August 22, 2019

Angel Fire Chamber Members

The Village of Angel Fire is considering new regulations/requirements for seasonal/short-term itinerant vendors (food, retail, etc) wanting to do business here, and the Chamber has offered to help get input from the local business community.

Current Ordinance

ITINERANT VENDOR: Any person, firm, corporation, partnership or association who do not live within the community of Angel Fire that do not regularly conduct business within the village, who sell merchandise of any character, whether the delivery is made by them or not, or who shall on a transient or temporary basis bring into the village and engage in the sale of services, stocks of goods, wares or merchandise, including, but not limited to, fruits or vegetables, firewood, farm or garden produce of their own raising, or someone else’s, or vehicles for hire and offer the same to the public.

Current Regulation

A copy of the current regulations will be available in the Chamber office or we can email it to you upon request.

Please send your suggestions/comments to the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce via by May 6, 2011, and we will forward the combined response spreadsheet to them.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to facilitate this kind of constructive communication, so we hope to hear from you.

Sharon Schultz
Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce

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