August 25, 2019

Angel Fire Resort’s Disc Golf Says, “I Know Jo”, Do You?

Angel Fire Resort Disc GolfBy Jo Mixon

Angel Fire Resort’s Disc Golf

This week’s story was a real treat, as I was introduced to disc golf at the Angel Fire Resort by course designer, Donald Dorrell. This is the first full year of offering this family based fun! According to Donald, disc golf is the one of the fastest growing recreational sports in America.

Even the trip up was fun. It was the first time I had ridden the Chili Express up to the top of the mountain without my ski’s on! I was surprised at the amount of people on the mountain. Hikers, bikers, and disc golfers. Donald met me at the top and began explaining the rules. Disc golf uses the same rules as PGA golf but instead of golf clubs and a golf ball it is played with flying disc’s or Frisbee’s. The first tee pad is behind the Summit Haus, so we walked over and began to play. Donald showed me how to hold the disc and throw it. Lessons from him could prove valuable as he has been competing professionally in disc golf for seven years.

We threw our disc’s from the tee pad towards an elevated basket in the distance. After which we hiked to where it landed and continued on down the fairway, throwing again at the basket until we completed each hole. The Angel Fire Resort boasts the highest elevated 18 hole disc golf course in the US with all holes above 10.000 feet. It meanders through spectacular mountain forest, with breathtaking scenery. Plus the trees and terrain make it more challenging than that of a flat sea level course.

Disc golf at the Angel Fire Resort is free but you do have to purchase a lift ticket. Disc rental and course maps are available at the ticket office at the base of the Chili Express.

Whether you are a serious competitor or just wanting to share a leisurely game with family or friends, I recommend that you give it a try! I know I’ll be playing again soon.

For more information check out their website at or call 575-377-4383.

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