May 21, 2019

Angel Fire Resort Zipline Tour Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

By Jo Mixon

This week’s featured I Know Jo business of the week is Angel Fire Resort Zipline Tour.

Zipliners (Right): Marcus Bowers, Jo Mixon, Brian Lindsey, Mari Lindsey, Jesse Chaney, Codie Olivas, Eric Heinz, Eric Fincher

It’s really happened. Winter can no longer hold claim as the exclusive season for thrill seekers in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Summer is now right up there with it! Summertime draws include golfing, biking, horseback riding, river rafting, hiking, disc golf, atv tours, fishing, and much, much more. And now the Angel Fire Resort has once again outdone itself with the addition of the new Zip Line Tour.

Zipline Staff (Right): Scott Jones, Matt Lemma, Baron Boyette, Jenny Ochodnicky, Keith Muckler, Hawk Ferenczy, Chris Millam, Claudia Schley

For those who may not know what a zip line tour is, allow me to quote from the Angel Fire Resort website. “A zipline is basically a cable strung from a platform to a lower platform. Participants use a pulley and a harness along with our friend gravity to glide down the cable. It’s an adrenaline adventure that is safe and fun for the whole family.” The only limitations are that you weigh between 90 lbs. and 270 lbs. Age is not an issue. The entire tour takes about three hours.

Situated on top of the summit, the tour includes six separate zip lines differing in lengths from 700 feet to the super dual line of 1,600 feet. That particular zip line is over 202 feet above the ground, traversing across a mountain valley, from treetop to treetop. That’s over 20 stories high. Last Sunday morning, along with my son (Marcus), Mari and her husband, and a few of my friends from the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle and the Taos News, I got to experience this exhilarating, electrifying, fun adventure first hand. I LOVED IT!

At the top of the Chili Express we were greeted by our two guides, Scott and Chris, who expertly detailed what we could expect. With the help of Zip Line Director/Angel Fire Ski Patrol Director- Hawk Ferenczy, we each tightly stuffed ourselves securely into the sling gear that would serve as our “seats” for the duration of the tour and were given the zip line safety 101 class. Then we hiked over to the first line, climbed onto platform, were hooked up one by one; and the excitement began.

It was awesome! I enjoyed the feeling of soaring through the air. And although tempted at first, I did NOT close my eyes. Everyone should take a zip line tour! The ride is smooth and fast; and the scenery is as breathtaking as the ride.

I spoke with Hawk, who directs and oversees the zip line crew. Hawk originally from Romania, came to Angel Fire in 2011 as Assistant Ski Patrol Director. Hawk has spent his entire adult life since graduating college in 1987 working in Snow Sport Safety, with the exception of one year spent backpacking and fishing in Belise. He is excited to be a part of the staff at Angel Fire Resort, and says he has the best of all seasons now and loves his job. I agree with him and want to coin the motto used by the employees at the Angel Fire Resort, “My job is better than your vacation!”

For more information or to make reservations for your own zip line experience call Angel Fire Resort Mountain Reservations at 575-377-4383, 1-800-633-7463, or visit the website The zip line is scheduled to be open July thru October, with the possibility of the super dual line remaining open in the winter months. Advance reservations are highly recommended.


  1. What is the weight restriction for the zip line? We have a group of RMYCC youths planning an excursion trip..

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I would give them a call and see what they say. We’re not really sure what the weight restriction is off hand.

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