November 14, 2019

Enchanted Circle Pottery Says, “Jo Knows Jo”, Do You?

Enchanted Circle PotteryBy Jo Mixon

This week our featured “I Know Jo” business of the week is Enchanted Circle Pottery located in Taos Canyon.

Owned and operated by Kevin and Jo Anne DeKeuster, this home studio and gallery beacons to all who travel through the Taos Canyon. Walking into the work studio at Enchanted Circle Pottery, the first thing Jo pointed out to me was a crack in the concrete floor. She told me that Kevin says it is THE most important feature. It cracked in the exact right spot to divide his side from her side so that they work side by side yet have their own space. On Kevin’s side is the potters wheel. Sitting in front of a window with a spectacular view he begins his artwork on the wheel. He then pulls and tugs it into the creative shapes he desires. Jo on the other side, doesn’t use a wheel. She sketches a pattern, makes a template, then rolls out the clay as if it were fabric to design her textured pieces. She focuses on form, design, and composition. Of their combined masterpieces, Kevin is the round and Jo is the flat, or so they told me with a humoristic smile and together they make a variety of functional and sculptural pieces steeped in originality and style.

At this point both Kevin and Jo turn their pieces over to their unique wood burning kiln to be greatly influenced and enhanced by the flames and the ash. The one of a kind iridescent coloring caused by this ancient Japanese form of firing is incredibly beautiful. Using two sizes of wood, they fire up the kiln six times a year for 40 hours at a time. The kiln reaches intensely high temperatures of 2400 degrees, causing the ash to melt into a glaze. The kiln must be monitored continually during the firing so that each of the elements involved are exact. The end product being fabulously functional works of art that are completely safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.

I was extremely impressed!

Both Kevin and Jo have been invited to exhibit their work throughout the United States and internationally in a variety of juried and invitational shows. Voted the Official Best Art Gallery and Studio of New Mexico 2011, Enchanted Circle Pottery is a gallery you should not miss. They invite you to come visit, come watch, and come buy!

Open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Enchanted Circle Pottery is located at 26871 E. Hwy 64 between Angel Fire and Taos. Give them a call them at 575-737-9640 today!

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