May 23, 2019

ASPE Says “I Know Jo”, Do You?

ASPEBy Jo Mixon

This week’s featured I Know Jo business of the week is the Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences.

Pictured with me are Janet Sailor, Founder and President of A.S.P.E, Radio Personality Michael Dean, and British author Steven Jones.

This week I visited with Janet Sailor, founder and president of A.S.P.E., Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences at the Kick Off event for the 2011 Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival at the Kachina Lodge in Taos.

I discovered that A.S.P.E. members are people from all walks of life and from all over the world who are curious and committed to documenting, studying, preserving and sharing paranormal experiences. As stated on her website, Janet says, “By definition, “paranormal” denotes events or phenomena that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. Some members know a little about a lot of paranormal phenomena, some know a lot about a particular paranormal area, and some don’t know anything at all about the paranormal. The one thing all at A.S.P.E. have in common is a desire to explore and document the phenomena and share what is learned. A.S.P.E. is interested in compiling information about experiences involving all facets of the paranormal, from UFOs, yetis, energy vortexes, native American spirits, alien abductions, poltergeists, crop circles, animal mutilations, reincarnation and ghosts to ET’S, the Taos Hum and beyond.”

I found it fascinating to speak with various attendees and speakers at the Kick Off event. They were all genuine and eager to share their experiences. The symposium is running through Oct 30th. Along with seminars and workshops led by keynote speakers on a variety of issues, there will be tours of paranormal sites throughout the Enchanted Circle, a Friday night dinner/debate which will broadcast live on the internet and later on public television, films, and many other activities related to a variety of paranormal subjects, as well as nightly Native American dance performances.

Janet also told me that National Geographic will film a T.V. documentary this December at a UFO landing sight, validated by the New Mexico M.U.F.O.N. It is located on the Piper Ranch in the Moreno Valley. They are looking for people in the area who have had extraterrestrial experiences and are willing to speak on camera. So if that’s you, give Janet a call at 575-377-2667. For more information visit their website at For information on the Symposium see the ad below.

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