July 16, 2019

I Know Jo Membership Contest Winner

Congratulations to Samantha Weeks of Pioneer Title/Law Office of Richard Norris.

Over the past 6 weeks we have been running a membership contest at the Chamber. One rule: The Chamber Business who brings in the most new memberships will win! The prize: Tag along with Jo on an “I Know Jo”. Samantha Weeks brought in three new business members, so she and one person from each of the new business members will accompany Jo on a mystery trip to “learn hands on” about another business member.


  • Samantha Weeks – 3 new members
  • Debra Coscia – 2 new members
  • B.J. Lindsey of Angel Fire Homes – 1 new member
  • Diane Peterson of Angel Fire Garden Club – 1 new member
  • Mike Liddle of Kit Carson Energy – 1 new member
  • Mary Harms of Ski Tech – 1 new member
  • Mari Lindsey of Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce – 1 new member

Warm welcome to these 10 new members during the contest:

  1. Lisa Sutton Real Estate
  2. TimberRidge Electric
  3. Eagle Nest PTA
  4. Allegria-Medi Spa in the Mountains
  5. Concepts in Building
  6. Lindsey Custom Builders
  7. Shall We Dance
  8. New Mexico Unidos
  9. The PUB n’grub
  10. The Health Mill

Winner will receive 2 free zipline tours!

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