October 21, 2019

March Is Angel Fire App Awareness Month

angel-fire-appAngel Fire. There’s an App for That! And March is Angel Fire App Awareness Month!

Sometime last year after Janet Sailor had heard Chris Madrid of New Mexico Unidos speak about the Enchanted Circle App they had launched, she set it up a meeting for him to speak with Mayor Cottam, the Village Council, and the Lodger’s Tax committee.

Rogers Lanon, member of the Lodger’s Tax committee said they believed it was a great idea. Mobile access is the direction the world is headed and they saw the value in using lodger’s tax to purchase an app as a marketing tool for Angel Fire. The Village agreed. The next step was to contract Janet, with her expert imagery abilities and marketing skills.

In the technology of this century, apps are the cutting edge. Almost everyone from ages 10 to 80 has one or more Internet connected “Smart” devices. Very few of us leave our homes without them. “This Angel Fire App,” says Janet, “Is now the doorway to Angel Fire.” She has spent the last few months laboriously tailoring everything Angel Fire to fit the different specific designs. She has been able get all the data to meet specs and up loaded using Madrid’s sophisticated software. They launched the Angel Fire App in January 2013. Janet wanted me to note that the Village is not allowed to sell or make a profit on this app. It’s a cooperative effort with Chris Madrid’s company, New Mexico Unidos LLC. The Village out of its desire to support and promote business and tourism in Angel Fire built it. It’s design, content, content maintenance, and basic business listings (business name and phone numbers) were paid for by the Village through Lodgers’ Tax. New Mexico Unidos pays the media server fees; Google fees, Apple/Android/ Microsoft/Kindle/etc. fees and the money to pay these fees will come from expanded business listings. The Angel Fire App is only the “beginning” because New Mexico Unidos is also contracting to build apps for a lot of other municipalities in New Mexico. They are currently creating both regional and state apps which will include “pointers” to ALL the municipal apps, which means Angel Fire businesses will all have even more exposure.

The app is a work in progress with tremendous potential. As with any app it is continually being updated. Now that it’s been launched, businesses are being offered the opportunity to expand their listings for a very low rate. I am told it’s lower than a yellow page ad! And it provides fingertip access from your purse or your pocket. Tracy Orr with the Village of Angel Fire added a major benefit to an expanded listing on the app is that unlike advertisement in print, when your information changes, Janet can update it on the app within 10 minutes of receiving the changes. You won’t have to wait a year for the next publication!

But there’s a lot more on the Angel Fire App than business listings. Twelve buttons guide you to vital information about Angel Fire. There are buttons for calendars, deals, and community information. Plus there’s even a button where you can upload your own personal videos and photos to see You in the News!

To download this App for FREE, go to the app store on your “smart” device. Type in Angel Fire App in the search box and click on it when it appears in the download list. It’s that easy! For more information you can contact Janet at 575-377-6555 or angelfireapp@gmail.com and be sure to “like” and follow the Angel Fire App Page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AngelFireApp.

See the ad below for information on how you can win a 12-month expanded listing FREE!

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