April 20, 2019

Angel Fire Chamber Of Commerce Says “I Know Jo”, Do You?

By Sharon Schultz

I’m delighted to announce that Jo Mixon has been promoted to Executive Director of the Chamber. She has recruited over 35 new members since she started working last June, and she’ll continue to focus on growth and service. I’ll continue to live here and provide assistance as needed in the background on a volunteer basis, but Jo is now fully in charge. She’s earned the title, and I hope you’ll give her your support and reward her enthusiasm with continuing commitment to our community.

Remember, you can’t afford NOT be to a member of the Chamber. National studies show that people are 63% more likely to do business with Chamber members – we get calls on the phone, emails, inquiries on the website and visitors in the office daily, (over 600 in October alone) all asking us what businesses can provide the services they are looking for. You can be the beneficiary of those referrals, just by investing in membership in the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce.

Call Jo or Sheila at 575-377-6353 or stop by the office in Centro Plaza. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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