July 17, 2019

Wildfire Update

Updated Monday, June 13, 2011 at 5:30 pm

As of 4:00 pm this afternoon the wildfire that is north of Raton is still burning on both sides of I-25. This afternoon the winds for most part have picked up and the fire is burning northeast and there is little to no containment. However the fire on the west side of I-25 is not as big as the fire on the east side. Currently the US Forest Service has taken command of the fire fighting and is on scene with Type II equipment and about 500 to 600 fire fighters on the fire line including aircraft, etc., fighting the fire.

The Fire started on the north side of Raton along side the railroad and move north into the county jumping I-25 and is still burning on both sides of I-25. Interstate 25 remains closed. The fire is threatening Raton water shed along with about 200 homes or structures in the county and is burning about six miles from the New Mexico and Colorado State line. Unknown at this time if any homes have burned. The Raton Fire Department and three Fire Districts from the Colfax County plus Colfax County Road Department with bulldozers, etc., are still on scene fighting the fire along with other Fire Departments including Angel Fire. State Forest Fire Fighters and Hot Shots from Colorado and Organ, etc., are on scene as will.

The Colfax County Rodeo Grounds are being used as staging area for fire fighters.

Gov. Martinez called me last night and promised all the help we needed. Thanks to the Governor, resources are moving in to assist in getting this fire out.

Bill Conley
Vice Chairman
Colfax County Commission

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