July 16, 2019

Blockbuster Summer Promotion

Billy The Kid“Catch the Kid” – 2011 Summer Promotion

Make this summer an adventure in New Mexico by offering deals and discounts through New Mexico’s 2011 Summer Tourism Promotion! The purpose of this promotion is to market to and secure visitors to your region this summer! We are looking to promote your organization in the Catch the Kid Campaign through a multitude of marketing efforts.

The New Mexico Tourism Department will provide and pay for all advertising, promotions and coordination, at no cost to you. We are looking for your organization to create discounts, deals, or branded items that aren’t currently in your deals and discounts program, and support the “Catch the Kid” theme! Your offer must run the duration the duration of the summer (the campaign runs July 14, 2011 to September 24, 2011. 2 for 1 ticket for specific dates or events can also be promoted. Here is a bit more information on our 2011 Catch the kid campaign initiatives!

The campaign is a scavenger hunt to catch Billy the Kid. The purpose to get New Mexican’s out traveling the state this summer, and gives them an opportunity to win weekly prizes that are truly one of a kind. If they play to the end they can capture the big prize of $10,000 and be the team to “Catch the Kid”. The Tourism Department plans on hiding 10 clues in 10 venues through out the state. The following communities have been chosen on the following dates to host a clue as to where Billy’s hide out is.

  • July 23 – Las Vegas/Isotopes
  • July 30 – Fort Sumner
  • August 6 – Lincoln
  • August 13 – Aztec
  • August 20 – Red River
  • August 27 – Las Cruces
  • September 3 – Carlsbad
  • September 10 – Gallup
  • September 17 – Silver City

How to play:

  1. Log onto www.newmexico.org and create a profile for your family or team. Smart phone users will download the app from the website for a chance to win even more discounts and prizes along the way. CTK sites to go live on July 14, 2011.
  2. Choose one of the 10 destinations and travel to find the clue that will help you uncover the Kid’s hideout. The more destinations you travel to the more clues will be uncovered
    and the greater chance you have to win weekly prizes and the grand prize of $10,000 to who ever “Catches the Kid”.
  3. While you are on the road looking for clues, you can get discounts and special deals for Catch the Kid players by looking for the wanted posters.

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