May 23, 2019

Chewy Up For Adoption

ChewyChewy is a two year old neutered male Shep X who came to the shelter with a badly injured front leg in early March. It appears as though he had been hit by a car and had a severe laceration across the leg that went all the way to the bone. No bones were broken but he did suffer some radial nerve damage. He was seen at Salazar Vet who fixed him up nicely. There is a possibility that he might regain use of the front paw but for now he holds it up when walking and uses it for balance. He wears a bootie to prevent scraping to the paw should he drag it. Chewy has an excellent disposition and will crawl into your lap given the chance. He walks well on lead and seems to get along with other dogs and isn’t interested in cats. Please consider giving this wonderful dog a chance at becoming a member of your family. Contact Stray Hearts Animal Shelter at 575-758-2981 to bring him home today.

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