May 21, 2019

Attention Chamber Mobsters

mobsters-01By Jo Mixon

Attention Chamber Mobsters – Cash Mob Alert!

Who are the Chamber Mobsters? And what is a Cash Mob? Glad you asked.

Last November at the quarterly chamber membership meeting we rolled out a new program designed to be a member helping member program. The idea is to give a financial boost to members.

There are two categories to the Chamber Mobsters Program.

The first category: The Cash Mob-ee

It is for members only. Any member who would like to have a Cash Mob visit their business signs up.

The second category: The Cash Mob-ers

This includes anyone, member or non-member, who wants to participate in the actual Cash Mob. These people all agree that when a Cash Mob is called, they will show up at the business who has been selected and spend at least $20.00 in their establishment. More if you are so inclined! The idea is to benefit the mob-ee financially. (Please note that mob-ees all agree to be a mob-er, too.)

The plan: We put the name of every member in the Mob-ee category into a hopper and choose a name, at random, every few weeks. We will then contact the winner and ask for the best day a cash mob may visit their place of business. Next we will contact all of the Mob-ers with the Business name, the date, and time frame the cash mob will happen. They agree to go to the business anytime during the official Cash Mob time frame, spend their $20.00 and wish the business well!

Johnese and I placed our “Mob-ees” in the hopper and asked our Fed-Ex driver, Robert, to draw a slip of paper.

So the first cash mob will be…….DRUM ROLL



You are invited to patronize All Things Twisted Cash Mob between the hours of 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm. Come and go! Spend at least $20.00!

When: Friday, January 24, 2014

Where: 3407 Centro Plaza



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