October 17, 2019

Open Letter To The Community

jakeInstead of my usual “I Know Jo” or Chamber info updates, I want to share with you a letter we received at the Chamber from the family of Jake Arko. Jake, a local long time resident, was involved in a skiing accident on January 3, 2014. (More updates and information are available on the face book page administrated by his sister and mom) Welcome home, Jake!

This letter is to you, from them:

THANK-YOU ALL for everything you have done! The outpouring of love and kindness during Jake’s recovery has been overwhelming; words alone cannot express how grateful we are to each one of you. We cannot begin to list all the names of those who have helped, called, sent wishes, emails, prayed, donated time, money and so much more, as time goes on hopefully we will be able to thank each of you in person, in the meantime please accept this note of acknowledgement and thanks:

“Thanks to those skiing with Jake for getting help quickly, thanks to the Angel Fire Resort Ski Patrol, the Resort First Aid, Angel Fire Ambulance, Care Flight, and all the doctors and staff at UNM for saving our son’s life. Without all of you working as a team he would not be with us today.
Thanks to all the UNM Staff who tried to keep us as well as Jake comfortable. Thanks for keeping track of Jake’s personal items and boots on the day of the accident. Thank-you to every community throughout Colfax County for coming together in various ways to gather and provide funds that will be used towards the many medical expenses that have accumulated and those he will incur in the future months as he reaches towards full recovery. Thanks to those involved in setting up bank accounts and for donating at International Bank. Thanks to those who took time out of your lives to bake items to be sold at bake sales, for holding bake sales and for purchasing the items sold at the bake sales. Thanks to those who put out donation jars and to those who put funds into the jars. Thanks to those who provided us with housing and motels while we were in Albuquerque, for taking us out to meals, for cleaning our house. Thanks for cleaning, stocking and delivering our trailer to Albuquerque. Thanks to the special folks for their effort and time to hold a fundraiser dinner, and all that was involved in gathering, preparing and serving and to those who came to enjoy the meal, who provided items for the silent auction, and those who purchased items at the silent auction. Thanks for the recognition and the funds collected at the Cimarron High School Homecoming Game. Thanks to all the Colfax County 4-H Members for your Club bake sales and to the Colfax County 4-H Council for the various gas & gift cards. Thanks for all the gifts we received at the hospital, the large care package for Leo and I, Jake’s pajamas, cookies, balloons, flowers, colored ink pins, paper and the tablet.

Oh, and the wooden goats!! Thank-you to those who set up the fundraiser t-shirts and who have shown support by purchasing and wearing both the red and the blue shirts. We appreciate the weekly Pool Tournaments being held on Jake’s behalf. Special thanks to the friends, neighbors and family who cared for all of our animals and livestock while we were in Albuquerque, for cutting and splitting wood, for providing meat for the freezer, and to our employers & co-workers for understanding. Thanks to the young man who saved the day and paid for a portion of our lunch when I had forgotten my wallet.

Our world is full of caring and kind people – thanks to each and everyone of you! If we’ve left you out, we’ll catch up with you later.”

Leo & Barb Arko
Erin Arko

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