October 17, 2019

Angel Fire Chamber Ambassadors Say “I Know Jo, Do You?”

ambassadors-01By Jo Mixon

Ambassador Team:

Bottom row left to right: Johnese Turri, Lisa Morales, Dominic Serna.

Back row left to right: Mike Liddle, Jo DeKeuster, Jo Mixon, Brinn Colenda.

Volunteer, verb – To choose to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility and without concern for monetary profit, going beyond one’s basic obligations.

Volunteer, noun – from the perspective of the doer: Someone who gives time, effort and talent to a need or cause without profiting monetarily.

Volunteer, noun – from the perspective of the recipient of service: Someone who contributes time, effort and talent to meet a need or further a mission, without going on the payroll.

Don’t you think life would be very harsh and dull if it weren’t for the efforts of many countless generous time-giving volunteers? The Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce has been very blessed this year with the newly formed Ambassador program. This program is made up of volunteers from Chamber businesses that have agreed to give their time and energy helping with all things chamber! They have become the backbone of chamber events, they serve on chamber committees, and they help out in the chamber office. Under the direction of Johnese Turri, this team is now one of the most important assets the Chamber has seen to date!

The Ambassador program’s mission is to develop a core group, representative of the chamber membership. Its purpose is to support and promote a sound business environment through the successful retention of members and the attraction of new members. They actively participate at chamber events, they create and implement ideas to help insure organizational strength and they establish rapport among their team to serve the chamber and its membership by example of integrity and good will.

The Chamber Ambassador is a chosen member who volunteers their time to provide a crucial link between the Chamber, it’s members, and the community. Ambassadors are in the center of the business activity of Angel Fire. They enjoy rewards of making new contacts, strengthening business relationships and accessing resources to further their own success. They represent the Chamber through referring new members, participating in events and supporting activities.

Meet the members of the 2013 Ambassador team:

Team Leader Johnese Turri, co-owner of Turri Productions. She says, ” I am proud to be an ambassador for the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce. The ambassador program in our community helps to promote the chamber’s activities and events which raises the awareness of local businesses. It has been such a pleasure to meet all the wonderful people in our community at the business after hours.”

Lisa Morales, General Manager of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle was asked why she became an ambassador and she said, “I believe in the mission of the Chamber of Commerce. As an ambassador, it’s a great way to network with other business professionals.” And she likes that she is a part of the “brainstorming”-taking place to help bring events, projects, and tourists to Angel Fire.

Dominic Serna, owner of Hatchas Grill in Angel Fire. He says he takes part in the program to help promote businesses, individuals, and the village of Angel Fire. He said he became a member of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce because of its positive energy and to reap the benefits to help take his business to the next level.

Jo DeKeuster, Sculpture Artist/co-owner of Enchanted Circle Pottery explained to me that Johnese is one of the “Dirt Divas” who help to fire their kiln at Enchanted Circle Pottery. While firing, she was recruited to be an ambassador. Realizing it would be fun and helpful to the Chamber, she agreed.

Mike Liddle, owner of Mike Liddle Enterprises and employed by Kit Carson Energy, Inc. says, “The Chamber is the best way to promote the community…I appreciate being a part of promoting Angel Fire.”

Brinn Colenda, Associate Real Estate Broker with Monte Verde Realty and Village Councilman joined the Ambassador team because he wanted to help make Angel Fire more fun for our residents and visitors.

I personally want to express my deepest gratitude and say thank-you to each one of these professional business people who are volunteering their time, knowledge and expertise to the Ambassador Program. It has only been in effect for a few months and because of them, it’s already a tremendous success!

And I want to recognize another volunteer, Diane White. Diane has been volunteering in our office at the Chamber for over a year! She answers the phone, she meets the public, she helps in any area needed and she does it without expecting anything in return! Many of you may already have encountered her beautiful smile and sweet character. She and her husband Jeff, individual members, have owned property in Angel Fire for over 20 years. They live between Angel Fire and Texas. Diane loves to be on the golf course, but as soon as they arrive in Angel Fire, she comes to work!In fact, she’s in the office this morning (Aug 12) so if you are out and about, stop by, introduce yourself, and say thank-you!
If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, we need someone to share Diane’s job during the months she is in Texas. Give us a call, 575-377-6353…thank you in advance!

Next on the agenda, the chamber board, along with Richard Safford, Pastor of United Church of Angel Fire, has decided to sponsor a Moreno Valley Volunteer of the Year program. Do you know someone that gives of himself or herself above and beyond? In the coming year start watching and paying attention to your neighbors giving spirit. Soon we will be asking for you to nominate these servant-hearted people, in a variety of categories, both young and old. We are not looking for the one who has the deepest pocket book, but the one who truly goes out of their way to give of themselves. Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, find a reason to say thank you. Say it a lot…and mean it! I know I don’t say it enough!

Thank you!

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