking all surrounding municipalities and the Colfax County Commission to participate in this protest by adopting formal resolutions opposing the closure of Springer Correctional Facility.

3. We will plan a public meeting to discuss the impact the closure will have on everyone and begin a petition drive so that our voices are heard by our legislators and Governor Martinez on this issue; Loud and Clear: No Closure for Springer Correctional Facility!

4. At our public meeting we will also discuss a plan to Rally at the Round House and Governor’s Office so that this issue will not be ignored!

5. Finally, as a regional group, we hope to unify and vow to refrain from re-electing any officials who do not stand against this proposed closure!

Town of Springer
P.O. Box 488
Springer, NM 87747
575-483-2682 (Phone)
575-483-2670 (Fax)


  1. My opinion on the Springer Prison Closing is not a big deal its the smallest prison and save lots of money for other prisons or businesses like schools. There are plenty of people who need the money that this prison is holding up. Sure guards will lose there jobs but can be transferred to a different facility or even get a different job. I’m sure inmate’s in which cases that are not bad and doing right trying to straighten there lives in there would love to be with there families as well as there families would love them back home. As my opinion i hope we the people have a say in some of our communities.

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