August 22, 2019

Angel Fire Flooring Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

af-flooring-01By Jo Mixon

Craig and Tina Vanderlei

Craig Vanderlei opened Angel Fire Flooring in September 2012, but he was not new to the business in Angel Fire. Craig has almost eleven years of experience in professional flooring installation in the Moreno Valley. I had the opportunity to see first hand one of the services his company offers while he and his crew installed new carpeting in the foyer of Centro Plaza. First they removed the old carpet and prepared the area for new carpet. Then I watched as they unrolled and maneuvered the heavy carpet, then trimmed it meticulously to fit the room and hallway. Each step took an impressive amount of time and strength as they stretched and sealed the carpet, completing the job.

Craig has a proven history as a trustworthy businessman to both builders and residents. Adding to that, he saw a need for flooring sales in Angel Fire. So he opened a showroom with extremely competitive prices. He invites you to shop the larger cities, drive hundreds of miles, and then come into Angel Fire Flooring and compare. He says it is a myth that shopping local is more expensive. He can save you time and money. And he can offer financing through GE Capital and Mohawk.

A few of the major brands in the showroom at Angel Fire Flooring include Shaw, Mannington, and Mohawk. In addition, he has an exclusive in Northern New Mexico with Hallmark Wood Flooring. Craig says, “Concentrating on customer satisfaction is the goal.” Although he has been in other businesses during his lifetime, he believes he has now found his niche and intends to do one thing, and do it well!

Craig and wife Tina moved from California eleven years ago. Raising their four children in a better environment was the key factor to planting roots in Angel Fire, New Mexico. As a couple they are adventurous and were not afraid to take the risk if it meant building a better future for their family. They are very invested in the community. This is home. Tina couldn’t say enough positive things about the Moreno Valley High School.

During our the interview, I couldn’t help but notice their genuine devotion to one another, so I asked how they met. Both laughed. Tina told me that she really “fell” for him. Literally, fell down a flight of stairs when she saw him because he had taken her breath away! He came to her rescue and is still her knight in shinning amour. They both agree it was love at first sight; and they say life is good when you are married to your best friend. Adding to that, their first meeting was at the wedding of her best friend to his best friend, who are still their best friends!

So if you are in the market for new flooring, stop in to visit their showroom at Angel Fire Flooring at 3375 Mountain View Blvd. in the Mountain View Mall or give them a call at 1-800-928-0522 or 575-377-2331.


  1. cecilia sherry says

    So where are you guys anyway??? And what are your hours?? We will be in Angel Fire on the 27th of this month and would very much like to visit. We are in the process of upgrading our condo and are planning to use tile for our kitchen countertiop.


    Cecilia and Vince Sherry

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