August 23, 2019

Kokopelli Property Management Says, “I Know Jo”, Do You?

By Jo Mixon

Our featured “I Know Jo” business of the week is Kokopelli Property Management.

This week I was invited to talk with the folks at Kokopelli Property Management and I tell you the place was happening! With the great snow and all our guests coming into Angel Fire for the Holidays, Kokopelli employees were in the midst of meeting needs with a smile!

Kokopelli has been in Angel Fire since 2007 when the family owned business, based out of Santa Fe, chose Taos and Angel Fire as communities in which to be involved. Ryan Goodman has been given the responsibility of overseeing and guiding this Angel Fire team along with Jason Couillard. The Qualifying Broker for the Angel Fire office is Tulima Maugua.

Ryan told me his father, Charley Goodman has been in the business all of his (Ryan’s) life and that they acquired Kokopelli Real Estate and Property Management many years ago. In September, Kokopelli purchased Four Seasons Property Management, one of the oldest and best known businesses in Angel Fire. They have moved their offices into the Four Seasons building on Hwy 434 and intend to leave the sign up throughout the winter so that their customers will still be able to identify with it. In the Angel Fire office along with Tulima are Mike Liddle, Katherine Mathews and Sean Stirling. Katherine had worked at Four Seasons for 2 years prior to the merge and Sean 1 year. Both decided to stay with Kokopelli and lend their expertise.

Tulima originally from LA, has made her home in Angel Fire since 2005 after having moved first to Pagosa Springs to be a part of the team at NRPI on a land project. This is where she first met Mike Liddle. He was also employed by NRPI, working on the Angel Fire project. Tulima said she then met Charley Goodson, through Mike. Charley and Mike had been involved in many Boy Scout fund raisiers together. When the project in Pagosa Springs ended, Mike offered her a job in Angel Fire. Her first thoughts were… New Mexico? But just like most of us who have fallen in love with the Moreno Valley and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it happened to her too. She then went to work for Kokopelli in 2008. Mike went to work full time for them in September.

I was told that Kokopelli is happy to be in Angel Fire and that they intend to be here for a long time. If you need a place to stay for yourself or a friend or family member, experience the difference, give them a call at 575-377-3504. Check out their website, or drop in and say hi at 3435 Mountain View Blvd (Hwy 434).

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