March 20, 2019

The Health Mill Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

the-health-millBy Jo Mixon

This weeks featured member is Liz Winslow Fruits.

Health Awareness Coach, Liz Fruits, has always been interested in alternative means of health and healing. As a young dancer growing up and then later in life as a dance instructor, she encountered a series of injuries. She and the other dancers would share remedies that one or the other had tried. Her natural curiosity and personal needs assessment led her to seek a four-year professional training program, after which, in 1997 she became a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®. She says on her website, “The Feldenkrais Method® influenced the way I saw dance, movement, recovery from injuries, and options in life.” Then after living the hospice process with her father in 2002, she attended nursing school and become a Registered Nurse. Since graduating in 2006, she has worked at Holy Cross Hospital as a medsurg nurse and is a member of the inpatient C.A.R.E. team.

When I asked Liz how she became a Health Awareness Coach, she told me she had encountered a stressful period in nursing school so she had sought the aid of a Clinical Nutritionist. She was surprised how effective and efficient this was in treating her stress. She explained that all during her adult life she has investigated and studied alternative means of addressing health and wellness issues for herself and she had the desire to share her knowledge with others. She wanted to be able to help people find their own health and wellness options and solutions. She says each person is an individual, so what works for me may not work for you. As a coach she is able to sit down with someone, listen closely and confidentially help them find what works for them. She says people may say they want certain things in their lives, but their actions prove different. For example, I may have the desire to lose weight and be healthier, but instead I eat wrong and don’t exercise. (Is this speaking to you too?) Our actions do speak! But sometimes we may really want to change, but we don’t really know how to succeed. This is when to hire a health awareness coach. Liz can help you find ways to realistically meet your goals and find a fun way to go about the process. She isn’t there to judge, condemn, or beat you up. She is there to be in your corner. And to encourage you toward your goals, helping you become healthier during the process so that you find more quality of life. She is there to help you make healthy lifestyle changes not fad diet fixes.

She named her business the Health Mill after the water mill. A water mill has no engine and it takes momentum to get it going. Once it is moving, it’s a steady forward motion that continues to pick up more momentum as it produces something positive and pure. The same can be done for your lifestyle. Partnering with Liz as your health awareness coach can help you decide how to implement changes that will make a rewarding difference in your life. A difference you can sense, feel and see for yourself.

Her mission statement: To raise people’s awareness of their current health goals, the options available, and provide support to individuals seeking the authentic solutions for their own path in a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere of individual understanding and empathy.

Liz has lived in Taos all her life. Her son attends Moreno Valley High School and she is one of a carpool of ten people who bring their kids to school. Her day to drive is Monday, so she spends the day in Angel Fire. She has taught classes at the Community Center as well as X-treme Fitness and she has enjoyed getting to know the area and the people in Angel Fire. She loves to hike our trials. Liz told me her first actual visit to Angel Fire was 17 years ago when she was pregnant and their car broke down on the way back from another state. They had dinner as they waited for a tow truck.

What do you want? What are your goals? How will you set a plan to be successful? Call Liz at the Health Mill and let her become your health awareness coach. It’s easier when you have someone in your corner!

Visit, email her at or call 575-613-2828.

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