July 16, 2019

Red River Jeep Rental Says, “I Know Jo”, Do You?

Red River Jeep RentalBy Jo Mixon

This week our featured I Know Jo business is Red River Jeep Rental.

Nestled behind the Community House in downtown Red River on Independence Trail, you’ll find Red River Jeep Rentals working out of the Aspen Lodge. This is the 2nd season of providing fabulous family fun for owners Jason and Zaida Dean along with their English Bulldog, Roxie. Sharing in the responsibilities are Jason’s nephew Ryan Reacer and wife Jenny. Having lived in Red River in his childhood and remembering the fun he had jeepin’ up to Goose Lake and over to Greenie, Jason decided a few years ago to start buying jeeps. He’d noticed there weren’t too many other outfits in the area and since he is a mechanic by trade, his idea was that he could maintain the jeeps, rent them out, and be able to play a little too. Having already owned the Aspen Lodge, it seemed natural for him to start his Jeep Rental on the premise. He now owns a fleet of nine Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Cherokees and opens for business June 15th through October 15th each year.

To rent a jeep you will need a valid Drivers License and current auto insurance, and they prefer you reserve your jeeps online at www.redriverjeeprental.com. I arrived to a line of folks patiently waiting to be checked in and handed the keys! When it was my turn Ryan placed me in the yellow jeep, equipped me with a map of over 200 miles of trails and told me to call if I broke down! I realized quickly that my desire for adventure was going to be met today! So I took a deep breath, tightened my seat belt, and stepped on the gas, Whoo-Hoo!

If you have a hunger to explore the off road rough mountain terrain, while experiencing the beauty of the scenic views, lakes, ghost towns and wildlife, get online and make a reservation with Red River Jeep Rental. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! The team at Red River Jeep Rentals stressed to me that they truly are a family oriented business and they really want their guests to enjoy the mountains in a way that will make their visit extra exciting.

For more information check out their website or call 866-644-6751. Roxie will be waiting for you!

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