July 19, 2019

Inquiring Minds Want To Know Jo, Do You?

By Jo Mixon

Because a trip to Texas early in the week left me very little time to visit Angel Fire businesses, my story this week is a little different. The title will be “Inquiring Minds Want To Know Jo, Do You?”

When I began working at the Chamber last June, there was a very simple way of tracking and documenting incoming calls and visits. The result was a total comprised of x amount of phone calls and x amount of walk in visitors. For a variety of reasons, I felt that it was very important to have a more detailed summary of the business referrals we were giving out on a day-to-day basis to our members.

I wanted Chamber businesses to see the numbers, one of the best benefits of being Chamber members. I developed a more in-depth form, which provides much better documentation of the referrals sent to Chamber members. We have spent the better part of last year tracking, in great detail, all of the inquiries that come into the Chamber of Commerce office, categorizing them as either phone calls, contact through the Chamber website, or actual foot traffic in the office.

Then the information in each category is broken down with names, contact, and request data. I have attached the numbers at the end of this article for those who will find it interesting. We’re finding that even in off-season times of the year, the volume of inquiries is still significant. For instance, in April 2011, 200 people physically visited the Chamber; in May the number of physical visitors rose to 239; in October 245; and in November 171.

Summer and winter peak season numbers are obviously higher, but the number of off-season visitors, along with telephone and website inquiries indicates that Angel Fire attracts visitors in a steady stream – even in the “shoulder” seasons.

In addition to keeping up with the direct referrals sent to member businesses, the Chamber also has a “miscellaneous” category. Some of the inquiries we receive really keep us on our toes, and can only be filed under “miscellaneous.”

For instance, in early August a lady called to report a big black steer walking down the street and backing up traffic on the road to Taos Pines… and would we do something about it?” Another lady wanted to know if Angel Fire had Lime’s disease. She had acquired a tic in her groin area while out hiking and wanted us to tell her how to remove it. I’m not sure why she called the Chamber, other than we are known to have answers! Another lady wanted a pastor who would marry them at midnight on New Year’s Eve (and we found one for her!), and most recently a man asked Sheila if clothing was optional in Angel Fire.

Wow! Inquiring minds really do want to know.

If you are not yet a member of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, we would love to have you join. Come by, have a cup of coffee, and let us explain more of the benefits of our membership. We are proud to be working towards a more service-oriented Chamber for the businesses in our membership and we are very proud to promote Angel Fire and the Moreno Valley. I personally believe there is nowhere better to live. While others spend thousands of dollars to vacation here, we are privileged to wake up to this beauty every morning!

Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce
Centro Plaza
3407 Hwy 434
Angel Fire, NM 87710

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