May 24, 2019

Roadrunner Tours Says, “I Know Jo”, Do You?

Roadrunner ToursBy Jo Mixon

The “ I Know Jo” campaign at the Angel Fire Chamber is well under way. As the new membership manager, I really want to get to know you! If you are a member and would like to be the featured “ I Know Jo” business of the week, invite me over and market your business! You’ll get a featured write up in our newsletter and also on our website! This week our featured “ I Know Jo” business of the week is Roadrunner Tours.

Those of you who know me already, know that I was a Texas girl, born and raised in the Texas panhandle. Horse country. But I have to admit until last Saturday I had only been on a horse twice in my life, unless you count the times in my dreams.

Nancy Burch, owner of Roadrunner Tours changed this when she invited me & my grandson Greg out last week-end to ride horses. My heart was racing more when Gunter and Mark, the trail guides, introduced me to Bullet, the horse they had picked out for me, than it was while rafting the Rio Grande a few weeks ago! Bravely I mounted this beautiful horse, absorbed the riding and safety instruction, and settled in for the trail ride. It was a great adventure! We rode through Camp Elliott Barker, passing Nancy on the trail as she led a group of girl scouts on horseback. When we rode back to the stables, Nancy was working with the horses and girl scouts within the corralled stable arena.

Not only does Roadrunner Tours offer the daily horseback rides through mountain and forest trails of the scenic Sangre de Cristo mountains, peaceful sunset dinner rides, over night family adventures, horse drawn carriage rides, and full service elk hunts, Nancy also partners her time, talent, and horses with the girl scouts, the Veteran’s Wellness Retreats, the UUBar Ranch, and the historic Cimarroncita Bed & Breakfast Ranch to mention a few.

On Sunday Greg & I went on a second ride, this time with Nancy. To my delight I wasn’t one bit anxious. Nancy talked of always wanting a horse as a child and now she has over a hundred. Her horses are all trustworthy and responsive. At Roadrunner they take the time to match a horse and rider so that both will have an enjoyable experience. Greg & I have become part of the hundreds of thousands of lives who have been touched by Nancy and her horses since 1978. Why not spend a morning, an afternoon, a day, or a couple of days and take a ride yourself? For more information call Roadrunner Tours at 575-377-6416 or visit

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