November 14, 2019

Lost Dogs – Buddy & Puppy

buddy-puppyBuddy & Puppy Are Lost, Please Help Find Them!

2 missing dogs in Angel Fire named Buddy and Polka Dot (nick name is Puppy). They both have long white hair and weigh about 70 pounds. (Please note this photo is old, they aren’t puppies, but weigh about 70 lbs each) They have been missing since Saturday, February 23rd. They are both very friendly and are mixed breed from the Taos Shelter. If they are found please contact me at 505-358-9409 and I will come pick them up. Or they can be delivered to Dr. Gaffney and I will pick them up from her. Both dogs are current on their shots, have collars with their names and phone numbers and have identification chips. These dogs are greatly loved and missed, so please keep an eye out for them!


Janet Martin

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