October 21, 2019

Angel Fire Appraisers, Inc., Says, “I Know Jo”, Do You?

Angel Fire AppraisersBy Jo Mixon

This week our featured I Know Jo business is Angel Fire Appraisers, Inc.

This week I visited with the owners of Angel Fire Appraisers, Inc., Jeff and Samantha Weeks about their business. Licensed in New Mexico since 1998, Angel Fire Appraisers do appraisals over the entire northern part of the state.

Both Jeff and Samantha have lived in Angel Fire for 20 years. They are well acquainted with the growth of the Moreno Valley. Jeff remembers coming to Angel Fire as a child to ski. His parents purchased the land where the business is located on Hwy 434 in the 1980’s. They moved their family here in 1992 opening a small grocery store and Tom & Jerry’s Restaurant. Shortly afterward they went into the appraisal business and still own and operate the storage unit business located at the back of that same property.

Tom and Jerry brought Jeff into the appraisal business in 1998. He spent the next two years as an apprentice appraiser. After having completed 2500 hours and continuing his education, he became the licensed appraiser. When his parents moved back to Texas about 10 years ago, Jeff took over the practice. He decided to talk his wife Samantha into going to school to get her license in 2003 to continue the family tradition.

Angel Fire Appraiser’s work consists mainly with single-family residences. They do appraisals for estate values, tax purposes, asset evaluations, and resale values for financing purposes. They work for you as a private owner, for Appraisal Management Companies, and for banks. In fact Angel Fire Appraiser’s work for over 300 banking institutions. Jeff said that the banks usually use Appraisal Management Companies for appraisals, unless the loan is in-house, and that’s when they call him. If you need an appraisal and call, they will be glad to correspond with you to determine your needs and either point you in the right direction or set a schedule for an appraisal.

For more information give them a call at 575-377-6997.

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