October 23, 2019

Run For The Wall XXV

rftwEach year, a motorcade of motorcycle riders comes through the Moreno Valley headed to Washington, DC and The Wall for Memorial Day weekend. Angel Fire and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park is always an overnight stop along their route. Locals will meet at approximately 4:00 pm on Friday at the intersection of US Highway 64 and NM Highway 434 to watch as 300 to 500 motorcycles and riders enter the valley and head to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Riders will visit the Memorial and then head to Angel Fire and Eagle Nest for the night. The next morning they will depart from Eagle Nest at 8:00 am sharp to continue their ride to The Wall. This is an exciting sight to see and the visit with the riders is amazing.

Check out their website at www.rftw.com for more information.

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