October 21, 2019

Elements Bar & Lounge Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

This week’s featured “I Know Jo” business is Martini Night at Angel Fire Resort’s Elements Bar & Lounge.

Party! Party! If you are the type that likes a quiet corner nook to nurse your drink alone then Thursday Night Martini Night is NOT the place for you! When I was invited by Angel Fire Resort to do my story on Thursday Night Martini Night at Elements Bar & Lounge, I was in the dark that there would be wall-to-wall people! One of the happy revelers told me, “If you want a seat, either you arrive early or bring your own!” It is a night that the locals get together to party hardy and enjoy.

Martini Night was started in 2009 in the main lobby of the Resort with people mingling around the baby grand piano. It soon moved upstairs into En Fuego Lounge, now known as Legend’s Grill. The tradition continues to date, but has now been moved to Elements Bar & Lounge over at the Country Club.

I had only a few minutes here and there to speak with the bartenders as they rushed around attending to customers. I asked Bryan what the secret to making a great martini is and he said, “Presentation and a cool chilled martini glass.” If it looks good, it tastes good, and it must be perfectly chilled. With Michael pouring, I watched and learned that the basic ingredient for most of the martini drinks they serve is vodka. Add a blend of triple sec, cranberry juice, or freshly squeezed lemon, even crème de cacao with chocolate drizzled into the glass. Each of these become fun exotic “tini’s,” as they are called. I learned that the classic combination of a martini is gin, dry vermouth and olive juice, served with an olive sword garnish, but designer martini drinks are now a big hit with the clientele. Under the supervision of manager Jenna Simmons, the bar ran extremely smoothly, even with the huge crowd. Jon, and Maripaz, as well as Brian and Michael went about their business so quickly and efficiently that most photos I took of them were blurred.

Jenna has just recently taken the position as manager of Elements. She has been a full-time Angel Fire resident for three years, after having moved from New Braunfels, Texas, to become a snowboard instructor. She fell in love with the area and made Angel Fire her home. After ski season last year she started working at the Country Club, choosing to remain there on staff when the ski season rolled around again.

Open Tuesday through Saturday 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Elements Bar & Lounge is an upscale full-service bar adjacent to Elements Restaurant, with incredible views of Wheeler Peak and Angel Fire’s legendary sunsets at dusk. They offer a wide selection of beers, drink specials, and fine wines. Martini Night has a food buffet available, but you can also order from their appetizer menu until 9:00 pm. Or if you’re in the mood for dinner, walk into the restaurant for a fine dining experience. One of the patrons at Martini night wanted me to point out that she has a very strict diet and Chef Mathias Klemmt will always prepare a dish that is suitable for her.

Whether you are local or a visitor to Angel Fire and want to go where it’s happening on Thursday nights, by all means plan to attend Martini Night from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

To learn more details please visit www.angelfireresort.com.

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