July 16, 2019

Alpine Lumber Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

This weeks featured member is Alpine Lumber.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Darrel Failing, Cody Fisher and the crew at Alpine Lumber Company. There are nine employees running the Angel Fire location. Cody Fisher’s job is to be the face of Alpine Lumber while Darrel oversees the operations.

Things were hopping both inside the store and outside in the lumberyard. I noticed they have recently reset their retail department to house more hardware and DeWalt products, but if they don’t have what you want on hand they will order it for you. One of the most interesting things I learned while visiting with Darrel, the store manager, is that Alpine Lumber is 100% employee owned and operated. He said it makes a difference in the integrity level of all employees. Together they strive toward better customer service, deliveries getting out on time and pride in all aspects of their jobs.

Darrell had been working for Alpine Lumber in Montrose, Colorado, for 13 years when they offered him a promotion to become the manager in Angel Fire. He and his wife and son have been here since 2010. He explained to me that Alpine Lumber works very closely with building contractors in the Moreno Valley, but they also aim to meet the needs of the general public. If you are looking for expert answers to your remodel questions, they are more than willing to help. If they don’t have the answers they’ll point you in the right direction!

I asked him why he got into the business. He said his dad worked in a lumberyard all his life. He remembered growing up on a forklift. It’s in his blood and he is passionate about his work – especially working for a company that seems more like family than just co-workers. He emphasized that he would never ask a fellow employee to do any job that he wouldn’t do himself.

Alpine Lumber sells lumber and related building materials, including trusses, fast frame floors, windows, doors, professional paint supplies, a variety of millwork, power tools, hardware, and a whole lot more. The pride of ownership is apparent in their customer service and the confidence of their products.

To learn more details, get pricing and products, please visit them at 27 Halo Pines Terrace in Angel Fire, visit their website www.alpinelumber.com or give them a call at 575-377-2332. They look forward to helping you!

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