October 21, 2019

Sangre de Cristo Chronicle Says “Joe Knows Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

This week our featured “I Know Jo” business of the week is Sangre de Cristo Chronicle.

When asked why the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle has been such a successful weekly publication, Joe Warren, publisher, says jokingly, “If it didn’t happen in this area, it didn’t happen!” The Sangre de Cristo Chronicle’s purpose is to provide local news and advertising and to help mold and progress the community. It strives to serve as local critic as well as local cheerleader and to give voice to the general public. Serving the Moreno Valley since 1973, the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle has actually been around longer than the village of Angel Fire itself.

A brief history tells us the business opened in 1973 as the Moreno Valley Lantern, a once a month publication. The owners also ran a newspaper in Red River at the time. In 1976 the two businesses were bought and combined to become the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle. Robin Martin owner of the Santa Fe New Mexican and The Taos News purchased the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle from Guy and Marsha Woods in 2006. The Woods had owned it since 1984.

Joe Warren came on board in 2006 as publisher. He moved his family to Angel Fire and became a very active member of the community. He explained to me that the Publisher of a newspaper is like the CEO in that he oversees all departments and operations of the newspaper. The Sangre de Cristo Chronicle employees five full time staff members and two part time staff members. Those pictured below are Eric Fincher; staff writer, Eric Heinz; staff writer, and Jesse Chaney; managing editor since April 2011. Together they not only publish the weekly newspaper, but they also put out six specialty magazines a year and sponsor two large community events.

The Sangre de Cristo Chronicle is a charter member of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce. They have supported us continually since we became a non-profit business in 1983 to which I say thank you.

To subscribe to the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle or get your advertisement placed, give them a call at 575-377-2358 or visit them online at www.sangrechronicle.com.

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