November 14, 2019

SkiTech Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

Our featured “I Know Jo” business is SkiTech.

While visiting with SkiTech owner Mary Harms. I learned that SkiTech was one of the first four ski rental shops to open in Angel Fire. SkiTech has been in operation for 22 years.

Mary told me that after her grandparents passed away, several members of her family came to the Angel Fire area to see what they had inherited. Her grandfather Roy Lapovite in 1953, purchased the Red Bandana gold mine on Baldy Mountain. Approximately 30 family members inherited this gold mine together. However none of them had ever visited the Moreno Valley until they decided to come see the Gold Mine. Mary, her mom, and her siblings were among them. They fell in love with the beauty of the valley.

Mary’s brother Fred began building commercial condo units with the idea of bringing businesses to Angel Fire. He opened SkiTech in 1985 in one of the condo units he built on North Angel Fire Road. Fred brought with him their younger brother, fresh out of high school, to help run the business, as well as several other friends and family members who have since chosen to stay in Angel Fire and raise their children here.

Mary actually moved here in 1988 and made Angel Fire her home. Five years later, she purchased the business.

SkiTech was the first ski rental shop in Angel Fire to carry snowboards. They are the sole remaining shop that rents ski bibs and ski jackets as well as all the various equipment needed for ski or snowboard adventures. They have a great assortment of high-quality skis, snowboards, and snow blades. They will machine wax, wax and edge, sharpen, full tune, mount bindings, or provide full tune ups on equipment.

In the main showroom sales items include accessories, hats, jewelry, thermals, and much more. For all of your ski or snowboard rental needs, stop by Ski Tech, located at 52 North Angel Fire Rd. Happy to help you are Mary, her assistant Michael, and sweet little shop dog, Annie.

For more information call 575-377-3213 or make rental reservations at

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