October 17, 2019

Volunteers For Angel Fire’s Spring Clean-Up Day Say, “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

Toss No Mas!

Hats-Off, kudos, heart felt thanks, appreciation and hugs go out to all the fabulous servant hearted volunteers who helped to make Angel Fire’s Spring Clean-Up Day a great success! Last Saturday morning at 8:30 am fifty-eight people came out to spruce up Angel Fire. It was cold. It was raining. It was muddy. It was windy! But nothing deterred the spirit of these community minded dedicated volunteers! So this week I want to recognize them and say Thank-you.

These fifty-eight people picked up trash covering an area of over ten miles of highway inside and outside of the Angel Fire Village limits. Together they collected 82 bags of trash plus 9 bags of recyclable plastics, glass and cardboard. Wow!

Thank-you Stanton, Paxton and Alison Batchelder, Hope and Peter Verhalen, Tracy Miller, Dennis Edwards, Lee and Susan Stuart, Jerry Halpern, Chuck and Carol Verry, Pete Peterson, Carla and Richard Sides, Maria Beck, June Rau, Barbara Jones, Lisa, John, Jonah, and Jayden Sutton, Jim Milligan, Charles Elrhart, Curt Dickson, Al Lott, Pat Mason, Kathleen Crissman, Barbara Byrd, Lydia Berry, Diana Bell, Ray and Nancy Donaldson, Stephanie Smith, Karen Nichols, Peter Von Klaraaud, Tracy Orr, Julia Cotton, Chico Howard, Donald Staton, Tammy DeVine, Richard Dickerson, Edd and D.J. Geoffroy, Samantha, Jeff and Hayden Weeks, B.J. and Cole Lindsey, Brian and Mari Lindsey, Anita George, Janet Sailor, Sheila Brown, Rick and Cindy Sprott, and Judy and Mic McDonald.

We also want to say thank you to Herzog Environmental Inc. of New Mexico and New Mexico Clean and Beautiful for providing t-shirts, trash bags, gloves, and monetary gifts to help make our Spring Clean-up efforts possible.

After the hard work provided by the volunteers, we treated them to a tasty Bar-B-Q lunch at the Village Community Center. This lunch was made possible by several businesses donating their time, paper goods, drinks, and food. Again I want to recognize them!

Thank you to Shirey’s Bar-B-Que, Sunset Grill, Zebs, Hatcha’s, Pizza Stop, Lowe’s Valley Market, Angel fire Mini Mart, Early Bird Cafe, the Village of Angel Fire, and the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your help will keep Angel Fire beautiful.

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