October 23, 2019

Bobbie Jean Dean Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

afhc-01By Jo Mixon

This weeks featured business is Angel Fire Home Care.

Spending my day with Bobbie Jean Dean (and she’s as sweetly southern as it sounds) was a delight! She has a way of making mundane hard work fun. And she is very good at what she does. When I asked about her business she said, “I check homes every week for people who do not live here. I have a checklist I go by. And when I’m not checking on houses, I am arranging other services such as: housekeeping (we do ALOT of that), window washing, snowplowing, carpet cleaning, hot tub service, lawn care, grocery shopping, pressure washing, etc. There isn’t much we can’t handle for a customer. I’ve taken care of getting a customer’s roof repaired, another one who needed his lot thinned, and another who needed roadwork done. Oh…and there was the time we drove a customers ATV’s down the mountain in a snow storm to put them on a semi transporter to haul them at their ranch in Texas. My customers call us their one stop shop. Our housekeeping service is very popular and we have a lot of locals who are on a regular cleaning schedule. I like to take care of people so it just seemed a good fit to start a company to do that. And Angel Fire was a good place to do it. I love it when a customer calls me or emails me with how happy they are with the services we gave them.”

Bobbie Jean was working as a Landman for Oil & Gas Companies in Texas, when she fell in love with Angel Fire resident, Michael Dean. She accepted his marriage proposal and moved to the mountains. After the move, she wanted to continue working but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. A friend of theirs needed help cleaning houses, so she agreed to help him out. She likes cleaning, loves to make people happy and quickly decided home care would be a good field. Having owned a restaurant and a fishing bait shop in Texas, Bobbie Jean put her business skills into action and Angel Fire Home Care was soon launched. She runs the business with a personalized touch. She told me if her clients asked for groceries to be in the fridge and a blueberry cobbler in the oven when they arrived in Angel Fire, she would make that happen. Nothing is too small, too large, or too silly for them to ask. Her business motto is: ” Leave in peace, Come home to comfort”.

Her jeep is equipped with a fully functional GPS that guided us high up the mountain roads to extremely remote homes. She said she would snowshoe or snowmobile into her clients’ homes during heavy snow if that’s what it takes to ensure they get the best possible service. She will not be deterred by increment weather or wildlife. And I can vouch for the cleanliness of her homes. She wants everything sparkly clean whether the homes are occupied or not. I believe you could trust Bobbie Jean’s Angel Fire Home Care to treat your home as if it were her own.

For more information visit www.angelfirehomecare.com or call 936-328-6164 to set up an appointment.

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