September 15, 2019

Go With Jo On An “I Know Jo” Membership Drive Contest

By Jo Mixon

Membership Drive Contest Go With Jo on an I Know Jo

Why am I having all the fun! Enter and win the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce contest described below, and you can go with Jo on an “I Know Jo!” I took it serious when you have asked me, “Why can’t I go on an I know Jo?” Here’s your chance! There is just one more week left in our Go with Jo on an I Know Jo Membership Drive Contest, so hurry in to win!

Since the Chamber of Commerce is a member-based organization, the contest is all about new memberships! The rules are very simple. It began Monday, August 20, 2012 and is running through next Friday September 21, 2012. The person bringing in the most new memberships to the Chamber of Commerce will win an absolutely fabulous, fun-filled tag-along, go with Jo on an “I Know Jo!” Oh, and did I tell you? The new members you sign up will get to go, too! And you, as well as your new members, will be featured in an “I Know Jo!” article of your own!

Do a mental inventory of your business friends and acquaintances, and ask them to join the Chamber! Let them know one of the first benefits could be a “secret” surprise welcome, guaranteed to be fun! Don’t wait or hesitate. Stop by the Chamber office today to pick up a few new member applications and start rounding up those new members. Maybe you will go with Jo on an “I Know Jo!”

To tweak your interest and boost your memory, the photos below are all taken from past I Know Jo adventures. Once again I ask, Why should I be having all the fun? Join me!!

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