August 25, 2019

Angel Fired Pizza Says “I Know Jo”, Do You?

By Jo Mixon

This week’s featured I Know Jo business of the week is Angel Fired Pizza.

After venturing out across the United States in a rebuilt school bus they called home, Brice and Cat Adams decided to winter in Angel Fire before moving on in the spring. That was in 2001. Angel Fire instead became home. The first few years Cat worked at various jobs around the village but was always interested in opening her own restaurant. She had been on a bike ride with her friend Mo when they were sitting outside a local Café enjoying a sandwich. Mo looked up to the balcony above them and said I’d like to be sitting up there eating a pizza and drinking a beer. The rest is history.

Angel Fired Pizza opened it’s doors in December 2008 and you really can sit on the deck while you enjoy one of their delicious pizza’s and your choice of beer. Cat serves specialty pizza’s made with fresh ingredients. She offers a variety of toppings in combinations that you wouldn’t normally think about and the results are tasty fun! She told me that its very important to her that all the ingredients on her pizza’s are balanced. She wants you to have a sampling of every flavor in every bite. Not one flavor overpowering the other. And she serves this up on whole wheat thin crust that you can also get gluten free. The same goes for the beers and wines on her menu. Some of them are organic and gluten free. She believes in buying local and has strived to maintain beers and wines from smaller handcrafted companies as close to home as she can find them.

Angel Fired Pizza is proud of the fact that they have been green from inception. Recycling is a part of the daily operations and every employee is well trained in these areas. Cat says restaurants on a whole create so much waste, that she desires to be proactive in recycling and the Angel Fire Sustainability group has been extremely supportive in these efforts.

She maintains between 11 and 20 employees depending on the season Angel Fired Pizza is open year round. And Cat told me how much Angel Fire means to her. She feels welcomed and loved by the people here who seem to come out of the woodwork to help in times of emergency, and she really appreciates the feeling of family in this Angel Fire community.

Check out their website at for daily specials. Like them on Facebook and visit them at 3375 Mountain View Blvd. Open 3-9 Tuesday thru Sunday. For take out call 575-377-2774.

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