October 21, 2019

Turri Productions Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

michael-turri-01By Jo Mixon

Michael Turri

When I interviewed Michael Turri of Turri Productions, the most prominent thing I noticed was his truly genuine interest in helping promote the village of Angel Fire. After having been part time residents for ten years, he and wife Johnese made the decision to move full time, from Albuquerque, to their home in Black Lake, last summer. This move coincided with their oldest son Ryan’s, desire to move his family back to New Mexico from California. I’ll explain.

Michael founded Turri Productions in 2003. He mainly produced video for corporate ventures. Johnese quickly approached him to provide video for CASA Espironza. It was the first of many non-profit organizations they would help, pro-bono. Michael said Johnese was a valuable part of Turri Productions. Although she worked full time at another job, her people and marketing skills boosted company growth. They continued their for profit and not-for-profit work for the next six years. When Ryan graduated from film school in Los Angeles, he came home to Albuquerque and they discussed taking Turri productions toward the direction of film production……movies! Together they entertained lots of scripts and projects. At that time Marc Shuter of Angel Fire, approached them with The Bigfoot Election project he had co-written with B.J. Schmidt. The Turri’s filmed the movie in the summer of 2010. Michael said they filmed for 21 days straight, 6 a.m. to midnight, mostly in Angel Fire. (I actually remember some of the Bigfoot sightings.). It was released in October 2011, at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Festival and you can download it on U-tube. Ryan is now President of Turri Productions and has moved his family to Albuquerque. Michael is happy to have placed his company into the capable hands of his son, allowing he and Johnese to also move and become a permanent part of the village of Angel Fire. He remains on staff as a consultant, but prefers to spend his time in the mountains.

But wait, neither Michael nor Johnese is one to retire into the sunset. In their thirty-three years of marriage, giving of their time and services is simply their way of life. They want to be an intricate part of the community. Michael has offered his services to the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce and has taken a part time job at the Visitor Center. He is also still available to production video marketing for your businesses. Johnese is volunteering on various boards and committees. She is the driving force behind the new Ambassador Program at the Angel Fire Chamber. Her enthusiasm is infectious. We are blessed to have them both. Get to know them, you’ll be glad you did! And if you need video marketing or want to make a movie call Michael at 505-350-3295.

Click here to see several of Michael’s Videos on the Angel Fire Visitor Center Page.

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