May 23, 2019

Pioneer Title & Escrow Services / The Real Estate Law Office of Richard W. Norris Says, “I Know Jo”, Do You?

Pioneer Title & Escrow ServicesBy Jo Mixon

This week our featured I Know Jo business is Pioneer Title and Escrow Services / The Real Estate Law Office of Richard W. Norris.

This week I am pleased to introduce you to Rick Norris, Real Estate Attorney. Although his home office is in Orlando, Florida, his office here in Angel Fire provides a service to the Moreno Valley second to none. They are equipped to meet your needs with any legal or title service related real estate transaction. This includes not just purchasing property, but they will help you in sub-dividing land, refinancing, easement work issues, title clearing legalities, boundary-line disputes, and various other general legal services. They can structure a short sale or negotiate settlements with creditors. The company is a paperless company with this office hooked directly into the Orlando office. Samantha Weeks mans the office here at their Centro Plaza location, but with the system they have in place, it is as if she is also in the Orlando office! They are in the process of implementing video conferencing. What did we do without modern technology? Samantha has been the full time representative and the face of Pioneer Title since they opened their doors. Rick says she is an extremely valuable asset. Along with daily contact, he comes into the Angel Fire office approximately every six weeks.

Rick and his family purchased property in Taos Pines in 2003. Their friend, who is also the obstetrician that delivered 2 of their 5 children, had come to the Moreno Valley for a vacation. They asked him how he liked it and the Dr. friend told them it was such a beautiful place he purchased property. On that recommendation Rick and his wife came out for a visit, felt the same way, and they too purchased property. Since Rick’s expertise is almost exclusively in Real Estate Law and he saw a need for his services, he decided to get licensed in New Mexico to help with the Real Estate transactions in this area. He passed the New Mexico bar in April 2007 and opened Pioneer Title that same month. Originally from Ohio, Rick went to Law School at the University of Denver, and is now licensed to practice Law in New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida.

So when your in need of legal assistance pertaining to real estate, please give them a call at 575-377-9980 or toll free 888-411-0907. For more information visit or come on into see them at 3407 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire, in the Centro Plaza.


  1. Garlan Flanagan says

    I have been trying to reach you by phone for some time with no success. Would you please call me @ 580) 461-3774

  2. Nick Travascio says

    The service at Pioneer Title is lacking. They have $3,500 of escrow money of mine and without looking at the file told me it must be at another company. After having to argue about it she admits she should pull up the file first and call me back. I get no call then I’ve called two days in a row and no one calls me back.

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